What Tables Are Needed At A Wedding Reception

Those unsure about what tables are needed at a wedding reception can classify them into four categories. There’s a table for every spot in the wedding reception, so it’s best to know the checklist, especially when preparing the venue yourself. 

You will also know the different kinds of wedding tables to know exactly what you’ll need for the categories we’ll discuss. And if you have made up your mind about using rectangular tables, here is how to set up long tables for the wedding reception

what tables are needed at a wedding reception


Exactly What Tables Are Needed At A Wedding Reception


  • Table at the reception entrance and exit

The first wedding table you’ll need at the reception is by the entrance. It will hold the wedding guest book and seating chart where the guests can find their spot at the wedding reception. 

You can also put other types of wedding stationery on this table that the guests can take to be familiar with the flow of events. Then, there’s another table at the reception exit for the guests’ wedding favors. 

Putting a table by the reception exit to hold the wedding favors is more practical than having the favors table inside the reception. This way, the guests can take a favor each as they leave the reception.  


  • Head table/ sweetheart table

The next type of table you’ll find at wedding receptions is table number one or the main table at the wedding venue. This is the head table where the newlyweds and the wedding party will sit. 

Do you need a head table at the wedding? It’s always better to place a focal table at the reception so the couple will get the best view of their guests and their guests of them.

Sometimes, their closest family can also join them, or they may opt to have a sweetheart table instead, where it’s just the bride and groom. This might be the biggest and most decorated among the wedding reception tables to highlight the newlyweds. 

Read who sits at the wedding head table to know the etiquette. 


  • Wedding reception tables

Among the tables you’ll need at the reception are those for holding different wedding decors and elements. For example, you need a table to display decors, wedding cake, foods, desserts, or even cocktail stations. 

Talk with your caterer if they’ll provide these tables or if you need to rent them yourself. Your wedding reception venue might also provide the tables for a cost. 

At some weddings, it’s even tradition to have a table for the gifts. But nowadays, it’s more common to receive wedding gifts before the actual wedding day. 


  • Guest tables

Most of the wedding tables at the wedding reception that you’ll need are the guest tables. These can be banquet tables or round tables to accommodate the wedding guests. 

How you’ll set them up depends on the type of celebration or venue size, so choose the size and shape of tables wisely. Furthermore, you must arrange the groupings of guests per table wisely. 

The people grouped together will be forced to interact with them. So then, ensure that each guest has enough personal space for comfort and don’t overcrowd each reception table. 

If you’re using long tables, here is how to arrange rectangular tables for a wedding reception to suit all kinds of reception venues.  


What Type Of Tables Are Used For Wedding Reception?

Weddings will vary in the type of tables you can use for the reception venue. Here are the best and most popular tables for the reception:


Circular wedding tables

Circular wedding tables are popular for wedding receptions because you can create a more intimate atmosphere when grouping the guests. Small wedding venues can also comfortably accommodate round tables compared to banquet-style tables. 


Rectangular wedding tables

You can get long and rectangular tables if you want a banquet-style reception. Then, you can connect them and have a feast with your guests, especially if it’s an intimate wedding. 


Square wedding tables

The more modern look of square tables makes them perfect alternatives to round tables. Furthermore, they are easy to set up and decorate, although they’re not as readily available as the previous two wedding reception tables. 


What Type Of Table Layout Is Usually Used For Wedding Reception?


Traditional wedding reception layout

The most common wedding table layout is to have the head table at the front with the guest tables scattered around the venue. The center of the room is sometimes empty as the dance floor. 



Nowadays, wedding banquets are getting popular, especially in rustic outdoor weddings. This layout is a simple long rectangular table where the couples are at one end, and the guests are seated at the side of the table. 



There are no seats for an informal wedding reception but a few tables where guests can put their drinks and finger foods while standing. This is ideal if you have a short reception or no sit-down meals. 


How Many Tables Are Usually At A Wedding Reception?

The tables you’ll need for the wedding reception will depend on their size. Consider seating eight guests per table and then count for the head table, entrance and exit tables, and other venue tables



And that’s it! To recap what tables are needed at a wedding reception, they are the entrance/exit tables, head tables, venue tables, and guest tables. 

They can be rounded, rectangular, or square, so make sure to rent those suitable for your venue type and size. Then, let us know below which table you think is perfect for your wedding. 

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