How To Fold Napkins For Wedding: Best 5 Ways

You can try five methods on how to fold napkins for wedding. These are the most straightforward folds, but would still look elegant on your wedding tables. 

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how to fold napkins for wedding


How To Fold Napkins For Wedding Beautifully


Cup sleeve fold

The easiest fold you can do to the napkins for the wedding is the cup sleeve fold. It is so-called because you’ll prepare the menu in a small rectangular shape like a coffee cup sleeve. 

Fold the napkin into a rectangle, then place the silverware over it. Finally, bring everything together to look neater, with the small menu resting close to the bottom edge of the silverware, similar to a cup sleeve.



A variation of the effortless fold above is the tri-fold. The napkin will also be folded into a rectangle, and it’s perfect when you’re arranging the head table. 

However, you will allow its half to fall over the edge of the table, then place the menu over the folded napkin. You can also use the plate or glass to secure the napkin, especially when you want to showcase your chosen tableware for your wedding. 

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Band fold

You can fold the napkin into a smaller rectangle until it looks like a band. Then, treat it as a ribbon when arranging the wedding table and tableware. 

You will place the folded napkin across the plate, either vertically or horizontally. Then secure it in the middle with a menu or use the appetizer for the reception. 


Knot fold

If you find folding the napkin too simple-looking for the setup you want for the wedding tables, do the knot fold for a variety. Tie the knot once or twice until you achieve the look you want on the center of the napkin. 

This is especially beautiful if you want the napkin to be among the accents on the table. Perhaps the napkin is contrasting on the table cloths and table runners. 

The knot fold is self-explanatory. You are just essentially treating the napkin as a ribbon and tying it in the middle. 


Pyramid fold

It might look intimidating to do, but it’s easy to make pyramid folds for your wedding napkins. With this type of fold, you’re treating the napkin as among the details or decors in the table. 

It’s best to have it alone, unlike other napkin folds where you layer it with other items. And to do a pyramid fold, you will lay the napkin flat before you, then fold it diagonally in half. 

Have its longest edge facing you and the triangle point away from you. Then, have the bottom right corner towards the center and repeat on the left corner.

Flip the napkin over to have the open end away from you, then take the bottom point to the top. Finally, lift the middle of the napkin by having your fingers under the center of the triangle to bring the triangle corners together. 


How Do You Fold A Pocket Napkin For A Wedding?

The pocket napkin fold is another classic way to arrange your wedding napkins. This is also ideal if you designed your menu aesthetically as it is showcased being slipped in the fold. 

  1. Lay the napkin flat and fold it in half by bringing the bottom to meet the top edge
  2. Fold the top layer down halfway, then flip the napkin over
  3. Fold the napkin in half, bringing the right side to the left
  4. Fold the right side again towards the left side
  5. You can add decoration such as tying a ribbon over the pocket then slipping some embellishments on the ribbon
  6. Slip the menu or silverware inside the pocket


What Is The Basic Napkin Folding For A Wedding?

The most basic way to fold napkins for a wedding is to fold them into a rectangle or triangle. These methods are self-explanatory, but they should still look fancy for the wedding. 

Suppose you want to elevate your wedding napkins, a tent-style fold or a fan-style fold are also appropriate. You can even roll your silverware in the napkin or slip them inside a pocket fold


How Do You Arrange Wedding Napkins?

Depending on the type of fold you do, the napkins can be standalone on the table, or you put them over or under other items. For example, knotted napkins can be put over the plate. 

You can also do the same for some rectangular napkins, then secure them with the menu or smaller tableware. You can even put the silverware over them or inside their folds for other napkin folds. 

Another option is to have the napkins running under a plate, then let them cascade at the edge of the table. Then for bigger napkin folds such as a fan or pyramid fold, you can have them by the side of the plates. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to fold napkins for wedding, and they are all easy.

You can simply fold the napkins into rectangles and have them across the plate or under it. You can also tie the napkin with a knot in the middle. 

We hope you found something you like. Comment below on what’s your favorite. 

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