How Do Wedding Hashtags Work: Everything To Know

The answer to how do wedding hashtags work is it’s meant to organize your wedding photos online and engage your wedding guests by using your wedding hashtags. We have also included how to make the ultimate wedding hashtag and if it’s even needed to have one. 

Speaking of notifying the closest people to you about your wedding, do you know what are wedding announcements? Read this approach if you don’t want to use social media to spread the word about your wedding. 

how do wedding hashtags work


Here’s Exactly How Do Wedding Hashtags Work


To let people know about your wedding

Couples make a wedding hashtag for their big day to engage people online. Even if they’re not public personalities, hashtags work as a way to let people know of your wedding according to the posts related to it. 

For example, a hashtag acts as the word people interested in your wedding can use to see everything related to it, whether it’s photos or writings from guests. If someone can’t attend your wedding, what a hashtag does is help them find the related posts to it by the couple or the wedding guests who attended. 

You can also use your wedding hashtag so the public notices your wedding instead of using the old-fashion way with wedding announcements. In addition, it can be used on Twitter and Instagram when posting selfies, photos, and other related posts. 


To find all your wedding-related social media posts

Wedding hashtags are also a way for the couple to see their wedding through their guests’ eyes. With a hashtag, you can easily compile all the photos taken by other people who attended.

You might be interested in your guests’ opinions and those who saw the wedding posts about your wedding venue, decor, or theme. It can be a fun way to connect with everyone, especially when replying to the comments in real-time. 

Of course, you would want to keep an open mind when seeing the comments regarding your wedding. However, use social media responsibly and remember that your wedding is supposed to celebrate your commitment to each other and not to please the public eye with an image. 


Where Does The Hashtag Go In A Wedding?

Besides knowing what a wedding hashtag is, understand where would a wedding hashtag typically goes. After making your hashtag, please put it on your wedding website, so the guests know your desired word to tag your wedding. 


Save-the-dates and invites 

Couples nowadays also make their save-the-date cards and invitation suites more suitable for the social media-centric world, and they put their wedding hashtag on them. This way, the guests will be notified that this is the hashtag to use. 


Around the wedding venue and stationery

And finally, why not use the wedding hashtag around your wedding? Please put it on your wedding stationery such as the signs or on the wedding decors and areas where the guests can easily see them. 


Wedding photobooth and favors

If you have a wedding photo booth, you can create big signs so the guests can take a picture with your wedding hashtag. And of course, why not print your wedding hashtags on the wedding favors and remind the guests what to use if they want to post about your wedding online. 

Here is the complete list of wedding stationery, so you’ll know what to print and where to put the hashtags. 


How Do You Get The Perfect Wedding Hashtag?

After understanding how wedding hashtags work, the next step is creating the perfect hashtag for your wedding. It should be fun and represent your and your partner’s theme or personality best. 

  • Combine your names and be creative with a pun
  • Use your wedding theme or venue as inspiration
  • Don’t be afraid to insert humor and inside jokes with your wedding hashtag
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations if you can’t come up with your own wedding hashtag
  • Make sure that nothing is similar to your wedding hashtag 
  • Ensure that each word is capitalized on your hashtag so it will be easy to read 
  • You and your partner should both be happy with the wedding hashtag


Are Hashtags Still A Thing For Weddings?

Wedding hashtags are still common, but understand that not everyone uses social media or that all of your guests are willing to engage online. In addition, some people have no social media accounts, or you might prefer to keep your wedding private. 


How Do You Ask Guests To Use Your Wedding Hashtag?

A wedding hashtag will only be noticeable online if many people use it. You can encourage guests to use your wedding hashtag by putting it on the wedding website, invites, or cards around the venue. 


Do You Have To Pay For A Wedding Hashtag?

Wedding hashtags are free; you only need to type them in when posting on social media. Most hashtag generators are also free to use. 



And that’s it! You just learned how do wedding hashtags work where they act as a way to engage with guests and let your wedding be known online. 

A wedding hashtag also serves as the couple’s access to all the related posts regarding their wedding, so they’ll know how the guests have experienced it. We hope this explains everything; let us know below if you have more questions. 

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