How To Decorate A Gym For A Wedding In 4 Steps

You can learn how to decorate a gym for a wedding by going through the process in four steps. This guide will teach you everything from planning the setup to the finishing touches. 

This should help you get the reception of your dream and transform a church gym or even a cultural hall. It’s a perfect solution, especially when you’re on a budget for your wedding reception. 

how to decorate a gym for a wedding

Speaking of reception, you might be interested to know what to do instead of a wedding reception. This is ideal if you’re having a small wedding, and renting a location seems unnecessary for the after-wedding celebration. 


How Do I Turn My Gym Into A Wedding Reception?


Plan the setup

Before anything else, design a plan on how you’ll arrange everything in the gym. Gyms vary in size and setup, so you must utilize it according to the style of venue you want for the wedding reception. 

For example, the gym might be too spacious for your wedding. Instead, you can save on decorations and have a more classy and intimate atmosphere for the reception by placing screens around the sides of the gym. 

You can also define the gym and make it look more fitting to the occasion by having a wedding backdrop. There are many options to make one, including a wooden wall or fabric, to name a few. 


Arrange the tables and chairs

Now that you have a general idea, preferably sketched on paper, about the placements of different wedding reception elements, you can start arranging the tables and chairs. This includes deciding how you’ll position the head table and where the guests will be. 

The head table at a wedding venue is usually in the middle, so have it in the middle of the gym. Then, place the tables and chairs for the guests all around you, making the head table the focal point in the reception.

Keep in mind that this setup has a dancing site separate from where the guests will eat. You also want a comfortable place for the MC, DJ, and band so they’ll be noticeable and within view by everybody. 

As for setting up each table, you can browse our blog for tutorials on how to fold napkins for a wedding, and more.


Dress up the gym

After arranging the components of the wedding reception, the next step is decorating and styling the gym according to your preferred theme. Understandably, couples might be turned off by the idea of using a gym for their wedding venue, but proper decorating can transform this space. 

For example, cover the basketball hoops with fabric as if you’re draping in a regular wedding reception. Do the same to the entrances to hide doors and bathrooms if they are easily seen. 

The gym ceiling can also change the general atmosphere of the venue, so be generous with decorations such as garlands. The metal beams are perfect for decorating, hanging, and draping easily. 

Read what fabric is used for wedding draping to know what to use. 


Choose tasteful lightings

Besides the decorations, the lighting system at any wedding venue influences your event’s atmosphere and overall feel. There are many types to choose from, and you can arrange different fixtures and colors for various parts of the reception. 

For example, string lights can be added to the ceiling, while more prominent light fixtures can be distributed in the gym. You may also want to illuminate some sections, such as the tables for the food, bar, or the site for dancing. 

However, be careful with light sources that pose a fire hazard, especially when placing them on flammable items. If you also put columns around the gym, read what is wedding uplighting as this type suits those structures. 


How Much Does It Cost For Someone To Decorate Your Wedding?

If you find decorating the gym yourself seemingly too tasking, you can consider hiring a wedding decorator. The cost of a wedding decorator depends on their package, inclusions, flat rate, or hourly rate,

Some packages can be around $800, or you might need to pay the decorator $60 per hour. This can be higher or lower if they are also responsible for the decors or you want them to do the planning itself. 

Expect that it will cost more to have the decorator bring the designs for your wedding venue. So if you’re on a budget, try sourcing your decors, then trust a decorator to arrange them in the venue. 


What Are Popular Decorations For A Wedding?

These are the most common decors that you’ll see at a wedding. Of course, when designing your venue, you don’t need to have all of them, but consider them when you don’t know what to use for a gym and transform it into a wedding reception. 

  • Arch
  • Backdrop
  • Balloons
  • Centerpieces
  • Draping
  • Flooring
  • Flowers And Greenery
  • Garlands
  • Lights
  • Lounge
  • Signs
  • Tables



And that’s it! We just learned how to decorate a gym for a wedding, which starts with planning the setup, arranging the chairs and tables, before the styling and designing with lights.

Understanding this flow should help you transform a regular gym into a classy setting for your wedding reception. The secret is maximizing the space, creating an intimate atmosphere, and concealing some areas. 

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