How To Make Your Own Wedding Signs In 3 Easy Steps

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make your own wedding signs? This design guide is applicable for making a wedding sign on any surface as long as it’s sturdy and smooth, like plywood. 

But if you have a rustic wedding where wooden signs will look fantastic, you can read how to make wooden signs for a wedding. And for those who want to make the most of your home computer, you will also get a tutorial below on using Word to make signs for the wedding. 

how to make your own wedding signs


How To Make Your Own Wedding Signs Cheaply


Step 1. Prepare the surface for the signs

  • Make a list of the type and sizes of signs you need for the wedding
  • Anything smooth and stable like a wooden board would be ideal for wedding signs
  • Spray paint the wedding signs, so they’ll all be uniform; if you’re using wood, you might also need to smooth them out 
  • Once the signs are dried, check if you need to do another coating of paint to turn them into more professional-looking signs


Step 2. Do the stencils of the wedding sign information

  • Decide between using adhesive versus non-adhesive stencils 
  • Do the design and wedding sign wording over the stencil paper and cut them out neatly 
  • Position the stencil over the wedding sign and make sure that it’s big enough to read and the design does not affect the word’s readability 
  • Paint over the stencil slowly and evenly until the word and designs are fully coated
  • Remove the stencil and allow the paint to dry 


Step 3. Decorate the wedding signs to finish

  • This step is entirely optional as you don’t want to overdecorate your wedding signs
  • Remember that the signages for the wedding should help the guests know where to go or what to do
  • You can take inspiration from the wedding venue to know what elements to add to the sign 
  • You can also draw simple patterns and symbols without affecting the reliability of the words
  • Alternatively, use ribbon strips, garlands, and flowers around the wedding signs to make them eye-catching


How To Make Wedding Signs On Word

Do you know that you can make and design your wedding sign on Word? This is also ideal if you can’t freehand the wording of your wedding sign information to ensure a neat finish. 

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Find the drop-down menu for the font and select what you think suits your wedding theme best; you can also consider the font you’ve used on the wedding stationery
  3. Type the word for the sign and adjust the font size accordingly so the guests can read the sign more efficiently, even at a distance
  4. You can also turn the page to landscape mode for better spacing 
  5. Print the design on one document if it’s only one word; don’t forget to use graphite transfer paper
  6. For more considerable wedding signs, print one word at a time to maintain the readability of the sign information
  7. Lay the printed sign over your sign material and check their positioning; the matte side should be facing down
  8. Tape the sign in place and outline the wording with a pencil with consistent pressure so you can see the word once you remove the paper
  9. Take off the stencil you made from Word and retrace and adjust the wedding sign word as needed before the final painting
  10. Other than painting the wedding sign, you can also trace and fill the word with markers 
  11. Take a step back to look at the finished wedding sign to know if you need to add decorations 

Do you know that you can also create chalkboard signs at home? Here’s how to make your own by reading this tutorial on how to make chalkboard wedding signs


How Do You Make Your Own Wedding Welcome Sign?

The wedding welcome sign refers to the sign at the venue’s entrance with the couple’s names, the wedding date, and any phrasing that welcomes the guests to your union. You can also make wedding arrow signs by the entrance to let the guests know where to go for different wedding events. 

  1. Cut the plywood sign into an arrow shape or have it done at the home improvement store if you don’t have tools 
  2. Brush wood stain over the arrow wedding sign and allow it to dry
  3. Do another coat if needed 
  4. Design the welcome sign on your computer and print
  5. Tape the stencil over the wedding arrow welcome sign and trace with a pencil
  6. Color or paint over the word to finish and add decors if needed


How Do I Paint My Own Wedding Signs?

The easiest way to make your own sign is by painting them at home. You only need a stained and smooth piece of wood, and from here, you can do custom wedding signs designed on your computer. 

Cut out the stencil and secure it over the wood to paint the sign. Carefully paint over the stencil for a neat look, or you can also spray paint for faster labor. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make your own wedding signs where you’re essentially preparing pieces of wood and then printing stencils. 

From here, you’ll fill out the stencil over the sign to finish. But of course, you’re not limited to using wood as it’s possible to use any smooth and sturdy surface for wedding signs. 

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