Who Makes Wedding Speeches: All The Wedding Speeches

The answer to who makes wedding speeches includes some members of the wedding party and the families of the bride and groom. There are also many events leading to the wedding, so expect many toasts and speakers. 

And speaking of speeches and toasts at weddings, are you assigned to be one of the speakers? If you’re among the people speaking before the toast, read how to end a wedding toast to set the mood for the reception. 

who makes wedding speeches


Exactly Who Makes Wedding Speeches And When


Speeches at the wedding

The wedding speeches and toasts during the wedding reception are usually made by the best man, maid of honor, and sometimes, a parent or two of the bride and groom. Other friends and relatives can also be given the microphone to provide a sweet sentiment and with the newlyweds the best married life. 

For example, some weddings have an older couple that the bride and groom adore. They’ve been married for a long time, so their wedding speech can give the couple guidance about their milestone. 

Other wedding party members may also give speeches if the best man or maid of honor can’t make it. Just make sure to discuss with the speakers the time limits for the flow of events at the reception. 


Speeches at the rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner on the night before the wedding day is another opportunity for speeches. So who makes a speech at this event? 

Typically, the parents of the bride or groom will make a speech at the rehearsal dinner if they host the dinner. However, some couples’ rehearsal dinners might also be sponsored by someone else, so the host should speak and give the toast. 

Typically, the wedding rehearsal dinner speech is to welcome everyone. However, it doesn’t have to be long and formal as it’s an invitation to mingle with each other, especially the couple’s families. 


Speeches on pre-wedding and post-wedding events

Wedding toasts and speeches are also given in other pre-wedding and post-wedding events. They include the engagement party, wedding shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even the brunch or goodbye party after the wedding day. 

Who should make a wedding speech before and after these events? For the engagement party, the couple can speak to their friends and family, but it’s up to them if they want to have a speech that takes more than a minute. 

The toasts and speeches in the wedding shower, on the other hand, will be given by the hosts. And for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the best man and maid of honor will toast the groom and bride. 

And while it’s not necessary to have a post-wedding brunch and make a speech, some destination weddings have this event to give their guests a final thanks for celebrating with them. Again, the couple can make the speech or whoever hosted the brunch.


Who All Makes Toasts At A Wedding?

The couple, their family, and some members of the wedding party will give speeches and toast at weddings. In addition, whoever hosted the wedding celebration, like the shower or brunch, can also provide a short speech. 

Speeches given by the hosts and the couple are written to thank the guests for joining their celebration. On the other hand, the family and friends of the couple who give a wedding speech will show their support and wish the couple happiness in their marriage. 

And whoever will make a speech will write the wordings themselves. So make sure it won’t go over five minutes, and if you include jokes, they should still be tasteful and won’t embarrass the couple. 


Can Anyone Give A Speech At A Wedding?

Anyone can give a speech at a wedding, but make sure that you plan the schedule of the wedding reception, shower, or brunch to ensure that all the speakers are allowed to hold the microphone. Furthermore, you shouldn’t force anyone to give a wedding toast or speech, especially if they struggle with public speaking. 

If you feel like you can’t give a speech or you can’t attend the wedding, have someone take your place and mention it to the couple. And as for the couple themselves, if you’re selecting some speakers, be aware of their personalities, especially if they tend to make offensive statements. 

Read who speaks at a wedding to create a list of the expected people making wedding toasts. 


What Is The Protocol For Speeches At A Wedding?

Will you make a wedding speech? Remember these etiquette tips when writing wedding speeches:

  • Wear proper attire when giving the wedding speech based on the wedding event
  • Speak clearly and audibly
  • Never give the speech drunk
  • Start the wedding speech by introducing yourselves
  • Focus the subject of the wedding speech on the couple 
  • Steer clear from controversial topics
  • Only include tasteful humor in your wedding speech
  • Look at the couple when you’re talking to them
  • End the wedding speech with a toast
  • The wedding speech should only be between 3 to 5 minutes long
  • Be energetic and use the theme of the event to guide you with the formality of your wedding speech



And that’s it! You just learned who makes wedding speeches: the hosts of the wedding event, some wedding party members, and the bride and groom’s families. 

However, no one is obligated to give a speech. And if you’re included in the speakers, please know the etiquette when writing and giving wedding speeches. 

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