How To Slipcover A Sofa? 3-Step Custom Cover Guide

It’s straightforward to learn how to slipcover a sofa because it only takes three steps. You will create a pattern, sew them together, and fit the slipcover onto your couch. We will discuss each step in more detail, and we included some tips that will make this tutorial even easier. 

You can also check this guide for putting a sofa cover. A slipcover will only look good and do its job correctly if you also installed it properly. But to ensure that you will get the best-fitted couch cover, you have to make it yourself. 

How To Slipcover A Sofa


How Do You Make A Slipcover For A Sofa?


Step 1. Create a pattern for the cover

  • Drape a piece of fabric over the sofa to serve as your pattern for the slipcover
  • Tuck it as tight or as loose, depending on the fitting you want
  • If you’re making a slipcover with sections, use several fabric pieces and pin them together for the mock cover
  • Mark the material to know where to cut
  • Section the cover for the seating area, back, sides, and arms
  • Cut out the stencil and use it to prepare the fabric you’ll use for the slipcover
  • Allocate one inch of seam allowance on the fabric

Step 2. Construct the slipcover together

  • Lay the fabric pieces wrong side out on a flat surface and pin them together to help you see their intended look
  • Sew the body of the slipcover, starting with the seating area and back panel fabrics
  • Sew the armrest covers accordingly
  • Remove all the pins as you finish connecting the fabric pieces and join the side and body slipcover sections
  • Make the side sections of the slipcover 
  • Place the slipcover on the sofa to check for needed adjustments

Step 3. Fit the cover on the sofa

  • Once you’re confident with the slipcover, you can hem its ends to finish the look
  • Trace the bottom hemline to ensure that it will be even before ironing and sewing it
  • Turn the finished slipcover right side out and install it onto the sofa
  • Tuck the material to achieve a snug fit, and you’re done

How Many Yards Of Fabric Do I Need For A Sofa Slipcover?

The amount of fabric you’ll need for a sofa slipcover can range from 16 to 22 yards. The yardage depends on the size and type of the sofa. Therefore, you have to know how to measure the sofa for slipcovers, so you can ensure that you’ll have enough material to cover the couch successfully. 

Fabrics are sold by the yard, but every store varies in the widths they offer. They range from 32 to 60 inches, with 54 inches being common. Keeping this in mind, a two-seat sofa can use 16 yards for its slipcover, while a six-seat sofa can use up to 22 yards. 

On the contrary, a two-seat loveseat will need up to 13 yards of fabric, while its four-seat counterpart can require up to 17 yards of material. 


How Can I Cover My Couch Cheaply?

Making a slipcover at home is cheaper than buying custom-made covers. Customized slipcovers can cost you up to $800, depending on the quality, size, and labor. You don’t even need to buy materials for the DIY sofa cover because you can upcycle bedsheets or any other piece of cloth as long as you have enough for the couch. 

Apply the similar three-step tutorial above on your bedsheets, and you’ll still get a good-fitting slipcover. But what if you don’t have fabrics to upcycle? One of the most inexpensive yet effective materials for covering the sofa is canvas drop cloth, and below is how you can use this painter’s essential. 


How Do You Cover A Couch With Drop Cloth?

You can make a slipcover with a drop cloth, and you don’t even need to sew. Just secure the material with heavy-duty pins using this installation tutorial:

  1. Drape the drop cloth over the couch and center it
  2. Tuck the fabric between the cushions and sofa back until you cover the entire furniture’s front and back
  3. Do the same on the sides to wrap the arms
  4. Pull the material at the back of the sofa onto the side to reach the front and repeat with the front material to reach the back
  5. Pin them together and cut the excess material if there is any

What Is The Best Fabric To Cover A Sofa?

The most popular fabrics for slipcovers are cotton, denim, and canvas. They are easy to wash and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear on the couch. However, you must still check the quality of the material because not all fabrics are made the same. 

It would also be helpful if you consider the design, color, or pattern of the sofa cover when selecting a fabric. It can be tricky to construct a cover together if you need to match patterns. More so, you’ll have an easier time making the slipcover if the material hangs well. 


If you want to make the sofa cover fit well, make it yourself according to the dimensions of your furniture. Learning how to slipcover a sofa is not as complicated as it seems because you are only cutting several pieces of fabric and then sewing them together. You can even skip the sewing and use a drop cloth to cover the couch. 

Did you try this project today? Let us know in the comments! You can also check this guide on making slipcovers for the sectional sofa if you have such a model. 


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