How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa In 2 Steps Only

Read this two-step guide on how to fix cable on reclining sofa for the best and quickest solution. You don’t need to be a handyman, as this tutorial only requires a screwdriver and some patience. We also recommend that you get the proper replacement cable and handle instead of other short-term remedies. 

Are you also interested in other sofa fixes? For example, if you notice the loss of support, perhaps you can benefit from knowing how to tighten the sofa springs at home. It’s always helpful to know basic furniture repairs at home to save you a couple of bucks. 


How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa

How To Fix Cable On Reclining Sofa Like A Pro

The cable is responsible for the reclining function of the sofa. If the recliner has issues leaning back, you will need to inspect the cable inside that connects to the pull handle. It’s much better to replace it altogether as it’s the quickest permanent repair. 


Step 1. Take out the recliner cable

  • Tip the sofa forward and pull its arm backward
  • You will find a hook where the cable’s tail is attached, and you can take it out on the opening
  • Look for the plastic clips and take them out of the arm as well
  • Turn the sofa on the side and unscrew the handle
  • Pull out the handle where the cable’s tail and hook are attached

Step 2. Install the new recliner cable

  • Refer to the furniture store where you bought the sofa to get the recliner’s correct parts, including the replacement cable
  • Position the new cable to the opening of the handle you removed and feed it through
  • Replace the handle to its original position and pull the other end of the new cable via the dust cover
  • Once the cable is in the right place, reinstall the handle with the right tool for the screws that you removed earlier
  • Flip the sofa upright to its original position and return the recliner mechanism to the open position
  • Secure the plastic clips back in place and finish by hooking the cable tail to the proper place

How Do You Reconnect A Recliner Cable?

Do note that reclining sofas use different mechanisms for their reclining feature. For example, those that use a cable system have a lever that will tilt the chair or control the footrest. Over time, the cable can break and need replacement or come loose and need reconnecting. 

  1. Remove the sofa cushion to help you reach the lever within the arm 
  2. Feel for the screws in the cup-shaped holder and remove the latter
  3. Hook the recliner cable back to the lever if it slipped off

How Do You Fix A Recliner Chair Mechanism?

Some chairs’ reclining mechanism operates via an arm instead of using a cable system. Therefore, you will only crank the arm to adjust the footrest or recline the chair. Issues with these movements should be solved by tightening or reinstalling the bolt that secures the arm. 

  1.  Inspect the area where the lever connects to the reclining sofa to see if it’s missing a part such as a nut or bolt
  2. Check underneath the couch or open the cap on the arm that may contain the missing hardware
  3. Reinstall the arm with the nut using a socket wrench
  4. In some sofas, the handle may come off from being stripped, and you’ll need to remove and replace the lever itself

How To Replace D-ring Recliner Handle

One of the most common handles used in recliners is the D-ring, a D-shaped handle connected to the cable. Pulling this handle will recline the chair, and if it needs replacement, you only need the compatible D-ring handle, pliers, and a screwdriver. 

  1. Uninstall the existing handle that is typically attached with screws
  2. Tip the recliner over to access its inside
  3. The cable end connects to the trigger mechanism via the S-tip, and you’ll remove the release clip with pliers
  4. Pull out the handle and cable from the chair and insert the replacement cable
  5. Position the new clip on the trigger and reinstall the S-tip
  6. Turn the recliner upright and screw the new handle in place

Can Power Recliners Be Operated Manually?

Using a power recliner as a manual recliner is going to be tricky because they have different mechanisms. A manual recliner depends on a lever, while a power recliner has electrical components. As a result, it might take a lot of work to convert the means of a power recliner into a manual one.  

It would be more sensible to get a new recliner instead of operating a power recliner as a manual because of its complicated internal system. Remember that you might need to add some parts to help the power recliner work like a manual recliner. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt to inspect the internal mechanism of your furniture and gauge if you can convert it.  



Won’t your recliner budge? Then, it might be time to bookmark this guide on how to fix cable on reclining sofa. To recap, you will need to access the recliner cable via the handle and replace it with a new one. 

But besides the cable, some reclining sofas are also stuck if the bolt on the arm is loose. You don’t need special tools to fix the reclining mechanism of your couch. However, you must get the correct replacement parts, such as the cable or bolts. 

Let us know in the comments if you tried these repairs at home.


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