What To Do For 14th Wedding Anniversary: 2 Ways

Try two fantastic ideas on what to do for 14th wedding anniversary to surprise your partner or a couple of friends who have been married for 14 years. Surprise parties are always great for celebrating wedding anniversaries because your closest friends and family can also join and reminisce your marriage milestones with you.

And if you’re also thinking of giving jewelry to your spouse, why not learn what anniversary to upgrade the wedding ring? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your rings or add the traditional 14th wedding anniversary symbol to them. 


What To Do For 14th Wedding Anniversary: Symbol, Gifts, And How To Celebrate


  • 14-themed celebration

Before using the traditional anniversary symbol as your 14th wedding anniversary party theme, why not get extra creative and use 14 as your inspiration? If you have the budget for it, you can even consider a 14-day vacation with friends and family to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary, 

But if not, you can apply 14 to other celebration elements. For example, perhaps you can give 14 thoughtful surprises and gifts among each other, games that are composed of 14 questions about your spouse, or gather the top 14 people in your lives to party with you on your wedding anniversary. 

You can also plan a scavenger hunt for 14 items and make it a competition among the couples in your friends and family. Or, if you prefer a sit-down meal, prepare a trip down memory lane composed of your 14 favorite moments with each other. 


  • Ivory-themed celebration

The 14th wedding anniversary is symbolized by ivory, but that doesn’t mean you must give ivory items or use ivory decors for the 14th anniversary party celebration. We all want to promote wildlife conservation, so relate the theme by using ivory color as the party theme instead. 

As someone celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary with an ivory theme, this is also the perfect opportunity to support wildlife conservation. You can select a charity and donate to them or, if possible, volunteer to any animal shelter as well. 

For those who want to see elephants, you and your partner might also enjoy your 14th wedding anniversary with a trip to the safari. Being together for more than a decade is ideal for making unique trips outside of what you’re used to. 


What Is The 14th Wedding Anniversary?

The 14th wedding anniversary is the ivory wedding anniversary. Celebrating 14 years of marriage is indeed a milestone as you’ve been together for more than a decade. 

Do you know that the average marriage length is only between 7 to 8 years in the US? But that being said, you don’t have to follow the statistic. 

You can always keep your marriage fresh and help it prosper by celebrating milestones like your wedding anniversaries. Now, let’s talk about why ivory is the 14th wedding anniversary symbol and if there’s a modern or alternative symbol to it. 


What Is The Traditional Symbol For The 14th Wedding Anniversary?

Ivory is the symbol for the 14th wedding anniversary, and it is fitting because it is strong, highly priced, and beautiful. Being married for 14 years proves that your commitment to each other is strong, and it’s also somewhat unique, given that not all marriages last for more than eight years. 

However, because it’s unethical to source ivory, the alternative and modern symbol for the 14th wedding anniversary is gold jewelry. Therefore, it’s acceptable to use gold as the 14th wedding anniversary theme or even gifts.

Speaking of gold, you might also be curious to know how to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with family. It is the symbol for this length of marriage as well.


What is the traditional flower for the 14th wedding anniversary?

The flower related to the 14th wedding anniversary is the dahlia, which means you can give your spouse a bouquet of dahlias as an anniversary gift. You can also explain its symbolism, which is love, involvement, and even wealth, ideal for the following years of your marriage. 


What is the traditional color for the 14th wedding anniversary?

When decorating a party for the 14th wedding anniversary, you can consider ivory as the color. Ivory or off-white stays true to the symbol for this wedding anniversary, and it’s even easy to pair with other colors for decorations. 


What is the traditional gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary?

While ivory symbolizes the 14th wedding anniversary, opal is the gemstone representing this marriage duration. It is fitting because opal means hope, confidence, and faithfulness. 


What Is Traditional Gift For 14th Wedding Anniversary?

It would be unethical to source ivory as the 14th wedding anniversary gift. However, you can follow the elephant theme with your gift, whether in the form of fabric patterns or using the off-white color in the item you’ll give.

Gold jewelry is also commonly gifted for the 14th wedding anniversary because it’s a modern symbol. However, you can always give anything you’ll gift to a long-term couple. 



Was this helpful? To recap what to do for 14th wedding anniversary, consider using 14 or ivory as inspiration. 

Your party can use 14 elements, or you can do activities related to wildlife. Sit-down celebrations are also welcomed just as much as parties, whichever you think celebrates your marriage best. 

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