What Is Uplighting Wedding: Should You Have It?

The answer to what is uplighting wedding is at the name itself. This is a method of strategically lighting the wedding venue to enhance it. 

We will talk about it more to help you decide if you’d want one. You will even see if it’s possible to DIY the wedding uplighting. 

what is uplighting wedding

But besides lighting, the music is also crucial for setting the tone of the wedding. Read how to DJ your own wedding if you’re interested in doing this yourself. 


What Is Uplighting At A Wedding?

The uplighting at a wedding refers to strategically positioning various light sources in different areas around the wedding space. This will draw more attention to these parts of the venue, which helps in the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the wedding.

Uplighting is also so-called because they are the lights placed on the ground, but they project the light upwards. This is why their placement is crucial because the light points will affect the event design and space. 

You can have the uplighting on the dance floor and head table to maximize space utilization and ease of movement of the guests. Finally, wedding uplighting can be used both indoor and outdoor, but of course, it’s more needed in wedding receptions held in the evenings. 


Can you DIY wedding uplighting?

If you don’t have the budget for a lighting company, it’s possible to do the wedding uplighting yourself. You only need to locate the pillars or points in the room and place light for each. 

If you’re already the one tasked with decorating the wedding gazebo, then why not include the lighting in the reception as well? First, however, you must be familiar with electrical tasks to ensure that the uplighting will work smoothly and safely. 

In case of any issues during the wedding, you will also be expected to solve them. Therefore, consider including the uplighting fees in your wedding budget so that you can enjoy the special day to yourself. 


What Is Venue Uplighting?

The venue uplighting refers to using lighting fixtures next to the main points or features in the venue. They can also be placed against the wall, depending on the space. 

Then, the light will project upwards in columns to highlight these areas and set the room’s ambiance. Compared to other wedding lighting types, uplighting is the most dramatic option while still being cost-effective. 


What is the best uplighting for a wedding?

LED lights are the most popular ones used for wedding uplighting. They are reliable and won’t burn out quickly, so they won’t let you down throughout the event. 

Furthermore, they don’t heat up quickly compared to other lights, so they’re also safe. And best of all, LED lights come in different colors so that the venue decorator can select the appropriate one for the wedding’s color scheme. 

Just remember to consider where the wedding is held as not all materials are waterproof. If you expect rain and the wedding is held outdoors, talk with the lighting company about their safety recommendations. 


What is the best uplighting color for a wedding?

Amber is a gorgeous wedding uplighting because it is flattering for most wedding themes while also setting a classy and romantic mood. However, you will also see uplighting in blue or purple, mainly if they’re used for the after-party. 


How Many Uplights Do You Need For A Wedding?

A wedding typically needs at least six uplights, but the size of the venue and number of guests will ultimately dictate the final number of lights required for the wedding. Of course, you don’t want to leave some areas dark compared to others, but uplighting should also be strategic, so the ambiance is not overwhelming. 


What Do Uplights Do?

  • Enhance the look of the venue
  • Highlight gorgeous details in the wedding
  • Set the mood and ambiance of the event
  • Help guests spot different areas and mingle with others properly
  • An economical option for decorating the wedding
  • A way to customize the wedding venue 


How Much Does Uplighting Cost?

The costs of uplighting can be anywhere from $2,000 to twice that amount. Depending on the venue and other additional requests, it may even cost more. 

However, most wedding decorators typically include the lighting package. Therefore, you only need to clarify your uplighting requests since other lighting systems are used in the wedding. 


Is Uplighting Worth It At A Wedding?

Wedding uplighting is not necessary per se, but it’s a cost-effective way to decorate the venue anyway. In addition, it helps draw the focus on the critical areas of the location and affects the overall tone of the wedding. 

Some decorators will already include the uplighting in the package, or you might even get it discounted from the DJ you hired for the wedding. Consider checking some uplighting setups in different weddings online to decide if you’d want one for your wedding. 



And that’s it! We found out what is uplighting wedding, which is where the wedding venue has strategically positioned fixtures that project light upwards. 

They can affect the overall ambiance of the location and draw focus on the critical details in the venue. You can do the uplighting yourself, but it’s also possible to get it included in the decorating package. 


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