How To Keep Sofa Covers In Place? 4 Best Hacks

You can learn how to keep sofa covers in place by choosing among four items. This article will discuss how to use straps, inserts, grips, and pins as reinforcement after cover installation. But do you want to feel assured that your sofa covers won’t slip?

The secret is making your own sofa slipcover! A custom-made sofa slipcover will always provide a snug fit on your furniture. Learn how to do it at home and apply the tips in this article to install it securely. 

How To Keep Sofa Covers In Place


How Do You Keep Sofa Covers In Place?


Method 1. Straps

  • Put on the sofa cover and pull the material to create a snug fit
  • Push the excess material onto the sofa crease between the back and seat cushions
  • Check for your cover’s elastic straps and tie them around the sofa legs
  •  Tighten the ties for covers that are drawstring style
  • If your sofa cover doesn’t have straps, you can make them yourself using elastic materials or sew the drawstring directly on the material

Method 2. Inserts

  • Dress your sofa with the right size cover
  • Smoothen the surface with your hands to see if there are excess fabric
  • Push the extra material onto the crack between the couch cushions and back 
  • Roll up magazines or prepare any tube-shaped item that you can place onto the crack
  • Place the insert into the gap deeply to keep the fabric in place and to make the insert less noticeable when sitting on the sofa 

Method 3. Non-slip pads and grips

  • Cut a non-slip pad into strips and place them over the seating area of the couch
  • You can use rug grips or non-skid mattress pads and then cut them accordingly for your sofa
  • Put on the couch cover as you normally would and pull on the fabric to avoid spaces between it and the furniture
  • Push the excess material deeply towards the side to tuck into the crack between the sofa cushions and frame at the back 
  • Smoothen the sofa cover once more and check for slack that might need pulling 

Method 4. Upholstery pins

  • Install the sofa covers in place as you usually would
  • Pull and stretch the material to get a snug fit
  • Put in small upholstery pins on the resulting baggy portion of the couch cover
  • You can use small twist pins or bigger upholstery pins, depending on the materials
  • Upholstery pins can also be decorative for added styling at the sides of the sofa cover while also keeping it from slipping

How Can I Make My Couch Covers Fit Better?

The best way to make your sofa cover fit better is to make the cover itself. There are universal sofa covers in the market, but sizing won’t always be perfect because every piece of furniture is unique. You can avoid having excess material that bunches up or overflows by measuring the sofa for a slipcover and using the resulting dimensions for your DIY cover. 

Create several panels according to the shape and style of your couch. You will usually need pieces for the seat, backrest, and armrests. They should fit snugly when constructed together without the need for ties and grips because they are tailored for your sofa. 


How To Keep Sofa Covers In Place On Leather

Leather sofas can still use sofa covers, and you can prevent slippage with grips. Place the grip strips on the seat before installing the cover. You can also opt for couch covers with an adhesive underside to keep them in place on the slippery leather. 

Did you know that foam batting is a secret for keeping sofa covers on leather securely? Besides the obvious remedies, you can place foam batting the same size as the sofa cushions on the sofa before installing the cover. They will add some adherence and fullness to your furniture to keep the covers from slipping on leather. 


How Do You Keep An Armchair Cover In Place?

Armchair covers should stay put if you place pins on them strategically. Install the pins at a hidden angle to ensure safety when someone places their arm on the chair’s armrest. Depending on the fabric cover, hook and loop tapes can also secure armchair covers. 


What Can I Use To Cover My Couch?

There is an array of materials that you can use to cover the sofa, and choosing among them depends on your lifestyle and aesthetic preference. The most common ones include leather, cotton, and canvas. Still, nothing beats measuring the sofa and then making the slipcover yourself, regardless of the material you choose to ensure proper installment. 


Do Stretch Sofa Covers Work?

Stretch sofa covers work because they are designed to fit all couch sizes. However, not all universal sofa covers are of good quality. Remember that you want the cover to be durable enough to protect the sofa from spills and wear. 



If your couch covers keep slipping or end up looking draggy, you can try four remedies. This article taught you how to keep sofa covers in place with straps, inserts, grips, and pins. You can use any of them after installing the cover and tucking the excess on the crack between the cushions and frame. 

Did this article help you with your sofa covers? Consider checking this guide on making a sofa cover fit for more useful tips regarding cover placement. 


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