How To Choose Wedding Theme: 4 Important Tips

Those who want to know how to choose wedding theme should always consider four crucial factors. Themed weddings are not as challenging to plan as one would assume as long as you create criteria for choosing themes. 

Weddings are also more sentimental if the couple can express themselves with their chosen theme. And as an additional reference, you can read about learning what type of wedding should I have.

how to choose wedding theme


Wedding Themes 101: How To Choose Wedding Theme


What is your personal style and wants?

  • Consider the colors, themes, and styles that you personally want; make sure to sit down with your partner and share ideas
  • It’s also helpful to consult your partner because they have probably noticed a specific theme from your personal taste, wardrobe choices, favorite items, or even your personality in general
  • Create a color palette with the shades and tones that you and your partner love
  • Merge the theme and personality of you two
  • Use your home decor, clothes, and preferences as additional ideas 


What wedding theme will complement the venue?

  • One of the first things that you’ll secure when planning a wedding is the venue; even if couples have no idea of their wedding theme yet, they can book the wedding location in advance because most sites are versatile for different wedding themes
  • Still, you can use the wedding venue as inspiration; for example, outdoor weddings allow Bohemian and rustic themes, while indoor wedding venues are perfect for romantic and modern themes
  • The venue you selected might also be known for holding weddings with a common theme among them
  • Consider brainstorming with the venue coordinator
  • Assess what decorations will suit the wedding venue


When is your wedding date? 

  • Besides the wedding theme, you can check your wedding date as inspiration for selecting the theme for your big day
  • The month, season, or weather of your wedding might be suitable for a specific wedding theme; for example, an ethereal-looking ceremony for a winter wedding or a spring wedding for aesthetics similar to cottagecore
  • You should also pick a wedding theme that is best for the season of your wedding for ease and convenience
  • The colors apparent during your wedding date, the holidays, and what are trendy during that season can be your inspirations for your wedding theme
  • Consider selecting a theme where your wedding dress code is ideal for your wedding date; for example, semi-formal would be comfortable for a hot summer wedding, while fall evening weddings are fantastic for a formal or even black-tie event


What wedding theme would be the most sentimental for you?

  • While you can use various weddings as inspiration for choosing your theme, it’s best to pick something sentimental and personal
  • You should decide on a wedding theme that you think expresses you best rather than choosing a beautiful but not really your innate personality
  • The wedding should be a reflection of your combined likes and tastes rather than a generic and trendy theme that is seen online
  • You can also apply your culture and traditions to make the wedding more unique


What Are Some Common Wedding Themes?


Classic wedding theme

One of the most popular wedding themes is the classic style. But what does classic mean?

A classic wedding theme looks timeless and probably the style you’ll imagine when thinking of a traditional and formal wedding. You can describe it with white flowers, clean aesthetics, and a calm vibe held indoors. 


Romantic wedding theme

If you don’t want the very traditional feeling of a classic wedding theme, you and your partner might prefer a romantic theme. It is still soft and calm, but more colors such as pastels are introduced.

When imagining a romantic movie or date night, the aesthetics that come to mind are what will be apparent in romantic weddings. If it makes you feel warm and in love, that is the romantic theme. 


Rustic wedding theme

Couples who love farms and the outdoors typically pick a rustic wedding theme. You can distinguish it with elements like wood, stone, paper, and anything that screams organic.

Of course, it will be held in a barn or ranch with colors like browns and greens. Burlap is also a popular wedding decor for this theme. 

Please read about what is a Boho wedding as it’s often confused with a rustic wedding. 


Glamorous wedding theme

If you want ball gowns, tuxedos, fireworks, a grand staircase, and an extravagant reception, you should have a glamorous wedding theme. It is shiny and over-the-top and, of course, will require a big budget. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a luxurious wedding with sparkles and expensive materials. Just make sure that you genuinely wish for this theme and not just because it will look good on social media. 


Modern wedding theme

Couples who love art or want urban designs and simple aesthetics will pick a modern wedding theme. Think of the words sleek and contemporary to describe this wedding. 

Metallics, monograms, and a streamlined color palette make this wedding feel modern versus traditional. Usually, you’ll have it on a rooftop or a venue that fits the sleek but sophisticated wedding theme. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to choose wedding theme by considering your preference, venue, date, and sentimentality. 

Overall, you should select a theme that expresses your and your partner’s personality best. Then, consider the convenience and budget to ensure that you can have a wedding that is well within your expectations. 

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