How To Remove Ink From Sofa? The Safest Method

Did you know that learning how to remove ink from sofa is as easy as two steps? This tutorial offers the safest method that should work for most inks and sofa materials. We will also discuss how you can use alcohol or vinegar if your fabric allows it. 

Do note that these remedies are only helpful for fabric sofas. If you’re using leather, we have written a guide on removing ink from a leather sofa


How To Remove Ink From Sofa

How To Remove Ink From Sofa At Home

The safest but still effective way to remove ink from most sofa materials is with soap and water. Ideally, you must check the material type of your couch to know the recommended cleaning product for it. For example, there might be a special soap that will work best for the sofa, or you need to follow a cleaning code for the upholstery.


Step 1. Blot the stain and remove as much as possible

If the stain is recent, remove most of it with paper towels. Blot the stain off without rubbing so the ink doesn’t spread on the other parts of the sofa. You should also use gentle pressure to keep the ink from sinking deeper on the couch. 

Use several paper towels if needed to prevent messes. Start from the outside of the ink spill, going to the center. Remember to address ink spills as soon as they occur since dried ink will be challenging to remove. 


Step 2. Spot treat the stains

Mix hot water and a bit of dish soap until you create suds. Collect the suds with a soft and white cloth to avoid potential color transfer. Dab the ink stain with the cloth and repeat the application until you remove the ink. 

Make sure that you will also rinse off the soapy residue afterward. There’s no need to saturate the sofa as a damp cloth will suffice to rinse the spot-treated area. Finally, dry the couch thoroughly with a clean towel or sprinkle some baking soda to absorb the residual moisture before vacuuming it off. 


How Do You Remove Ballpoint Pen Ink From Fabric?

The secret to successfully removing ballpoint pen ink from fabric is with the help of rubbing alcohol or 90% isopropyl alcohol. However, always test the alcohol on an inconspicuous area of the fabric couch to ensure that it won’t fade the material. Then, drop some alcohol on the fabric and wait for a few minutes if there will be a discoloration or color transfer if you wipe it. 


  1. Once you confirm that you can use rubbing alcohol, dampen a soft white cloth with it to prevent oversaturating the fabric 
  2. Blot the ballpen ink stain without any rubbing or wiping motion as it might spread
  3. Repeat the process and use several cloths if needed to absorb the ink as you might apply more ink onto the sofa if the cloth soaked too much ink
  4. Spray some alcohol onto the cloth if it dries since alcohol evaporates fairly quickly
  5. After getting the stain out, remove the alcohol residue with cloth dipped in water 
  6. Dry the fabric, and you’re done

How Do You Remove Dried Ink?

Rubbing alcohol should be effective in removing dried ink for most types of fabrics. However, you want to use soap such as glycerin and detergent if the material is delicate, like silk. Still, it’s essential to do a quick test with the stain remover on the fabric. 


  1. Lift the dried ink from the fabric fibers by dabbing the stained area with glycerin
  2. Mix mild detergent and water and put the solution in a spray bottle
  3. Spray the dried ink stain and blot until you remove it
  4. Let the fabric sit for around 10 minutes, and then proceed to wash and dry it as you usually would
  5. If you want to clean a chenille sofa of dried ink, you may need to get it professionally done because it’s usually code X 

Can Vinegar Remove Ink Stains?

Vinegar can work against ink stains, especially on clothes. White vinegar is a popular fabric softener, but it’s also effective for stain removal. You can even use vinegar to remove slime from the fabric couch


  1. Blot as much ink stain as possible if it’s recent
  2. Test the vinegar on the fabric to see if it can cause fading
  3. Mix two cups of water and a tablespoon each of white vinegar and dish soap
  4. Apply the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth and dab it onto the ink stain
  5. Repeat every five minutes to soak the ink and allow the solution to lift the stains within the fibers
  6. Remove the vinegar solution with a damp cloth 
  7. Dry the cleaned area


Do not fret if you find ink stains on your couch. To recap this guide on how to remove ink from sofa, you will use a mixture of hot water and dishwashing soap. Some other household materials that you can also use include rubbing alcohol and vinegar. 

We recommend that you always test the solution on a hidden portion of the couch to ensure no reactions. And additionally, never saturate the couch with liquid. Let us know in the comments if you have tried this method!


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