How Much Is A Diamond Wedding Ring: Expected Cost

If you want to know how much is a diamond wedding ring, expect to spend over $3,000. Diamond rings are more popular for engagement rings, but there’s no reason not to consider diamonds for your wedding ring. 

It’s always helpful to know the price to expect with wedding rings, especially if you want a diamond ring with a precious stone. And to ensure that you’re selecting the best choice for your big day, refer to how to pick a wedding band

how much is a diamond wedding ring


How Much Does A Diamond Wedding Ring Cost?


How much is a diamond wedding ring?

The cost of a diamond ring ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 and up, depending on the diamonds. While this is a high price for wedding bands or engagement rings, it wouldn’t be considered splurging since couples tend to spend an average of $3,500 and up for their rings for the engagement or wedding. 

If you’re unsure about getting a diamond ring for your wedding, a tip recommended by financial experts is only to spend two months’ worth of your salary on the engagement ring. And as for the wedding band, it’s traditionally expected to get wedding bands without a stone, and couples tend to get gold rings instead for their wedding ceremony. 


Factors that affect the diamonds cost for wedding bands

A diamond ring can get as high as $5,000 and up because you will consider the diamond, metal, ring design, setting, and other side stones and details you may want for the wedding ring or engagement ring. But, of course, it’s better to spend on a better quality ring because you’ll save more for something that will last longer. 

You’ll get the best value for money on a large, clear, well-cut, and nicely-colored diamond on your wedding ring or engagement ring if you have the budget. But if you are limited on what you can spend, you can still get a quality diamond wedding ring using these tips when choosing one:

  • It will be cheaper to buy a diamond that is under 1 carat
  • A white gold band will cost less than platinum for a wedding ring 
  • Do not be afraid to ask the jewelry for similar styles to the ring you originally wanted but can’t afford
  • Always discuss your financial capacity and expectations with your partner
  • Consider wedding ring sets than buying individual wedding bands


How Much Do Real Diamond Rings Cost?

A diamond engagement ring is the most popular engagement ring because of a 20th-century advertising campaign. But even if you’re not influenced by society and traditions, you may just want a diamond for your partner because it symbolizes strength and beauty. 

So how much would a real diamond cost? The average cost of a real diamond ring is $4,000, but it’s possible to find a wedding ring that is cheaper or pricier. 


The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond ring

Why are some diamond rings pricier than others? Some diamond wedding rings are more expensive because of the weight or carat of the stone. 

If the stone has a higher carat, it will be more expensive. For example, a three-carat diamond ring can reach up to $30,000 compared to a one-carat ring that can be around $5,000 only. 


The metal band can raise the cost of the diamond ring

The band where the diamond is set can also raise the price of the diamond wedding ring. Gold varies in prices, so it can also raise the cost of some diamond rings.  

But since the durability of platinum is preferred for wedding bands, expect that platinum wedding rings can cost twice as much as white gold rings. After all, wedding bands will be exposed to wear and tear, so you want a metal that can withstand daily use. 

Read what karat gold is best for wedding rings to get the most of your money. 


How Do I Choose A Diamond Wedding Ring?

  • Set a budget according to your capacity
  • The style of the diamond ring should complement your personality and aesthetic preference
  • Know where you want to buy the diamond wedding ring; some popular options include national jewelers, private jewelers, trunk shows, diamond districts, and even online


Which Diamond Is Best For A Wedding Ring?

Another technique to find the best diamond wedding ring is remembering the 4Cs of diamond quality and grading



The carat measures the diamond weight or size, affecting the cost of the diamond ring. Most couples get a one-carat diamond ring. 



The specks or lines that naturally occur in diamonds as they form affect the clarity. The fewer they are, the more expensive the diamond. 



Contrary to what one might assume, the cut of the diamond does not pertain to its shape even though the cuts are pear or round, for example. Instead, you can think of it as how a diamond interacts with light or sparkle. 



The color of the diamond ring can also determine its quality or grade. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive since they are rare, and those that are saturated are considered valuable. 



And that’s it! To recap how much is a diamond wedding ring, expect to spend over $3,000, depending on the diamond quality and type of band. 

It is not considered splurging since some couples allocate as high as $7,000 for their rings. However, we all vary in capacities and limitations, so plan your budget wisely.

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