How To Display Cupcakes For A Wedding: 4 Best Ways

Those who want to know how to display cupcakes for a wedding can consider five ways. Cupcakes for weddings are trendy nowadays because they are more affordable than traditional wedding cakes.

Furthermore, they are more gorgeous to display and easy to serve than other wedding desserts. And besides showing them, read how to decorate wedding cupcakes to make them more visually appealing for your guests and wedding pictures.

how to display cupcakes for a wedding


Here Are How To Display Cupcakes For A Wedding


  • Cupcake stand or tower

One of the best ways to display wedding cupcakes is to use stands and towers. The elevated sweets are also more practical with the space to add other items to the dessert table without overcrowding. 

Cupcake tier stands are also reasonably affordable, and they come in different designs and colors to match your wedding venue decor. If you’re displaying a single round cake, you can put it at the highest level of the cupcake tower.

Nowadays, couples also mimic the classic layered wedding cake look but with cupcakes. You can put a cake topper at the top level of the stand or use decors like candles, flowers, or a miniature bride and groom that looks like you and your partner. 


  • Cupcake platter

If you’re serving different flavors of cupcakes, then you don’t need elaborate cupcake displays at the reception. Instead, a fantastic way to display these mini cakes is to arrange them on different platters.

Then, print labels that you can put on each section to inform the guests of the cupcake flavors. If you have an interactive wedding cupcake display where the guests can decorate and frost their own dessert, simply have the cupcakes in trays. 

This way of displaying wedding cupcakes is even fantastic for a rustic outdoor wedding. You can use wooden containers and logs for cottage-core dessert station themes. 


  • Around the wedding cake

Some couples also still have a wedding cake besides wedding cupcakes. Perhaps they want a simple cake or a flavor they love, then serve the guests cupcakes instead to save on costs.

You can have the wedding cake in the middle of the table and then arrange the cupcakes around it. You can also use a two-level stand where the cupcakes are at the bottom level. 

If you don’t want stands on the table, just have the tiered wedding cake as the focal point. Then, treat the cupcakes as mini decors and ask your pastry chef to put aesthetic toppers on each mini cake. 


  • Cupcake boxes

Who said that boxes would look tacky on the dessert table? Instead of using separate trays and flatware for the cupcakes, you can leave their boxes uncovered on the table. 

You can also have custom paper or wooden boxes to match the theme of your wedding. And if you’re giving the wedding cupcakes as wedding giveaways, you can label a box per wedding table for your guests. 

But of course, make sure that the type of cupcake will last well inside a box. Even if the boxes are uncovered, you still don’t want to ruin the texture of the cakes from possible sweating. 


  • Cupcake wheel

Do you want a unique way to learn how to display cupcakes for a wedding? Then have custom wheels for each sweet treat.

Think of mini Ferris wheels that carry a cupcake. Some may even move around, especially if you want the cupcakes to be the focal point of the dessert table

If you’re crafty, you can even make a cupcake wheel yourself made from materials like wood and paint. Then, carry more cupcakes per layer using long seats instead of single seats.


How Do You Store Wedding Cupcakes?

Besides knowing how to display cupcakes, you should also learn the best way to store them, especially if you’re bringing them to the wedding venue or you’re taking the leftover wedding cupcakes home. The proper storage method will depend on the type of cupcakes and how they are decorated. 

In general, you can follow these steps to keep your wedding cupcakes fresh and in good condition:

  • Allow the cupcakes to cool after taking them out of the oven
  • Put the cupcakes inside a dry and airtight container
  • Pre-frosted cupcakes can be stored at room temperature for two days
  • Frosted cupcakes must be carefully wrapped before freezing in a resealable bag

Be familiar with different wedding cupcake ideas not just for a gorgeous wedding cupcake display but also to know the best flavor and frosting for your wedding venue. In addition, you can read how to make wedding cupcakes to learn more. 


How Do You Serve Wedding Cupcakes?

  • Wedding cupcake station where the guests can choose their own frosting and decors
  • Dessert bar where the guests can take a cupcake each 
  • Cupcakes on each wedding table


How Do You Show Individually Wrapped Cupcakes?

Some cupcakes can also be wrapped individually in plastic. This approach is perfect for giving cupcake wedding favors.

  • Cake stands
  • Glass boxes
  • Trays
  • Rows in tables
  • Inside a cup or jar



Was this guide helpful? We just learned how to display cupcakes for a wedding by putting them in a tower, arranging them in trays, boxes, around the wedding cake, or on a wheel.

Cupcakes don’t take up space, so it’s easy to use containers for displaying them. And if you want them as favors, wrap each cupcake with a dedication card for every guest.  

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