How To Attach Flowers To Wedding Arch In 3 Steps

Those who want to learn how to attach flowers to wedding arch can simplify the process into three steps. You start with preparing the flowers, then the blocks since the flowers are fresh, and finally, use wire to arrange the flowers in the arch. 

But if you don’t want flowers or want to save on expenses on wedding decors, feel free to check our tutorial on how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric. Our blogs also discuss other wedding decorating tips, so feel free to navigate our weddings section. 

how to attach flowers to wedding arch


How To Make A Floral Wedding Arch


Step 1. Prepare the flowers

  • Set a budget for the flowers and greenery you’ll use on the wedding arch
  • Know the types, colors, and number of flowers to get according to the arch size and wedding theme; you can also check how many flowers for a wedding if you’re unsure of how much to buy
  • Remove the leaves on the bottom two-thirds of the flower stems for more straightforward floral arrangement later
  • Prepare the greenery for the wedding arch as well
  • Keep the flowers for the arch fresh by placing them in a bucket of water; arrange the flowers in groups when putting them in different buckets filled with cool water


Step 2. Secure the floral foams for the flowers

  • Pre-soak the floral foams as they will keep the flowers on the wedding arch hydrated
  • With the design of the arch in mind, secure these foams onto the arch where you’ll put the flowers; a classic floral wedding arch design is to have a floral foam at the middle and on each pole at the sides of the arch
  • Step away from the arch to see which spots may need more floral foams for flower arrangements


Step 3. Tie and arrange the flowers onto the wedding arch

  • Push your greeneries on the blocks but not too far in that their stems will poke out 
  • After filling the foams with greeneries, use the gaps on the arrangements for the flowers
  • Start with the largest and primary flowers, then use the smaller blooms to balance the arrangements and fill the other empty spaces
  • Trim the flower stems if needed so they won’t poke out the foam because it can cause them to wilt
  • Be mindful of the number of flowers and greeneries you’re using, as the wedding arch may get too heavy at the top
  • After decorating the top portion of the wedding arch, arrange flowers and greenery near its base as well so the arch will look more appealing
  • If no more foam or flowers are left, you can use potted plants to anchor the arch for security and aesthetics 


How Do You Attach Fake Flowers To A Wedding Arch?

You can still have a gorgeous floral arch if you’re on a budget. The secret is using fake flowers or combining faux and real flowers to save on costs. 

  1. Buy fake greenery and flowers according to the size of the arch and the theme of the wedding
  2. Select realistic-looking faux plants for a more tasteful wedding arch
  3. Plan how you’ll decorate the arch; will you only cover one side or arrange flowers at the top down to the side?
  4. Similar to making a bouquet, gather several flowers and tape them together; make several bundles, so all you’ll do is attach the flowers onto the arch later
  5. Make different sizes and arrangements of the flower bundles; some are big with primary flowers, while others are smaller with secondary flowers
  6. After preparing the flower bundles, attach faux greenery onto the wedding arch by wrapping their stems until they feel stable with floral wire; cut the excess wire if needed, so nothing pokes out
  7. Be strategic with the placements, so the attachment areas are hidden
  8. Fill the gaps on the decorated wedding arch with flower bundles attached with floral wire

Do you also want to know how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers? Even with faux blooms, the proper techniques can create a classy bridal bouquet.


How Do You Secure A Flower To Arch?

  • Tie floral foam onto the arch with floral wire or cable ties, then insert the flowers on these blocks
  • If there are corners or fabric drapes on the wedding arch, use flower holders for the flowers
  • Create floral bundles for easier attachment on the arch


How Do You Attach A Greenery To The Arch?

  • Use floral wire and combine it with tape if needed when wrapping and securing greenery to the arch; no need to wrap the entire stem, but just enough so it’s stable
  • Use garlands and vines on the arch for easier decorating
  • Always start with greenery so the remaining spaces can be filled with flowers


How Do You Put Flowers In A Round Arch?

  • Make sure the arch is stable by adding weights at the base
  • Wrap the arch with chicken wire to make floral attachment easier
  • Secure foams or use water tubes for the flowers
  • Start with greenery garlands, then fill the gaps with flower bouquets
  • Add floral adhesive to the attachments for added protection



And that’s it! We learned how to attach flowers to wedding arch in three easy steps. 

You start with attaching floral foams, inserting greenery, then filling the gaps with flowers. For faux flowers, on the other hand, it’s better to make floral bundles for easier wrapping and attaching.

We hope this was helpful; let us know how your floral wedding arch goes. 

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