How To Make Wedding Cupcake: 2 Steps You Should Do

It can be overwhelming to find out how to make wedding cupcake, so simplify the process into two steps. We’ll start with deciding the flavors for the cupcakes and then decorating them to make them suitable for the wedding.

We will also share tips on ordering and making a wedding cupcake to ensure that you’ll have enough desserts without wasting or having too few for the guests. And if you want to style the cupcake, you can read how to decorate wedding cupcakes for additional reference. 

how to make wedding cupcake


How To Make Wedding Cupcake Yourself Plus Decorating Ideas


Step 1. Find recipes for the wedding cupcake flavor you want

The first step in making wedding cupcakes is deciding on the flavors you want. Whatever you create should suit the theme of your wedding, or it could be your and your partner’s favorite cupcake flavor. 

The next consideration for cupcakes for weddings is if they are the sole wedding dessert you’ll serve. It should be what you think your guests will enjoy if it is. 

Some popular flavors for wedding cupcakes include cinnamon, fruits, red velvet, chocolate, or whatever flavor will fit the season of the wedding. Keep in mind your budget and the flavors that will withstand the venue’s conditions so the cupcakes won’t get spoiled. 


Step 2. Make the decors for the wedding cupcakes

Besides knowing how to make wedding cupcakes, decorating these cakes can be overwhelming, especially when you make them yourself. If you have many cupcakes, you must assign other people to help you so the designs are consistent and you avoid feeling stressed out with the time. 

The most common way to decorate wedding cupcakes is with a buttercream frosting. But if you want something more decadent, try ganache or cream cheese. 

If stability is prioritized, especially in a hot wedding venue, fondants won’t disintegrate. To create bridal cupcakes, you can also experiment with fruits, flowers, candies, and other details. 


Basic Wedding Cupcake Recipe

If you want a classic white wedding cupcake reminiscent of a wedding cake, here is a recipe from Betty Crocker. You can also pour your wedding cake batter recipe into cupcake pans, like making mini cakes instead of having a traditional large wedding cake.



  • Yellowcake mix from Betty Crocker
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla
  • Foil baking cups



  • Egg
  • butter
  • Sugar
  • Lemon zest and juice
  • Salt



  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Sugar 
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice and peel
  • Vanilla
  • Fodd color
  • Edible glitter



  1. Make the filling by mixing all its ingredients except the butter, which you’ll beat after into the lemon curd
  2. Refrigerate the filling and make the cupcakes
  3. Heat your oven to 350F and prepare the cups
  4. Follow the cake mix instructions and cool the finished cupcakes
  5. Pour the lemon filling into the bag and insert its tip in the middle of the cupcake
  6. Squeeze until full and continue filling other cupcakes
  7. Create the frosting until you get peaks and tint with food color
  8. Decorate the wedding cupcakes with your preferred piping

 Read how to decorate a wedding cake for more aesthetic ideas you can apply to cupcakes.


How Many Cupcakes For A Wedding?

The cupcakes you’ll make for the wedding should be enough so that each guest can have a piece and a half. Use this rule when computing the desserts according to your guest list size.

However, the size of your cupcakes also dictates how many you must make. For example, if they are mini cupcakes, compute, so each guest will have three pieces.

But if you’ll also be serving other wedding desserts, you can provide one cupcake per guest. Some guests might not even like cupcakes, so it’s not practical to compute for two wedding cupcakes per guest. 


How Long Before A Wedding Can You Make Cupcakes?

The earliest you can make wedding cupcakes is two days before the wedding. Just make sure to store them without frosting to avoid spoilage. 

You can frost them the night or morning of the wedding. It’s even more convenient to travel then frost at the wedding reception venue so that the cupcakes won’t get ruined. 


Are Cupcakes Cheaper For A Wedding?

The shorter labor time for making cupcakes makes them cheaper than a tiered wedding cake. However, remember that the type of cupcakes and the amount you need can also raise their price. 


How To Frost Wedding Cupcakes?

  1. Select your preferred piping tip and put it to the bottom of the piping bag
  2. Place the bag in a cup, so it’s supported, then fill it with frosting using a spatula
  3. Stuff the bag for about two-thirds and lift it off the cup  
  4. Twist the top close or tie it off 
  5. Place the wedding cupcake over a flat surface and hold the piping bag
  6. Rest the piping end on your index finger and squeeze the frosting 
  7. Use your other hand to guide the piping bag



And that’s it! We just learned how to make wedding cupcake by determining the flavor and decor that suits the wedding theme and taste of the guests. 

We hope the easy recipe also helped you and our decorating tips will help you serve the wedding cupcake of your dreams. Let us know below if you would prefer a cupcake over a wedding cake. 

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