How To Make A Sofa Cover Fit? Best 3 Secrets

There are three secrets to learn how to make a sofa cover fit. In this guide, we will teach you how you can use everything from ties, Lycra, to even Velcro to ensure that you’ll achieve the best fit with your cover. You can also read this tutorial for putting a sofa cover because a proper installation is crucial. 

But why does a good-fitting sofa cover matter? If the cover is too loose or tight, you won’t benefit from this couch accessory. It can’t protect the furniture, and the finished look can be unsightly. 

How To Make A Sofa Cover Fit


How Can I Make My Couch Covers Fit Better?


  • Ties and ribbons

If you have extra ties and ribbons at home, you can use them to make the sofa cover fit better. For example, sew or tape ties adjacent to each other underneath the couch cover and tie them onto the sofa legs. This way, the body will stretch out, and the fitting will be snug.  

Do your slipcovers have flaps? You can also close the flaps at the back or side of the cover with ribbons so that it won’t look loose on the sofa. Attach grommets onto the sofa cover’s flaps and lace them close with a decorative ribbon for added style. 


  • Closures

A more straightforward way to make your sofa cover fit better is with the help of closures. They include zippers, snaps, and Velcro to make up for the excess material that makes the cover fitting ineffective. A secret to successfully cover couches that can be tricky due to their wider top is increasing half an inch of material to the seams and then adding zippers. 

Ensure that you will plan their placement well by placing the cover onto the sofa and marking the seams. And for those who find zippers too complicated to attach, Velcro and snaps should also work on the excess seams. The key is planning your extra fabric well to allow the overlapping of the material. 


  • Lycra material

A quick way to ensure that your sofa cover will fit is if you make it stretchable. Therefore, you can use Lycra fabric as one panel of the back of the couch cover. Having this stretchable material will allow better conformation onto the couch. 

You will also have an easier time installing and removing the sofa cover because of the Lycra fabric’s elasticity. And besides the back center panel, you can add this material to other hidden portions of the exterior. You only need to sew the fabrics together as you would with other materials. 


How Do You Get A Couch Cover To Stay In Place?

You have to stretch and adhere the couch cover onto the furniture to keep it from slipping constantly. Besides the three hacks discussed, there are also other household materials that you can use to secure your sofa cover. 

  1. Place non-slip grippers onto the sofa before installing the cover to help it adhere much better
  2. Check for slacking throughout the surface and pull the excess material into the creases of the sofa cushions and frame
  3. Secure the extra fabric onto the creases with a rolled-up magazine or any fitting item
  4. Add ties onto the cover and then use them to wrap around the sofa legs for added grip

How Do You Make A Universal Couch Cover?

It’s impossible to make a universal couch cover because sofas come in different sizes and styles. But to give you an idea, you might need 16 yards of fabric for a two-seater and 18 yards for a three-seater model. Read this guide on how to slipcover a sofa to know the step-by-step guide for a DIY sofa cover at home.

How Do I Get A Slipcover That Fits?

The best way to get a slipcover that fits is by making a custom cover. Take the sofa’s measurements for the slipcover and bring them to your upholsterer or use them when constructing the sofa cover. While you might spend up to $800 for a custom-made slipcover, it’s a worthy investment to ensure that your couch will last long. 

The amount will depend on the type and quality of the slipcover, and you might need to allocate up to $300 more for the labor. But if you want, you can make the slipcover yourself with drop cloths. Then, have someone help you work on a large sofa to save time and effort.

Can You Put A Slipcover On A Leather Couch?

It is possible to use a slipcover on a leather couch. You will need to use the right size to ensure the best fitting and check if the material has a non-slip backing. Most fabrics can slide on leather, so the slipcover must have some adherence. 


It can be annoying if the slipcover slides off or ends up looking creased on the furniture. The good news is you can quickly learn how to make a sofa cover fit using everyday household items. They include using ties to wrap the body onto the couch legs, attaching closures on the extra material, and adding stretch onto the cover with Lycra fabric. 

You can also use grippers before installing the sofa cover and then securing the excess material onto the creases. However, the best tip you can follow to ensure that the cover will fit is by simply taking your sofa’s measurements and getting the cover custom-made. 


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