How To Make Wedding Favor: Best 6 DIY Wedding Favors

If you’re running out of ideas on how to make wedding favor to give your guests, consider these easy six ideas that won’t cost you too much. Some of them can even be personalized, so you can make them more sentimental, especially for the wedding party. 

And for budgeting, we recommend learning how much to spend on wedding favors. It’s always better to check your wedding expenses to ensure that you’ll have enough money for the other wedding essentials. 

how to make wedding favor


How To Make Wedding Favor: DIY Frugal Wedding Favors


  • Plant wedding favors

Plants don’t have to cost high if you choose them as your wedding favors. What’s great with them is you can buy blooms in bulk to save even more on costs.

Then, you’ll arrange them in vases to give per wedding guest or family. Bud vases are pretty popular nowadays, and they can even serve as the centerpieces for your wedding, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

It’s also relatively easy to learn how to make bud vases arrangements, but remember to manage your schedule before the wedding. For example, you don’t want the flowers to dry quickly, so order them one to two days before the wedding. 


  • Coaster wedding favors

You don’t need to find a printing business that will personalize coasters for your wedding. Instead, you can DIY coaster wedding favors and prepare them yourself. 

What will you need? Order square ceramic tiles for the coasters, then decorate the wedding favor coasters with glue or paint. 

You can even have someone artistic dedicate the coasters to the guests to make the wedding favors more personalized. And to save on decorating costs at the wedding reception, put these coaster bundles on each table as centerpieces. 


  • Mug wedding favors

If you have an intimate wedding with a few guests or only giving favors to a few people, why not create custom mugs for them? You can monogram mugs at home, and while it takes time, you don’t need to spend a lot. 

How do you monogram mugs yourself? You will need letter stickers, markers, and an oven.

Then, put the design on the mug and tap the marker around it. And finally, remove the sticker, allow the mug to dry, and put it in the oven for half an hour at 350 degrees. 


  • Cocktail wedding favors

Wedding favors are more than just wedding mementos. You also want something useful for the guests, perhaps something they can have for unwinding. 

That being said, you can make cocktail kits to give your wedding guests. For example, a DIY mojito is a relatively affordable cocktail kit you can make. 

Place everything in a box that matches your wedding theme, and include a printed card with instructions. You can even write a short note with the package to thank your guests more personally. 


  • Edible wedding favors

Treats and goodies are among the most popular wedding favors because who doesn’t want something you can munch on? If you don’t want any leftover wedding favors at the reception, produce goodies yourself. 

You can make cookies, candies, pastries, or snacks and place them in lovely containers and jars. You can also make jams, jelly, and other spreads that fit well in a rustic wedding. 

Use your wedding theme as inspiration to make the wedding favors more quirky. After all, they should be items that’ll remind the guests of your wedding. 


  • Coffee wedding favors

For weddings of caffeine-loving couples, why not give away coffee wedding favor?  You can fill jars with coffee beans or provide coffee-making kits. 

Not only will they smell nice, but they also make gorgeous displays. Dedicate a table at the reception or have it close to the dessert table.

Then, write a sign for guests to know that these coffee favors are for them. But of course, note the guests who may not drink coffee. 


What Do People Usually Give As Wedding Favors?

Here are some of the trending wedding favors nowadays: 

  • Mini wine bottles
  • Decors
  • Flowers
  • Cookies
  • Candies
  • Plants
  • Mugs
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Perfumes
  • Matches

Destination weddings also often give guests items exclusively found in that specific country or location. And if you’re curious how much do wedding favors cost, refer to our separate discussion. 


What Do You Say In A Wedding Favor?

Wedding giveaways usually have playful puns, jokes, or short, sweet messages inspired by the wedding theme, location, or favor. For example, seed wedding favors may have “Our love grows on” or candy wedding favors “To a sweet future.”

You can also dedicate the wedding favor with the guest’s name and thank them for coming. And in some favors, you can omit sayings and just write the guest’s name on the packaging. 


Do You Give Wedding Favors To Each Guest?

You don’t need to give wedding favors to each guest as it will cost you significantly. Instead, provide one favor per household or couple.

You can also read how many wedding favors to order to know the number you’ll need. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make wedding favor, consider six cheap and easy DIY options.

They are bud vases, coasters, mugs, cocktails, treats, and coffee kits. You can even personalize each, but be realistic with your wedding timeframe. 

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