How To Write A Wedding Toast: Best Tips And Examples

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to write a wedding toast in four steps? We’ll even provide wedding toast examples and writing tips on starting and ending a wedding toast. 

It shouldn’t overwhelm you to develop an engaging and touching wedding toast once you know some techniques. And of course, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with how long should a wedding toast be

how to write a wedding toast


Complete Guide On How To Write A Wedding Toast: Best Wedding Toast Template To Try


Step 1. Plan the wedding toast

You can write the wedding toast in cards so you’ll have a cheat sheet during the wedding and avoid a potential mental block in case nerves get in the way. By writing out the toast beforehand, you can also read it aloud to check if the tone and message you’re going for are appropriate. 

You can also practice the toast until you’re comfortable and ensure that you’ll feel confident once you have the microphone at the reception. And if you don’t know how to keep the wedding audience engaged, or you want to avoid a snooze fest, try the 3-1-2 formula. 

You’ll start to talk about the couple in the third person, then discuss your relationship with them in the first person, and finally, wish the newlyweds well in the second person. You can also start the wedding toast by identifying yourself quickly to give the other attendees information about your connection to the couple to help them relate more to your speech. 


Step 2. Introduce the couple

After giving yourself a quick introduction, you can mention your gratitude for being there to witness the couple’s unity. You can also express your happiness and excitement about their married life. 

At this point of the toast, it’s possible to mention the hosts to thank them as well. You’ll also be setting the overall theme of the toast before you share stories about the couple. 

Keep in mind to always address both newlyweds, even if you might only be close to one of them. For example, you can share something sweet that the other person told you about their partner to make them feel closer to you. 


Step 3. Look back on memories

At this point of the wedding toast, you’ll share your experiences and memories with the newlyweds. Be careful of inside jokes and potentially offensive or distasteful stories as you don’t want to embarrass them or have the wrong impression on the guests. 

You don’t need incredibly detailed stories as you don’t want to bore the guests. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t be vague when describing things about the couple to help the audience understand your stories. 

Try thinking of your first or favorite memory of the newlyweds, what they said about their partner, or even how you know they’re meant to be. You can also use this time to express your admiration of their relationship. 


Step 4. Congratulate the couple 

Finally, bring everything together by concluding to the moment where they’re finally married. You can also congratulate the couple again and express your best wishes for their future.  

Then, ask everyone to join you in toasting the couple to end the wedding toast. Do not give a very long wedding toast; ideally under 5 minutes is the optimal duration. 


How Do You Start A Wedding Toast Speech?

If you don’t know how to start or propose a wedding toast, you can introduce yourself quickly. Then, ask for the guests’ attention to signal the start of the toast. 

An example of a wedding toast introduction goes like this: “Good evening, everybody. My name is xxx, and I’m the bride/groom’s xxx. May I have your attention as I raise a toast to xxx and xxx?”


How Do You End A Wedding Toast Speech?

After you’ve talked about the newlyweds, you can finish the wedding toast by wishing them the best and proposing to raise everyone’s glasses. Keep in mind that you want to end the speech on a high note as it’s also when the party in the wedding reception typically starts. 

An example of what to say to end a wedding toast can be: “This is truly an occasion worth celebrating. We wish you the best future ahead, xx and xxx! So let us raise our glasses and toast to a life full of love!’ You can then raise your glass and toast while congratulating the bride and groom. 


Wedding Toast Example

X has been my best friend since x. We would always talk about our future spouses and what we imagine they’d be like. So when x came into x’s life, I knew that they would be perfect for each other. 

Seeing these two together will make anyone think they’re meant to be. I’m sure that everyone here is genuinely honored to be included in this special day. 

Let’s raise our glasses and toast the best couple I’ve ever known, xx and xx! Congratulations to both of you!



And that’s it! We just learned how to write a wedding toast in four easy steps. 

We hope the templates and examples have also helped you craft the best wedding toast. Remember to give yourself a quick introduction, talk about the couple, then congratulate them before raising your glass. 

Let us know in the comments how you wrote your toast. And for those writing vows, you can check how long should wedding vows be

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