How To Give A Good Wedding Speech

If you want to know how to give a good wedding speech, there are some tips to remember to execute it charismatically and endearingly to the guests and couple. We’ll discuss what makes a good wedding speech or toast, and it’s applicable whether you’re the host, wedding party member, or parent of the bride or groom. 

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how to give a good wedding speech


How To Give A Good Wedding Speech Even If You Hate Speeches

  • Understand the structure of a good wedding speech
  • Start by welcoming the guests, especially if you’re the wedding host 
  • Introduce yourself and your relationship to the couple
  • Make sure your wedding speech won’t go over a thousand words
  • Practice the written speech to know when to pause, do the more upbeat tones, etc
  • A good wedding speech should be short at about 10 minutes long 
  • If you’re terrified of giving a wedding speech or toast, record yourself on your phone
  • Practice in front of someone who can show you constructive criticism 
  • Know the proper posture to feel confident during speeches 


More wedding speech tips

  • Take some time to write and practice your wedding speech; a week or two before the wedding would be ideal
  • Consider doing your research about the couple to include sentimental moments in your speech and make it more immersive; take pieces of stories from the closest people to the couple 
  • If you know someone who did the best wedding toast or speech, consult them for feedback on what you wrote 
  • Give your wedding speech some personality by adding humor to your stories; just remember to maintain tastefulness and never include any offensive or embarrassing jokes
  • Take the audience on a trip down memory lane regarding the couple’s relationship milestones from how they met up to the wedding; avoid stories that are too lengthy and may need more context to understand
  • Never make the speech about you 
  • Be sincere with your message of congratulations and best wishes to the couple
  • Do not focus on just one person from the pair
  • Thank the couple and the guests for the wedding 
  • Avoid drinking too much before your speech
  • Do not be put off by the lack of audience reaction at the beginning
  • Look at guests and couples from time to time and never stare down at your feet
  • Move around and make gestures when giving the speech 


What Should You Say In A Wedding Speech?

Wedding toasts and speeches should never be focused on the speaker. But instead, it’s meant to celebrate the couple and their relationship milestone. 

A wedding speech is also meant to thank the host for the wedding and also the guests for coming to the event. To help you get started on writing your wedding speech, here are the essential parts:

  1. Opening statement or question to gain the attention of the guests; it can a be simple welcome or asking the guests if they’re ready
  2. Briefly introduce yourself to the wedding guests
  3. Share your fondest memories of the couple
  4. Tell your best wishes for the couple’s marriage
  5. Thank everyone for coming and also the host of the wedding 
  6. Wrap up with a hopeful statement in a cheerful manner to toast

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How Long Should A Speech At A Wedding Be?

Learning to give the best wedding speech means you don’t need to talk too long. A maximum of 1,000 words for the speech and not going over 10 minutes should be ideal. 

This will ensure that the audience remains engaged, and you’ll lessen the possibility of having awkward silences and tension. You can also give a shorter speech and focus on congratulating the couple and then asking for the toast. 


How Do You Start A Wedding Speech?

You start the wedding speech by introducing yourself to the crowd. There’s no need to talk about yourself, but let everyone know your name, role in the wedding, and relationship with the couple. 

You can also mention if you’re giving the speech on behalf of someone else. If you’re the maid of honor or best man, you can note that you’ll say a few words on behalf of the wedding party. 

And finally, a helpful tip to start a wedding speech and give it flawlessly without nerves is to have a humorous opening line. This can break the initial tension while relaxing as the crowd laughs and listens to you. 


What Should You Avoid In A Wedding Speech?

Here are what you must never do when giving a wedding speech:

  • Got very drunk before coming onto the stage
  • Wearing uncomfortable clothing
  • Being overly emotional
  • Applying personal opinions that might be too controversial to the crowd
  • Not rehearsing your speech beforehand
  • Giving a very long wedding speech
  • Talking about yourself
  • Focusing on one person from the couple



And that’s it! You learned how to give a good wedding speech by knowing the primary components, engaging, managing your nerves, and understanding what makes a sincere, funny, but tasteful speech. 

We hope these tips are helpful; let us know below if you have other hacks to share. 

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