How To Remove Permanent Marker From Fabric Sofa

Those who want to learn how to remove permanent marker from fabric sofa quickly can check these two steps. You will need some rubbing alcohol, but an acetone-free nail polish remover can be an alternative. The fantastic thing with fabric sofas is they are generally compatible with ingredients like alcohol for cleaning. 

However, we will also teach you how to test the fabric to avoid fading and color transfer. For other ink-related issues, check this tutorial for tips on removing ink from the sofa. Remember that different types of inks are removable with various ingredients. 

How To Remove Permanent Marker From Fabric Sofa


How Do You Remove Permanent Marker Stains Out Of A Fabric Sofa?

Permanent marker stains on fabric upholstery are best removed with rubbing alcohol. But why does alcohol dissolve permanent marker stains? According to UC Santa Barbara, alcohol works for ink removal because ink and alcohol are chemically similar. 


Step 1. Test the fabric with alcohol

  • There different types of fabric upholstery and while rubbing alcohol is generally fabric-safe; it would be best that you still test it on a small portion of the sofa
  • Spray some alcohol on a white cloth and wipe an inconspicuous part of the fabric sofa
  • Check for any color transfer on the cloth and wait for a few minutes for the alcohol to set on the couch itself
  • If there are no stains or fading, you can proceed to blot the marker stain

Step 2. Blot off the marker stain

  • Dampen a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol, making sure that it’s not dripping when you dab the fabric sofa
  • Blot the permanent marker stains starting from the outside going to the center
  • Do not rub or press the fabric with too much pressure to avoid spreading the stain
  • The cloth will lift and soak the marker, so be sure to replace it with a new one if it becomes saturated
  • After you removed the permanent marker from the fabric upholstery, wipe off the residue on the treated spot
  • Dry it with another cloth and allow the sofa to air dry before using
  • You can also use this opportunity to deep clean the couch with a solution of dish soap and water

How Do You Remove Sharpies From Furniture?

The best method for Sharpie removal on furniture is by using distilled white vinegar. It works safely for most types of upholstery, but be careful of other materials such as leather. For example, removing ink stains from a leather sofa is best done with a leather-formulated cleaner to prevent cracking. 

  1. If the Sharpie mark is recent, dab it off to remove the excess ink
  2. Spray the affected spot with white vinegar and blot it off 
  3. Repeat until you remove the discoloration
  4. Clean the furniture as usual or dip a cloth in suds made from dish soap and water
  5. Rinse the couch with a damp clean cloth and wipe dry
  6. Add a fan in the area to help with drying the sofa

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Remove Sharpie?

Hydrogen peroxide should remove Sharpie and other permanent marker stains. However, always test a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on a hidden part of the couch before using it for cleaning. Check for color transfer when wiping the area with a white cloth or wait a bit if it will cause fading. 

Once you confirm the furniture’s compatibility with hydrogen peroxide, spray a bit of it on the Sharpie marks. Blot and repeat until the material is clean and immediately rinse with a cloth soaked in cold water. Allow the sofa to dry, and you’re done. 

How Do You Remove Dried Permanent Marker?

Alcohol and alcohol-based products such as hairspray should lift and dissolve dried permanent marker stains. But if you find these solutions risky, you can mix two cups of cold water, a tablespoon of dish soap, and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Then, dab the dried stain with the cleaning mixture, letting the stain soak for five minutes before repeating. 

If you still notice the dried permanent marker stain, make a paste with baking soda and cold water. Rub the stain in a circular motion and let the paste sit for 15 minutes. Then, wash the upholstery as usual, typically with dish soap and water. 

How Do You Get Permanent Marker Out Of Microfiber Couch?

Before anything else, check the cleaning tag on your microfiber couch. It will have the code corresponding to the ideal cleaning procedures and products for the microfiber type. For example, if the microfiber sofa allows cleaning with water, you can remove permanent marker stains with vinegar, dish soap, and cold water. 

Some microfiber sofas might require the use of solvents or dry cleaning only, so be sure to use the right products. Read this article on how to clean a microfiber sofa to know more about the recommended practices. 


Do not fear permanent marker stains on furniture. In this article, we have gone through how to remove permanent marker from fabric sofa in two steps. The most effective product is rubbing alcohol, but vinegar, water, and dish soap can also work for other materials. 

You only need to blot the market stain with your chosen solution and then rinse the surface. Never get the sofa saturated, and always test it first for any discoloration. 


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  1. The combo of vinegar, dish soap, and water, known as a miracle cure, works wonderfully on permanent pen stains on microfiber and suede couches. Not to add, these are affordable, everyday objects!

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