How To Choose A Wedding Planner: 4 Best Steps

Those who want to know how to choose a wedding planner can consider these four steps. We’ve also included tips that you can apply when creating a shortlist of wedding planners and interviewing your chosen wedding planner. 

We hope that you can learn how to pick a wedding planner by the end of this read to get your desired experience for the wedding. But for additional reference, we encourage that you also read what to ask a wedding planner

how to choose a wedding planner


Complete Guide For Choosing Wedding Planners


Step 1. Research about different wedding planners in your area

  • Before you land on your final choice, it’s best to research the wedding planners near you
  • You don’t need to go over five wedding planners as three should suffice to avoid overwhelming you with options
  • Check the reviews for each wedding planner and you can also note those that worked with a wedding similar to what you want to have
  • If a relative or friend also recommends a particular wedding planner, add them to your checklist
  • Another place to find wedding planners is on social media and websites, as they typically note the characteristics, styles, services, and pricing of each planner


Step 2. Set an appointment with your shortlisted wedding planners

  • After you have the final two to three wedding planners from your research and sources, contact them to set an appointment
  • You must meet with the wedding planner in person to effectively ask them questions and clarifications; you’ll also feel the personality of the planner since it’s crucial to like being around them and talking to them as you’ll work for quite some time
  • Prepare some basic questions such as their pricing, how they’ll work with your budget, their services, and experience
  • Compare the wedding planners until you and your partner agrees on the one you’d want to work with


Step 3. Decide on your top wedding planner and interview them

  • After you have decided on the wedding planner you want for your wedding, get more in-depth with the questions
  • Use this time to clarify details and their answers during the initial interview
  • Communicate all your expectations but be realistic with what you want for the wedding based on your budget
  • You can also ask the wedding planner if they’ve worked with a similar wedding or if they’ve done a wedding at your location before
  • Note that it’s possible to reveal some answers that may cause you to switch to another wedding planner; just make sure to hire someone who is available on your wedding date and if they have liability insurance


Step 4. Book the wedding planner 

  • After your interviews and clarifications, take a final recollection before deciding that this wedding planner is the one you’ll hire
  • Talk with your partner as they might point out some areas you didn’t notice regarding the planner’s services or their general personality
  • Then, you can go with your decision and book the wedding planner
  • Throughout the process, maintain good communication with the wedding planner to avoid issues and misunderstandings

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What Qualities Does A Wedding Planner Need?

You must know the personality traits to look for in a wedding planner. This will ensure a smooth work relationship to make the wedding planning successful and headache-free. 


  • Good communicator

The wedding planner will communicate with you and execute your ideas. Therefore, they should know how to understand your message, and they can explain to you what’s currently happening with the wedding. 


  • Reliable

As the wedding planner, you need to be responsible without needing micro-management. The couple hired you to alleviate the wedding stress, so you should be skilled with organization, checking details, and handling potential conflicts and issues that may arise. 


  • Creative

A good wedding planner is creative because you might also be involved in the concept-making part of the wedding planning. It would also help to know different vendors and venues to match various wedding themes and types.


  • Resourceful

Couples looking for a wedding planner can consider which vendor is the most resourceful. Then, ask them how they’ll handle potential issues and if they can provide options and solutions quickly. 


How Much Do The Best Wedding Planners Cost?

The cost of hiring a wedding planner typically starts at over $1,500, but some packages can reach as much as $8,000. If you want to book a well-known experienced wedding planner, expect the price to be higher than vendors new to the industry. 


Is It Worth Getting A Wedding Planner?

It is worth getting a wedding planner if you have a big or destination wedding. Planning for a big wedding or those that require details and elements can be overwhelming, so hiring a professional will save you headaches and time.

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And that’s it! We learned how to choose a wedding planner by going through four steps. 

You will research, compare, and interview until you decide on the best wedding planner for your needs. We hope this was helpful; let us know below if getting a wedding planner would be worth it. 

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