How To Make A Wedding Money Box In 4 Easy Steps

Those who are interested to know how to make a wedding money box can simplify it into four steps. This wedding box is helpful to know because it’s where your guests can put their monetary gifts. 

You don’t need to buy one as it’s easy to make, like a wedding card box. And speaking of which, here’s a related tutorial on how to make a wedding card box with fabric

how to make a wedding money box


How To Make A Wedding Money Box At Home

You can use this tutorial as well for making wedding card boxes. 


Step 1. Assemble the wedding money box frame

  • You will need ¾-inch square dowels for the frame of the wedding money box
  • Cut four sections each of 14 inches, 9.5 inches, and 10.5 inches from the dowels using a saw
  • Start making the wedding money box frames for the front and back
  • Get two 14-inch dowels separated with two 9.5-inch dowels over a flat surface to construct the frames and square the corners with a framing square
  • With the 9.5-inch dowels between the 14-inch dowels, glue them in place with wood glue and add clamps for security 
  • Use a brad nailer on the four corners with 1 and ¼-inch nails
  • Support the two frames, then separate them with the two 10.5-inch dowels with wood glue on the ends and repeat the process with the framing square, clamps, and brad nailer
  • Flip the wedding money box frame and repeat with the other 10.5-inch pieces to finish the frame


Step 2. Construct the wedding money box

  • Please prepare plywood panel pieces for the frame you made 
  • Cut a piece of ¼-inch plywood into one 14 x 12-inch, two 11 and ¼ x 12-inch, and two 14.5 x 11 and ¼ inch for the bottom, sides, front, and back of the money box frame 
  • Attach the 14 x 12-inch bottom piece with wood glue, and brad nails, then turn the box on its side
  • Attach the 11 and ¼ x 12-inch panels with brad nails on both sides
  • Connect the remaining front and back panels to finish the wooden wedding money box
  • Fill the exposed edges with spackle, if there are any, and sand the box smooth
  • For the money box lid, cut a piece of 3/4-inch plywood into a 14.5 x 12.5 panel 
  • Make the money slot with a stencil and jigsaw blade on the lid 
  • Sand the edges to smooth them out


Step 3. Decorate the wedding money box

  • Remove the lid from the wedding money box
  • Put the box over a piece of paper and spray it with paint; use a color that’s prominent in your wedding 
  • After drying the first coat, spray the other sides of the box
  • Repeat per side on the lid
  • From here, you can decorate the wedding money box as you wish
  • Those confident with a painting by hand can directly decorate the money box
  • You can also cut vinyl decors or letters to label the money box 


Step 4. Finish the wedding money box

  • Identify where you’ll put the lower latch on the front of the money box and mark below it with painter’s tape
  • Find the center of the box and mark to know where to align the latch
  • Install with a drip and add the clasp over the tape earlier
  • Put the wedding money box lid to know where you want the hinges between the box and lid
  • Mark with a pencil and drill screw holes under the lid
  • Attach the hinges securely and put the lid back on the box 
  • Attach the hinge to the box to finish the wedding money box


How Do You Make A Wooden Wedding Card Box?

A unique wedding card box you can make should not look like the usual square box with a lid. You can save time if you source any wooden box item and then decorate it to suit the wedding theme. 

For example, a wooden crate can be a gorgeous wedding card box for a rustic or vintage wedding. You can paint or stain it and then decorate it with flowers, garlands, or banners.

You can also fill the wooden wedding card box made from the upcycled crate with dried flowers and other fillers. But of course, label it accordingly, so the guests know what it is used for. 

Do you prefer something even more interesting? Here’s what is a wedding wishing well if you don’t want to use boxes. 


How To Make A Wedding Card Box With Slot?

  1. Buy a plain card box 
  2. Measure a center slot at the lid around 7 inches long to fit most cards; leave an inch of border around the box
  3. Mark and cut the layers if the card box is tiered so the dropped cards will fall straight to the bottom 
  4. Cover the wedding card box with glue and fabric 
  5. Decorate with ribbon strips or flowers, whichever suits the wedding theme



Was this tutorial easy? You just learned how to make a wedding money box in four easy steps.

To support the panels, you’ll start with constructing the frame from wooden dowels. Then, finish everything with the latches and hinges for a working wedding money box.

Let us know below if you have any questions, and feel free to browse our blog for other wedding item tutorials. 

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