How To Put Sofa Cover Smoothly: Read These 3 Steps

It’s easy to learn how to put sofa cover because you can simplify it into three steps. We will also discuss everything you need to know about couch covers to familiarize you more with this furniture essential. But why should you bother checking sofa covers?

Sofa covers not only improve the visual of your furniture. It is also protective of the couch to help it last longer. And in addition to putting sofa covers, read this guide on how to use baking soda for cleaning sofas to ensure that your sofa will always be well-maintained. 

How To Put Sofa Cover


How Do You Put A Couch Cover On?


Step 1. Take the dimensions of the sofa

A slipcover will only fit perfectly on the couch if you got the correct size. Therefore, write the measurements of your couch first and use them as a guide when buying or making a cover. How will you get the accurate dimensions?

Take the sofa’s width by measuring from the tip of one arm onto the back of the couch. On the other hand, the sofa length is simply the measurement from the outside of one arm to another. Then, take the height of the furniture by placing the tape measure from the floor to the top of the back of the sofa. 

You will also get the measurements for the sofa cushions. Remove the cushions on the back and seat of the couch according to the way they are installed. Remember that sofa cushions can either be fixed or loose


Step 2. Put on the sofa cover

You will start with the back of the bare sofa. Open the sofa cover and place it over the upper back corner of the couch. All the upper corners should be covered entirely as you pull the cover downward. 

Then, cover the seating area and each couch arm with their designated slipcovers. You will need to pull down each cover to secure them under the lower corner edges of the sofa. Smoothen the covers to ensure a snug fit and if they are centered correctly. 


Step 3. Set the sofa for use

Return the sofa cushions to the seating area and make the necessary adjustments. Smoothen the materials and do the same with the back cushions. Install their designated covers securely and tuck them nicely to prevent wrinkles on the fabrics. 

At this point, you can also place your throw pillows and blankets to improve the look and functionality of the sofa. Read this guide on how to mix and match sofa pillows for more tips. You can also learn about the placement of sofa throw for added coziness.  


How Do You Install A One Seater Sofa Cover?

Covering a one-seater sofa is much easier than installing a cover on a larger couch. You only have to use the correct size cover because it should be stretchable enough to cover across the entire hair. Here is how you cover a one-seater sofa:

  1. Place the cover on top of the one-seater couch so you can see where to place each corner
  2. Pull one corner first and cover the entire sofa back and repeat on the other corner
  3. Adjust and pull the sofa cover to tighten its fitting, so the whole back cushion and back of the couch is covered
  4. Pull each side of the cover over each armrest 
  5. Make the necessary adjustments with the fabric, such as tucking it into the corners or seat cushion

What Is The Best Fabric To Cover A Sofa?

The best upholstery fabric for a sofa will depend on your lifestyle. However, your best choices include cotton blend, cotton, vinyl, wool, olefin, rayon, acetate, acrylic, and microfiber. Some of these materials do wrinkle easily, but they are all generally resistant to wear. 

You also want to get the best quality material, so be wary of very cheap fabrics. And if you have a busy lifestyle, opt for something easy to clean. Leather sofas are known for having a long lifespan, so it’s more reasonable to invest in a genuine leather sofa if you have the budget.

Another consideration besides the functionality of the fabric is its design. You might want to read this article on choosing a sofa color because it will discuss interior decorating tips and how you can find the suitable material for your lifestyle. 


Can You Use A Fitted Sheet As A Couch Cover?

It’s possible to use a fitted sheet on your sofa, considering that you are making a slipcover. You will still cut the fabric accordingly so that you will get a snug fit on your couch. The key is using a sheet that can cover the cushions to have less work needed for adjustment. 

  1. Place the sofa cushion in the center of the sheet and wrap it to know the size you need
  2. Cut the excess fabric and pin the cover in place
  3. Sew the slipcover by hand or with a sewing machine while allocating a one and a half-inch seam allowance
  4. Leave the back open, and decide if you want to add a zipper


Using a sofa cover will help improve the look of your furniture and also protect it from heavy wear. It’s easy to learn how to put sofa cover as long as you get the right size. Get the couch bare, start at the back, seating area, and then the arms while pulling the fabric now and then to guarantee a snug fit. 

And that’s it! You just installed a sofa cover smoothly.