What Is A Wishing Well Wedding: Should You Have One

The answer to what is a wishing well wedding is it’s a container for the money given to the couple. We will also talk about the expected etiquette for the guests when using one.

Speaking of which, as a guest, you can read about what to bring to a wedding. It’s always helpful to come prepared and know how to gift the newlyweds. 

what is a wishing well wedding


What Is A Wishing Well In A Wedding?

Wedding wells have been around since medieval times. But nowadays, a wishing well doesn’t have to be a literal well. 

Instead, a wishing well refers to a container for the guests’ gifts to the couple. Because of its size, the wishing well is meant to collect monetary gifts.

Having a wedding wishing well can also ensure that the couple can secure their monetary gifts in one place throughout the wedding. So if you’re a wedding guest and you brought cash or checks as a gift, search for the wishing well, which is usually a decorated box. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Wedding Wishing Well?

The purpose of the wedding wishing well is to serve as a container for the monetary gifts brought by the guests for the couple. Otherwise, you need someone to collect the money or checks, or you can put them in your pockets with the risk of misplacing them. 

The wishing well can also be so-called since monetary gifts allow the couples to get what they “wish for” rather than receiving items from the guests. Just remember to have close friends and family spread the word that you prefer monetary gifts as it might seem tacky to ask for money directly on the wedding invitation


How Do You Make A Wedding Wishing Well?

  1. Get a good-size cardboard box and fold its flaps so that one side becomes hollow
  2. Attach several cardboard tubes on the sides of the box as they will receive the roof of the wishing well
  3. Bend a separate cardboard piece so that it looks like a roof and attach its ends to the cardboard tubes
  4. Decorate the cardboard wishing well accordingly and add embellishments to suit the wedding theme
  5. You can also just decorate a box or any container tastefully to make a wishing well; you don’t need to make it look like a well 


Alternative to wedding wishing well

If you think that having a physical box as the wishing well at your wedding is not for your taste, you can still collect monetary gifts by creating a registry. There are online cash registries available online, similar to a traditional registry. 

The advantage of using an online cash wedding registry is that the guests can contribute any time they want. They might also feel more secure providing the money online rather than physically putting it on a wishing well. 


Is It Rude To Have A Wishing Well At A Wedding?

It’s not rude to have a wishing well at a wedding since monetary gifts eliminate the guessing game that guests must do to know what gift to give. 


Maintain tact

However, you want to communicate your desire for a wishing well tastefully. You may even explain why you prefer cash gifts, which should be understandable since you’re a pair of newlyweds that will begin a new chapter of their life. 

Another way to tactfully have a wishing well at a wedding is not to treat it as the center of attention. Instead, you can put it on one corner, so the guests can’t assume that you are forcing the wishing well to them. 


Be grateful

Finally, don’t forget that there is no rule on how much cash the guests must give to the newlyweds. Everyone varies in the amount they can give comfortably, so always be grateful for every monetary gift. 

You can even write a personal thank-you note to each guest to make them feel more appreciated. Over time, it might be possible to show on social media or to close friends and family what the wishing bell bought for you. 

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How Much Should You Contribute To A Wedding Wishing Well?

You can consider three factors when deciding the amount to contribute to a wedding wishing well. First, how close are you to the bride and groom?

Of course, if they are not a close relative or you only consider them an acquaintance, then it’s understandable that you don’t need to give an amount higher than $50. On the contrary, close friends and family usually offer at least $100, but there is no rule that you can’t go higher or lower, depending on your financial capacity. 

The second factor is the wedding expenses since a lavish wedding might also mean it’s more tasteful to give a high amount than a more straightforward wedding where guests can provide a low amount. And finally, if you’re attending a destination wedding, it’s usually acceptable to skip cash contributions since you spend participating in the wedding. 



And that’s it! We just learned what is a wishing well wedding, which is a container for monetary gifts.

It doesn’t have to look like a well, but you can make one using a cardboard box. We hope this helped with your wedding preparations, leave us a question if you have any. 

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