How To Measure A Sofa? Complete Guide And Tips

You can learn how to measure a sofa in three easy steps. Start with the width, followed by the height, and then the depth of the furniture. We will also teach you how you can take the diagonal depth. 

This guide will help you get the dimensions you’ll need to know if the couch will fit through your door or if you have enough room space. You can also read this measuring guide for sofas to make slipcovers if you’ll make the furniture cover yourself. So without further ado, get your measuring tape and have this article ready with your couch. 

How To Measure A Sofa


How To Measure A Sofa To Get Its Exact Dimensions


Step 1. Take the sofa width

The sofa width is the measurement between one arm to another, which is essentially the widest part of the couch. However, remember to make adjustments depending on the style of your sofa arms. For example, the width of a sofa with rolled arms is taken from the exterior of the widest portion of the components.


Step 2. Take the sofa height

The sofa height is the measurement from the ground to the highest point of the couch’s back. Again, you have to adjust according to your sofa’s shape and style. Therefore, always select the highest part of the back and not just any portion. 


Step 3. Take the sofa depth

The sofa’s depth is the measurement from the seating area’s outside edge to the back. There is also a so-called diagonal depth, which is from the top of the back to the front of the bottom. Remember that sofa depth is essential, especially when you want to know if your sofa will fit through passageways or vehicles.

What Is The Size Of A Sofa?

There are different types of sofas, which is why there is no standard size for them. However, you can quickly differentiate sofa sizes based on how many people can sit on it. A two-person sofa allows 50 inches of seating space, while a five-person sofa can offer up to 108 inches of space. 

The specific dimensions for the height, depth, and length will be better measured personally. More so, note that the additional features of the sofa can also affect its size. For example, measuring a sectional sofa with wedge will be slightly different than taking measurements of a traditional sectional sofa. 


What Is The Average Length Of A 3 Seater Sofa?

A three-seater sofa can be as long as 96 inches, depending on its shape and style. Homeowners typically check the sofa length first when buying their furniture because it can give you a clue if you have enough space for it. For more information, read our sofa length size guide

How much space will you need for a three-seater sofa? Because of its size, allocate a space for your walkway around 30 to 36 inches. It would be best if you also considered where you’ll place other bulky items such as the coffee table when you’re planning the space for the three-seater sofa


How Is Furniture Measured?

The best way to measure furniture is to take the model’s length, height, and depth. The diagonal depth is also crucial because it determines the compatibility of the furniture through passageways and if you can bring it on its end. Overall, imagine the three dimensions onto the space you’ll go through and leave the couch. 

For example, take the height, width, and entry clearance of the doors and other passageways that you’ll go through with the furniture. After comparing the numbers, you can decide how you will maneuver the furniture through or what position you’ll arrange it for its final placement in the room. Use furniture arrangement ideas as inspiration. 


How To Read Couch Dimensions

Couch dimensions in furniture stores are written as three numbers. They indicate the sofa’s length, width, and height sequentially. However, a common source of confusion is thinking that the furniture’s width and depth are the same. 

The sofa’s depth and width can be similar, but it’s not the case for all models. Remember that the width is measured from one arm to another, while the depth is from the front to back. Some couches have similar depth and width because the depth also measures the widest points.  


How Are Dimensions Written?

Dimensions for furniture are written as length x width x height. However, stores typically present their sofa sizes as width x depth x height to help buyers better assume the sofa’s space requirements.  


How Do I Know What Size Sofa To Buy?

You can determine the correct size sofa to buy by checking your space for its placement and how you will maneuver it upon arrival. A quick trick to know if the couch will have enough room in your house is by mapping its planned position with newspapers. Additionally, don’t forget to measure the front doors, hallways, internal doors, and stairs. 



Shopping for the right sofa size can be overwhelming. But if you know how to measure a sofa, you can ensure that you can maneuver it upon arrival, and it will also have enough space in the room. Getting accurate sofa dimensions is even useful for slipcovers to ensure the best fit. 

What if your cover still slips? We have also written a helpful guide on keeping sofa covers in place that you can check out. 


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