What Kind Of Wedding Should I Have? Only 3 Steps!

If you’re asking yourself what kind of wedding should I have, try this three-step guide instead of lengthy quizzes. This also doubles as a guide for planning your wedding once you choose what wedding type will suit your needs and preferences. 

And speaking of planning, you may be interested in knowing how to plan a wedding without a wedding planner. It’s always helpful to know what to expect when having a wedding without the help of a coordinator or planner. 

what kind of wedding should i have


Do These 3 Steps To Determine What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have


Step 1. Picture your dream wedding 

While it’s true that you’re here because you don’t know what type of wedding you should have, it’s likely that you have an idea of the theme or type you prioritize over others. At this step, you don’t need to be specific and practical because you only want to get a picture of the event.

Start with the kind of wedding, whether it’s traditional or non-traditional. For example, will you follow a specific religion, prefer civil marriage, or a spiritual ceremony?

Then, you can consider the venue and season, which is indoor or outdoor, within your hometown or outside your state or country, and whether you want a summer, spring, winter, or fall wedding. Finally, you can decide on the wedding theme if it will be classic, romantic, modern, glamorous, rustic, vintage, or something out of the box. 


Step 2. Get inspired with different types of weddings 

You can check out many bridal sites to get an idea of the specific wedding you may want. You probably have the rough “sketch” of your dream wedding from the first step, so what’s next is to research it. 

Get inspiration from similar weddings via social media and websites, and this should also help you finalize your decision if this is your desired union. Maybe you can compare up to three weddings or discover a particular wedding or change that you thought you don’t like but is something you’d want to have after seeing an example.

For example, you may be undecided between having a traditional classic wedding or something more carefree and following a theme. So instead of choosing one, you can combine the two wedding types as a traditional wedding with a religious officiant, but it’s held outdoors with a more laidback dress code and theme. 


Step 3. Modify your wedding accordingly 

The final step to get the specific wedding you should have and start wedding planning is to modify the style and type of the event you’ve decided on earlier after the first two steps. In this step, you want to be more detailed and realistic. 

Consider your wedding budget, potential restrictions because of culture or religion, and the realistic wedding date and venue. You want to talk with your partner regarding expectations and limitations, so both of you have a say on your wedding and avoid misunderstandings.  

You already have a specific kind of wedding, so what’s next is to consider how you can afford and hold it. For example, will you need to change its type, venue, or schedule? 

If you are stressed about when to have the wedding day, read these tips on how to pick a wedding date


How Do I Decide What Kind Of Wedding I Want?

It can be hard to determine what wedding will suit you and your partner’s preferences. At this stage of wedding planning, you also probably don’t have the season and venue to guide what kind of wedding to have. 

So to help you come up with a list of your potential type of wedding to have, try answering these three questions with your significant other:

  • When you were young, did you have a dream wedding, or have you been to a specific wedding that inspired you?
  • What kind of story do you want to tell, embody, and experience on your wedding day? 
  • How do you want your guests to feel and possibly talk about after attending your wedding?


What Is The Most Popular Type Of Wedding?



A classic or traditional wedding is a formal event that follows the typical elements for its ceremony and reception. It’s usually seen at religious and indoor weddings and is ideal for conservative couples. 



Modern weddings allow couples to have more customization on their ceremony and reception. The dress code, theme, colors, and venue are more free-spirited. 



Choose a glamorous wedding if you want to feel like the stars on your wedding day. Guests are expected to follow a black-tie dress code, often held in hotels and extravagant venues. 



Intimate and small weddings follow a romantic theme. It can be held in a garden, vineyard, and the overall vibe feels more private and deep. 



Couples who want a wedding outdoors by the beach or park should research rustic weddings. Boho is a wedding theme that is often selected for this type of style. 



And that’s it! To answer what kind of wedding should I have, you must picture your dream wedding, research your choices, then modify accordingly. 

You can also choose from popular themes and styles above or answer the three questions to help you determine what wedding to have. 

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