What To Wear To A Wedding On A Yacht

We can learn what to wear to a wedding on a yacht by following the dress code. And for more outfit ideas, this article will discuss what female and male guests can wear when attending a yacht wedding. 

You can also read another guide on what to wear to a boat wedding. It has practical tips for weddings held in yachts as well. 

what to wear to a wedding on a yacht


What To Wear To A Yacht Wedding


Female guests

Before anything else, check the dress code, wedding theme, and color palette indicated on your invitation for the yacht wedding. If there are no colors, some popular choices for female guests are coral, turquoise, and even prints like stripes.

Most yacht weddings will say that the dress code is boat formal, so you can consider a long gown that’s also subtle enough so that you won’t steal the spotlight away from the bride. 

What if the yacht wedding is semi-formal? If the yacht wedding requires a semi-formal attire, you can wear a dressy jumpsuit, ensuring that it’s not revealing too much skin. 

For casual wear, maxi dresses and even tea-length dresses should be appropriate for female guests in a yacht wedding. But, then, on what shoes you should wear to a wedding on a yacht, dressy flats or wedges are much better and safer options than pointed heels. 


Male guests

Similar to female guests, you must check the wedding invitation to know the couple’s expected dress code for their wedding guests. Male guests can opt for slacks and jackets or even a suit and dress pants. 

If the dress code is formal, make sure to wear a well-fitting suit and pants to look extra classy. On the other hand, you can lose the tie for a semi-casual yacht wedding or opt for a button-down shirt and dress pants. 

Finally, male guests attending a yacht wedding with a casual dress code can opt for a short-sleeved shirt and a vest. However, do not be tempted to go too casual as it’s still a wedding. 

Additionally, consider the weather to avoid overheating, especially when dressing with layers. And if you don’t know what color to well, opt for neutrals such as beige, tan, gray, or blue, then finish the look with boat shoes, or any non-slip dressy pair, depending on the dress code. 


What Should You Not Wear On A Yacht Wedding?


Consider comfort

Consider comfort and tact to avoid wearing potentially inconvenient or disrespectful outfits when attending a yacht wedding. In addition, you should be mindful of the weather for convenience, especially when dressing in layers.

Afternoon weddings on the yacht can get hot, so refrain from dark clothing. On the other hand, evening weddings are usually more formal, where dark colors are ideal.

For shoes, you don’t want to wear something that slips easily. Avoid flip-flops or rubber shoes like in any other wedding; yacht weddings should be treated as a formal occasion. 


Remain respectful

Finally, be mindful of the length of your clothes, especially for female guests. Of course, you don’t want to wear something too short and revealing, but very long dresses can be accidentally stepped on a yacht.

It should also be assumed not to wear the colors of the couple and their bridal party. When in doubt of the dos and don’ts of the guest outfits, please ask the couple. 

Are you thinking of wearing a maxi dress? Read how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding to suit the formality, especially if it’s a yacht wedding. 


How Long Is A Yacht Wedding?

Yacht weddings usually last up to five hours, depending on the type of ceremony the couple wants. Keep the program’s flow in mind to help you decide on what to wear.

Besides the formal attire you packed for the ceremony, you may need to bring another set of outfits for partying later on. 


What Do You Wear To A Cruise Wedding?


Follow the dress code

The recommended attire on your invitation will dictate what you should wear to a cruise wedding. Some couples may want a formal dress code, while others allow beach casual for their guests.

You should expect formal to semi-formal wear for the ceremony, but be mindful of the wind, especially when wearing skirts and dresses. Male guests can opt for tuxedos if the dress code is formal. 


Consider the specific cruise, time, and weather of the wedding

If you’re part of the wedding party, a helpful tip is to wear something easy to put on as the ceremony may happen before sailing the home port. The time, weather, and specific cruise should give you an idea of the ideal outfit as long as you keep the dress code in mind. 


Pack clothes according to the travel length of the yacht wedding

Finally, the travel length should help you prepare different types of attire for the cruise wedding. Cruise weddings can take anywhere from five to seven days, so familiarize yourself with the programs where you may need clothes for formal dinners, casual pool parties, and more. 



And that’s it! You just learned what to wear to a wedding on a yacht, which like with other weddings, the dress code should be followed. 

From there, keep comfort and tact when deciding on an outfit. Of course, you want to walk around easily, but you must never wear something that will upstage the couple.

We hope this helps; leave us a comment below on what you’d wear. 


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