How To Make A Wedding Card Box With Fabric

You can learn how to make a wedding card box with fabric in just three steps. We will also talk about everything you need to know about wedding card boxes. 

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how to make a wedding card box with fabric


How To Make A Wedding Card Box With Fabric Easily


Step 1. Preparation

  • Measure the material you’ll need for the wedding card box by placing the box on the stretchy fabric
  • Allocate two inches of allowance on edge, including the one you’ll need for the box lid
  • Some weddings use a two-tiered card box, so you’ll measure this box differently
  • Stack the smaller tier over the larger tier and center it
  • Trace the outline of the smaller tier and cut an inch into it on the larger tier
  • Cut the hole accordingly and create a similar one in the bottom of the smaller hole, allocating an inch from the edge 
  • Check if the holes you made are big enough for the wedding cards and there is enough space, so the tiers fit together on top of the holes
  • Cut a slit in the center of the top tier for the wedding cards


Step 2. Covering

  • Start covering the wedding card box with fabric using a reliable adhesive 
  • Apply or spray the glue over the surface and attach the fabric carefully
  • The excess material should hang over the top and bottom 
  • Cut slits on the fabric edge to efficiently cover the box interior and bottom
  • Repeat the covering and attaching of fabric on all the box tiers
  • Make the wedding card box more visually appealing with embellishments such as ribbons and gems that complement the wedding theme 


Step 3. Finishing

  • Use a glue gun to attach the tiers
  • Center the smaller tier to the larger tier before securing them together
  • Add details and embellishments to the finished fabric-covered wedding card box to make it more suitable for the wedding


How Do You Make A Wedding Card Box?

A tiered wedding card box can be tricky to do, primarily since you’re covering a stacked structure. So here are easier but still classy wedding card box alternatives that anyone can do by repurposing various items:


Gift box

Do you have a large gift box lying around the house? You can get creative and transform it into a wedding card box! 

You only need to cover, paint, or embellish the paper box with the wedding theme and color palette in mind. Then, measure a slit at the top for the wedding cards, and you’re done!


Storage box

Storage boxes made of wood and other materials would make gorgeous wedding card boxes. They are also quite big, so those doing a big wedding can consider them the venue’s wedding card box. 

You can paint the storage box according to the venue’s color scheme. For example, if the box is made of wood, you can leave it as is with some simple decors to fit a rustic theme. 



If you’re the type who always wants something unique, an upcycled old mailbox can become a wedding card box with a bit of imagination. You can use metallic-colored paint to cover the mailbox, and you might be surprised with the finished wedding card box afterward. 

There are many styles you can take inspiration from online. Some couples even retain the overall look of the mailbox to make it look like they’re welcoming guests.


Picnic basket

Rattan and woven picnic baskets would make eye-catching card boxes in outdoor weddings. You can even add some twine or flowers to fit the outdoor theme. 

A card box made from a picnic basket will look good in a wedding held in summer or fall. You can even partner it with other woven containers when setting it on the table. 


Luggage trunk

Is your wedding vintage theme? Try a luggage trunk for your wedding card box.

You can even stack various trunks over each other for a unique look. And compared to upcycling other containers, luggage trunks usually look good without needing to decorate them too much. 


What Size Is A Wedding Card Box?

The size of the wedding card box depends on the number of guests you have. Of course, having more people will need a bigger container for their cards. 

A standard wedding card box is typically 14 by 9.5 by 5 inches, with a slit measuring 5 to 6 inches. But, of course, you can always modify these dimensions accordingly. 


What Do You Put In A Wedding Card Box?

From the name itself, the wedding card box is for the gift cards brought by the guests. They can also be congratulatory cards or other small items to show your support for the couple. 

But if you caught yourself with many cards, read what to do with wedding cards to utilize them better. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a wedding card box with fabric, and it’s as easy as spraying adhesive to the box and attaching the measured stretchy fabric to cover the surfaces. 

Remember to allocate a few inches of allowance when measuring your fabric to ensure that the box will be covered well. But besides this project, you can always consider other unique ways to make a card box as well. 


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