How To Wear A Tulle Skirt To A Wedding: Should You?

We’ll discuss how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding as it might be inappropriate, especially since tulle skirts tend to look bridal. However, weddings differ in how strict they are, but keep in mind that you must maintain tact being a wedding guest. 

A more common outfit choice for female wedding guests is a maxi dress. Try reading this guide on how to dress up a maxi dress for a wedding to make it more appropriate for such a special occasion.  

how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding


How To Wear A Tulle Skirt As A Wedding Guest

It’s possible to wear a tulle skirt as a wedding guest, but remember that this type of skirt flows, feels, and looks like bridal wear. It would be of poor taste to be a wedding guest wearing something that a bride is usually expected to wear. 

Remember that you shouldn’t look like the bride nor look like you’re upstaging her, even if it’s not your intention. Therefore, unless you’ve got a signal from the bride, opt for another type of skirt that’s not made from netted fabrics as they look bridal. 

Furthermore, if you need to ask the bride for permission because you suspect that what you’ll wear is potentially disrespectful, it might be an excellent cue to wear another option. 


Can You Wear A Tulle Skirt To A Wedding?

Wearing a tulle skirt to a wedding is quite risky because it looks like what a bride would wear. Tulle fabric is a flowy and netted material known for bridal purposes, be it in her veil or dress. 

Tulle skirts even fluff out, which means even if you’re wearing a simple top, it can still look like a puffy wedding dress. However, not all weddings are conventional, and some couples are more lenient with what their wedding guests can wear.

For example, it’s known that white and related colors are inappropriate to wear for wedding guests. However, there are weddings where the bride is bolder and prefers another shade, allowing her guests to wear white. 

Perhaps your bride would rather rock a pantsuit than a traditional gown that has a tulle skirt at the bottom. Ask her yourself when you’re unsure, or opt for another skirt.  


Can You Wear A White Skirt To A Wedding?

It should be acceptable to wear a white skirt to a wedding, as long as the style doesn’t look bridal. This means it shouldn’t be adorned, detailed, or puffy that it seems like the bottom of a wedding dress. 

A simple A-line or straight skirt without a high slit should be fine to wear to a wedding. Furthermore, be mindful of the skirt’s length and style according to the formality of the wedding. 

For example, formal weddings should be more modest, and some traditional ones even require their guests not to wear anything shorter below the knee. Another instance is an outdoor wedding where white can get dirty, or the skirt can get blown because of the breeze. 

Are you curious why white is always associated with the bride? Read about what is a white wedding to know more. 


Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt To A Wedding?

The maxi skirt is perhaps the best type of skirt to wear to a wedding because of its length. It should suit all dress codes depending on how you style it, and it’s also comfortable for a wedding year-round. 

Beach weddings, for example, can have female guests wearing a maxi skirt with a top that suits the dress code of the event. On the other hand, a maxi skirt is also appropriate for a religious wedding where modesty is essential. 


Can You Wear A Mini Skirt To A Wedding?

Wearing a mini skirt to a wedding depends on the type of event you’ll attend. Formal to semi-formal occasions like weddings are more likely to prefer their female guests to wear a maxi, midi, tea-length, or in some evening events, cocktail-length skirts or dresses. 

A mini skirt can seem disrespectful to a religion or culture that values being conservative. Furthermore, very short and revealing clothing can gain too much attention, which is rude on the bride’s side. 


Can I Wear A Midi Skirt To A Wedding?

The length of a maxi skirt is sometimes not ideal for the comfort and movement of specific wedding locations. So if you don’t want your skirt to get stepped on accidentally or you think that it’s length is impractical because of the venue’s flooring, a midi skirt is a good alternative.

A midi skirt is still below the knees yet shorter than a maxi skirt. And depending on the style, it should be easy to find the flattering shape for your body type. 


Is It Weird To Wear A Skirt To A Wedding?

It’s not weird to wear a skirt to a wedding the same way dresses are acceptable. The key is to choose a type that’s not too casual, eye-catching, or revealing to remain appropriate for the wedding. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed how to wear a tulle skirt to a wedding and if it’s even acceptable. 

The answer is not a hard no, but it’s best to avoid this style and material of skirt as it looks too bridal. Instead, wear skirts that aren’t too poofy or uses fabrics often found in wedding dresses.  


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