How To Wash Sofa Pillows? Complete 5-Step Guide

If you’re unsure how to wash sofa pillows, please refer to these five steps. First, identify the recommended care practices for the cushions and test the cleaner you have. From there, you can either spot treat the stains, wash the insert, or dry clean the pillow. 

Check this guide on cleaning a throw pillow for other tips that may not be included in this article. In addition, there are different types of decorative pillows, so it’s helpful to know various cleaning practices for each of them. So without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Wash Sofa Pillows


How To Wash Sofa Pillows At Home 


Step 1. Determine the pillow type

Before washing the sofa pillows, determine the type of material and check its care tag for specific instructions. Familiarize yourself with laundry symbols because they will tell you if you need to wash, dry clean, or maybe only vacuum the pillow for cleaning. 

Do note that washing sofa pillows can also be either hand-washing or using a washing machine. Delicate cushions such as those filled with down or silk covers are better to dry clean than cotton and polyester filling materials. Furthermore, reading the care tag will tell you the ideal products or the temperature you must follow when cleaning the sofa pillows.


Step 2. Test the pillow material

Once you have found out the recommended practices and products for your cushions, it’s still better to test them before spot treatment or washing. This is applicable whether you’re using store-bought cleaners or DIY cleaning solutions such as vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Use a cloth and dab some cleaner on a small area of the sofa pillow with a bit of pressure.

Take the cloth off after 30 seconds and check for color transfer. Then, allow the cleaner to dry on the pillow to check for discoloration, such as fading or staining. If there is no reaction, you can proceed to spot treat the stains. 


Step 3. Spot treat the stains

Washing sofa pillows does not immediately mean throwing them in the washer. Some pillows are even incompatible with being soaked and saturated in water, so you must know how to treat them. Then, you only need to use the recommended detergent or any mild soap and a sponge. 

Dab the stains with the damp sponge without rubbing and applying heavy pressure. The stain should transfer onto the sponge. Then, rinse off the soapy residue with another damp towel and allow the sofa pillow to dry. 


Step 4. Wash the inserts

Washable sofa pillows are typically those that use removable inserts. On the contrary, those with stuffing are prone to clumping and are better spot treated for cleaning. If your couch pillows use a solid foam, you must hand wash them yourself to avoid deforming them with the washer’s agitation. 

Remove the sofa pillow cover and wash it accordingly, typically doable in the washing machine with mild detergent and cold water. For the foam insert, use a tub filled with warm water and mild detergent. Soak and move the foam around, replace the water for rinsing, and squeeze out the excess liquid on the foam before air drying. 


Step 5. Dry clean the pillows

What if the sofa pillows are dry-clean-only? There are dry-cleaning solutions in the market, and you only need to follow their instructions. Usually, you’ll dab the pillow all over with a sponge dipped in the dry-cleaning solution. 

Remove the excess moisture on the pillow with a towel and allow it to dry. Never oversaturate the cushion, and if in doubt about how to wash it, use pillow covers to keep it clean. You will then vacuum it weekly to prevent dust build-up and wash the sofa pillow cover in the washing machine. 


How To Wash Sofa Pillows In Washing Machine

If your sofa pillows are washable in the washing machine, remember to separate the covers and wash them accordingly. It would be best to use a front-loading washer as it has no agitator that can ruin the inserts or covers. Then, remember to pre-treat their stains, even with a paste made from baking soda and water. 

Use the delicate cycle with warm water and mild detergent. After the wash and rinse cycle, check if you can use the dryer to help fluff up the inserts. Then, use the heatless setting and take them out damp to finish from air-drying. 


How Often Should You Wash A Sofa Pillow?

The frequency of washing sofa pillows depends on your usage and lifestyle. If they get soiled, then you must address them immediately. Couch pillow covers typically need washing monthly, while the inserts are washable every other month. 



Sofa pillows require regular maintenance, like bedroom pillows. In this article, we have discussed how to wash sofa pillows in all situations. But, first, you must check the material and read the pillow tag for cleaning indications. 

Test the cleaner and proceed to spot treat the stains. Afterward, you can either vacuum the pillow if it does not allow washing, use the washer or hand-wash the pillow, or dry clean the pillow. We have discussed all the situations so you can select a suitable method. 

Afterward, please read this guide on how to wash sofa covers to give your couch the complete TLC it deserves!


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