What Is The 3rd Wedding Anniversary: Gift Ideas

The answer to what is the 3rd wedding anniversary is related to its symbol, leather. And if you want to find out why leather is correlated to this marriage duration, keep reading below. 

We’ll also share anniversary gift ideas for three years of marriage. But do you know that leather is also the symbol for another anniversary?

what is the 3rd wedding anniversary

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What Is The 3rd Wedding Anniversary About?

The third wedding anniversary is also called the leather wedding anniversary because its symbol is leather. This makes this anniversary unique since it’s typical to call most anniversaries based on their stone or metal. 

Regardless, do not overlook and have your 3rd wedding anniversary pass by without celebrating with your spouse. It might not be among the famous wedding milestones, but this odd-numbered, relatively recent wedding anniversary is still worth commemorating. 

Leather is the traditional symbol for the 3rd wedding anniversary, and it’s fitting because of its flexibility, warmth, and durability. One can relate leather to being married for three years because it’s the time when you’re starting to know each other deeper, and the honeymoon phase is not as apparent. 


Why Is The 3rd Year Of Marriage Leather?

The leather anniversary is the third year of marriage because of this material’s quality. In addition, leather is known for its durability and flexibility, which is ideal for a lasting marriage. 

By the third year of being with your spouse, you’ll see them for who they are and what they do in different situations. So while it’s still a reasonably young marriage, it is when you’ll usually undergo different relationship challenges and tests.

So if you’re wondering if the 3rd wedding anniversary is special, know that it is, even if it’s not among the popular ones celebrated. Make an effort to recognize this anniversary and do something special or give a gift to your partner. 


What is the gemstone for the 3rd anniversary?

The stone that is related to the 3rd wedding anniversary is the pearl, but you’ll also find other references pointing to moonstone as the gem symbol for three years of marriage. Glass or crystal is even considered the modern symbols for the 3rd wedding anniversary, so keep these alternatives in mind. 

Regardless, all of these symbols fit the 3rd wedding anniversary as much as leather. Pearl is believed to attract good luck, and moonstone represents hope and clarity, traits you’d want for a recently married couple.

Then, of course, glass is associated with the fragility of the early stages of marriage. So you can consider these symbols as inspiration for your 3rd anniversary wedding gifts or as the theme for your 3rd anniversary wedding party. 


What is the flower for the 3rd anniversary?

The flower that symbolizes the 3rd wedding anniversary is the sunflower. This happy-looking flower known for its strength is perfect to represent three years of marriage. 

The relatively new marriage feels warm and sunny, while the strong stems of the sunflower can be seen as the sign of the foundation you’re building as you go through many years together. So as a surprise, you can give your spouse a bouquet of sunflowers to celebrate this milestone. 


What is the color for the 3rd anniversary?

There are two colors related to the third wedding anniversary: leather color and, interestingly, jade green. Brown or brownish-black is the color of leather, and it represents resilience and security, while the gorgeous jade green is the color of tranquility and good luck. 


What Is The Traditional Gift For The 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

Leather anniversary gifts are traditionally given on the third anniversary. After all, leather is the symbol of three years of marriage. 

That being said, you have an array of options on what to give your partner. Consider a matching leather watch, leather bag, leather shoes, or even leather upholstery to upgrade your home decors.

However, remember that pearl and glass are also related to this anniversary. Therefore, couples on their 3rd wedding anniversary usually exchange gifts like pearl jewelry, glassware, and glass decors. 

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What Should I Do For My 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

  • Exchange leather gifts
  • Have a party with friends and family
  • Go on a romantic getaway
  • Have an intimate staycation
  • Prepare a trip down memory lane presentation


What Are The Milestone Wedding Anniversaries?

The milestone wedding anniversaries are even numbers: the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and so on. But, of course, the biggest ones include the silver anniversary at 25 years of marriage, the gold anniversary or 50 years of marriage, and the 70th wedding anniversary, which is platinum. 

That being said, it’s still important to celebrate any wedding anniversary. You can keep the romance alive by always reassuring and celebrating relationship milestones with your spouse. 



Was this anniversary guide helpful? We just learned what is the 3rd wedding anniversary as the leather anniversary. 

And while the 3rd anniversary, like other odd-numbered anniversaries, is not among the well-known marriage milestones, please take time to celebrate it with your spouse. Much like leather, being together for three years can mean that you’re in for a solid long-term relationship in the future. 


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