How To Remove Ink From Leather Sofa? 3 Best Ways

If you’re unsure how to remove ink from leather sofa, you can use rubbing alcohol, cuticle remover, or even liquid soap. However, the emphasis is necessary on using these DIY remedies with caution. You have to be aware of the leather type on your couch because it might react negatively with these cleaning agents. We recommend testing your chosen cleaner on a small and hidden portion of the sofa before using it on the ink stains. 

You deserve transparency with the effectiveness of each solution, so we will help you ensure that you won’t accidentally ruin your couch with these popular remedies. You can also check this guide for fixing a leather sofa for other issues and how you can quickly solve them. With that being said, let’s get started restoring your leather couch.

How To Remove Ink From Leather Sofa


How Do You Get Ink Off A Leather Couch?

The best way to remove ink from a leather sofa is with a specially formulated leather cleaner. Some products are designed to remove ink, and you only need to mist them directly on the stains. Blot with a suede cloth and then restore the moisture of the sofa with a leather cleaner. 

However, three DIY remedies might work on your leather sofa. We advise trying them with caution, and when in doubt, ask your trusted leather detail shop. 


Remove ink from leather sofa using rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is capable of pulling the ink out of the affected areas. This makes it effective for ink-stained leather sofas. Dab the ink with a white cloth dipped in alcohol, but use a gentle force to prevent spreading the discolorations on the couch. 

However, leather is a porous material, which means you have to check if your sofa won’t get damaged with isopropyl alcohol. Do not oversaturate your sofa, and be sure to moisturize it afterward since alcohol is drying. Use the appropriate leather conditioner for your couch to prevent it from cracking. 


Remove ink from leather sofa using cuticle remover

Cuticle remover can be as effective in removing ink from the leather couch. Apply it to the stained areas and allow the leather to soak it. You should quickly dab the ink away after 24 hours. 

But much like when working with alcohol, test a small part of the sofa to see if it won’t react with the cuticle remover. Some would recommend that you must also not leave the cuticle remover for too long before dabbing it out. Furthermore, avoid oil-based cuticle removers as they might affect the luster of the leather.


Remove ink from leather sofa using mild soap

The safest way to remove ink stains on a leather couch is with a mild liquid soap. If you are familiar with cleaning a white leather sofa, you know that gentle liquid soap effectively restores the sofa’s color. Most inks should be easy to blot with a dish soap using a piece of cloth. 

A helpful tip is only to use a white cloth when working on your leather sofa. Some dyes can transfer from the fabric to the couch, further ruining the stained areas. You don’t even need to scrub the stains out, but a gentle dabbing motion should be enough. 


Does Hairspray Remove Ink?

Another popular DIY remedy for ink is hairspray. Again, you have to test a small portion of the sofa before using this product all over. Do not saturate the leather with hairspray, as putting some on a Q-tip to easily target the stains will suffice. 

You also want to check the composition of the hairspray because it might have some ingredients that can make the leather dull afterward or even stain it. But what if the leather looks dry later? It would be best to successfully restore moisture and luster with a leather conditioner after treating the ink stains with hairspray. 


Does WD 40 Remove Ink From Leather?

It would help if you were careful using products like WD 40 for treating ink on leather. It’s as risky as using other famous home remedies like alcohol, hairspray, and cuticle remover, so it’s best to test it on a hidden portion of the sofa. More so, you might feel more confident getting the ink removed by a professional if you’re unsure about your leather type. 


What Will Get Biro Off Leather?

The best product to remove biro from leather is a commercial leather cleaner. However, you can also use dishwashing liquid on a cloth to rub the stain from outside to the center. Rinse out the soapy residue with a cloth soaked in water, then let the leather dry. 

What is biro? Biro is a ballpoint pen that delivers a thinner line than a rollerball pen. Its ink is usually oil-based that dries faster, which means you must address a biro on your leather couch as soon as possible. 



Did you accidentally drag your ballpen on the sofa? In this article, you have learned how to remove ink from leather sofa safely. We recommend using the right leather cleaning product to avoid reactions to the material. You can also consult a leather professional if you’re unsure about your sofa’s leather.

However, it’s possible to use alcohol, cuticle remover, and even dish soap on the leather couch. The emphasis is only necessary on testing the product on a small portion of the sofa. You can also check this article on removing paint from the leather sofa for more tips about stain removal.