How To Create A Signature Cocktail For Wedding

You can easily know how to create a signature cocktail for wedding in six easy steps. We will also provide recipes you can make for the ultimate wedding drink. 

And if you want a unique cocktail, you will also learn how to name one for your wedding. Then, feel free to read what drinks to serve at a wedding to have with your signature wedding cocktail. 

how to create a signature cocktail for wedding


How Do You Come Up With A Signature Cocktail For A Wedding?


Step 1. Set a budget for your signature wedding cocktail

Before you design your wedding cocktail, you need to set a budget. This will prevent disappointments in case you have already found a recipe you like, and it turns out to be too pricey to serve at the wedding. 

Signature wedding cocktails don’t have to be pricey to create. There’s nothing wrong with finding alternatives for fancy spirits and liquors on signature cocktails. 

A wedding cocktail can still taste great as it’s not about the top-shelf ingredients but how they would taste when mixed together. Of course, you can also set a price limit before visiting a mixologist


Step 2. List some favorite cocktail recipes that you can create

After setting a budget for your signature wedding cocktail, brainstorm with your partner and list all your favorite drinks. For a more sentimental wedding cocktail, your signature cocktail can be from you and your partner’s favorite drinks. 

You might also imagine a specific taste or look to match the theme and vibe of your wedding. It can also be a drink that the guests can easily remember the two of you just from the taste and design. 

Additionally, create a list of drinks, ingredients, or flavors that both of you don’t want. For example, some weddings would prefer not to have specific alcohol, or they’d wish all the cocktails not to taste too sweet. 


Step 3. Be creative with the cocktail menu

After you list the drinks and concepts you want for your signature cocktails, it’s time to get creative and make them. Creating signature wedding cocktails is fun because you’ll come up with a drink that is specially designed for your wedding.  

Consider visiting a professional mixologist as they can easily recommend custom recipes based on your liking. You may also have a bartender friend or relative that can guide you. 

You might discover some recipes or ingredients that you usually overlook by consulting a professional. 


Step 4. Test the wedding cocktail

After the mixologist helps you create the wedding cocktail, it’s time to test it. You can also try different recipes and modify them as you go. 

This can be a fun bonding activity for you and your partner, especially with all the stress that wedding planning has created. And if you didn’t consult a mixologist, you can experiment at home with a cocktail shaker

Consider providing samples to your friends and family until you find the best combo. 


Step 5. Design the drink for weddings

Now that you have created a recipe, you can make your signature cocktail; it’s time to design and decorate it to suit your wedding theme. For example, how will you serve the drink? 

What garnishes will you use? For example, will you use champagne flutes or unique mugs and tumblers?

You should consider the number of guests you’ll have and be realistic. And if you’ll be using custom glasses, make sure to order them in time. 


Step 6. Name the signature wedding cocktail

The final step in making your wedding signature cocktail is to create the name for the wedding cocktail. You can find other drinks at weddings as inspiration or brainstorm with your partner to create a unique name. 

This wedding cocktail is called a signature cocktail for a reason. Therefore, it’s only fitting to have a unique name. 

You can use your wedding theme, personalities, names, venue, or special memory to create the name for your cocktail. 


What Should I Name My Signature Cocktail?

  • Combine you and your partner’s names or make two drinks each dedicated to the bride and groom
  • Name the cocktail according to the wedding theme or venue
  • Use clever puns based on existing cocktail names
  • Create a name that showcases your special interest or unique signature trait


What Is A Good Signature Cocktail For A Wedding?

Some classic drinks for the wedding that you can never go wrong with the gin and tonic, sangria, margarita, mojito, appletini, bloody mary, and apple cider. Please read how to make a wedding punch as well if your guests prefer an alcohol-free drink. 


What Is The Point Of A Signature Cocktail?

The main reason you should bother having a signature wedding cocktail is sentimentality. However, you can make the wedding reception, especially the cocktail hour, more memorable and unique with a drink only found at your wedding. 

It can also be a way to make the experience more immersive for the guests since you crafted a recipe that you think suits the wedding. And, of course, your signature cocktail will look great in photos.



And that’s it! You just learned how to create a signature cocktail for wedding by setting a budget, using other cocktails as inspiration, working with a mixologist, testing, decorating, and naming the resulting wedding cocktail. 

We hope you’ll have fun; let us know below how your signature cocktail turns out!

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