How To Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary: What To Do

Consider three ways on how to celebrate 9th wedding anniversary to make it more memorable. In addition, we will help you with anniversary gift ideas and romantic activities to commemorate your nine years of marriage. 

Celebrating marriage milestones like anniversaries should never be overlooked because anniversaries are an opportunity to sit back and appreciate your long-term relationship. Feel free to browse our blog for more anniversary ideas, such as what to do for the 14th wedding anniversary and more.  


What Do You Do For Your 9th Wedding Anniversary?


Consider anniversary gift ideas for the 9th wedding anniversary

  • Wedding anniversaries are known for having symbols correlated to each year, and for the 9th wedding anniversary, consider pottery gifts for your partner
  • It would feel sentimental to incorporate pottery on your gift for the 9th wedding anniversary because it represents home and stability; perfect for the couple who are about to celebrate a decade of marriage
  • Besides pottery, the other traditional gift for 9 years of marriage is the willow; wouldn’t it be special to plant a willow tree on your anniversary and watch it prosper as the years pass?
  • If you want another option for the gift to give on the 9th wedding anniversary, leather is the modern gift for this marriage milestone; perhaps your spouse is a fan of leather shoes, wallet, watch, or maybe it’s time to get a new leather sofa set for sentimentality and functionality
  • If you want a more personal approach to celebrating the 9th wedding anniversary, why not give your partner something they’ve been wanting for the longest? Instead of following the 9th wedding anniversary symbols, surprise your partner with an item that they’ve been eyeing for a thoughtful gift


Host a 9th anniversary wedding party

  • Celebrations are always fantastic for celebrating any wedding anniversary, and the 9th wedding anniversary is no exception; more so, 9 years of marriage is something worth commemorating, considering that the average marriage length nowadays is only between 7-8 years
  • Nine years of marriage goes to show that you and your spouse have lasted longer than statistics, and you probably overcome the challenging years expected in a partnership; your friends and family might also want to celebrate and congratulate you on your 9th wedding anniversary
  • Consider using pottery or leather as a theme, or continue reading below to know the color, flower, and stone assigned to the 9th wedding anniversary for the party inspiration
  • You can also create a time travel party where you include your past wedding’s elements into the party; perhaps you’ll serve your cake, dishes, or have everyone return to your reception for a more intimate gathering 9 years later
  • If having a party is too pricey or tedious to plan, you can just have a small gathering at a restaurant or in your backyard to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary


Go on an anniversary date to celebrate 9 years of marriage

  • Your 9th wedding anniversary is the perfect time to go on a romantic vacation with your spouse; go to your favorite hotel, resort, state, or even to another country for a change of view
  • If you have places or activities that you’ve been meaning to try, plan a trip with your significant other; introducing new activities to your routine can help maintain the spark of the relationship, especially since you’ve been married for 9 years already
  • You can also treat each other to a spa or an intimate date by the beach; use this time to reflect on how far you’ve come into this marriage, especially with our fast-paced lives where we often forget to check and bond with our spouses
  • If you still want to incorporate the 9th wedding anniversary symbol, you can also go to pottery class together and use your items as mementos for this anniversary


What Gift Is For 9 Year Anniversary?

Pottery is the traditional gift for the 9th wedding anniversary, while leather is the modern gift if you’re looking for another option. However, you can always think of a more sentimental gift to give your partner.


9th anniversary gifts for her

  • personalized/hand-made jar or any other clay item
  • willow-themed earrings
  • leather bag
  • hobby-related item
  • favorite food
  • trip to a spa/restaurant/vacation


9th anniversary gifts for him

  • personalized/hand-made jar or any other clay item
  • leather wallet
  • leather watch
  • hobby-related item
  • favorite food
  • trip to a spa/restaurant/vacation

What if it’s time to replace your wedding rings after 9 years? Read what anniversary do you upgrade wedding rings as another potential gift idea. 

For more party and gift ideas, use these as inspiration:


What is the flower for the 9th wedding anniversary?

Poppy is the flower for nine years of marriage, representing peace and contentment. 


What is the gemstone for the 9th wedding anniversary?

The Lapis Lazuli represents the 9th wedding anniversary and is correlated to harmony and awareness. 


What is the color for the 9th wedding anniversary?

Terracotta is the color of the 9th wedding anniversary symbolizing warmth and happiness. 



And that’s it! To recap how to celebrate 9th wedding anniversary, consider giving symbols as gifts, having a party, or going on a romantic date with your partner. 

Keep in mind the 9th wedding anniversary symbols, which are pottery, willow, leather, poppy flowers, Lapis Lazuli stones, and the color terracotta for more gift inspirations. 

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