How Much Is A Photo Booth For A Wedding

The answer to how much is a photo booth for a wedding can range from $300 to $1,000, depending on the package and its inclusions. We’ll discuss the factors that affect the wedding photo booths cost and if you must also tip the attendant for the booth. 

And if you’re also wondering if the prices are worth it, you will know if it’s essential to have a wedding photo booth. Regardless, you will still benefit from learning how to pose for wedding photos

how much is a photo booth for a wedding


How Much To Rent A Photo Booth For A Wedding?

The average rental fee for a wedding photo booth in the US is around $850. The starting cost is typically $300, but wedding photo booth prices can reach as much as $1,000 to $1,500, depending on the type, inclusions, and package. 

What is a reasonable amount to spend for a photo booth at a wedding? Photo booths can be fun for you and your guests at your wedding reception. 

You can spend 3% of your total wedding budget on renting a photo booth, and couples in the US typically are willing to pay $500. However, going over this range might be too much, considering the venue rental fee and catering will take the most of your wedding budget. 


Should you tip the photo booth attendant?

The photo booth rental company should give you their pricing or package breakdown. If the costs do not include the tip for the attendant, it’s only fitting to provide them with even $50 for gratuity. 

You can also tip higher, depending on how satisfactory their service is. But of course, if the company already includes the tips in their price, you can skip giving a separate gratuity fee.

Do you need a photo booth attendant? It will depend on the booth type, as some are very easy to operate and won’t need an attendant.


What’s included in a photo booth package?

So why are wedding photo booths costly to rent? The package and inclusions dictate the total fee for the photo booth rental, but you can choose which of the following you want or can consider skipping:

  • Type of photo booth itself
  • Photo booth attendant
  • Set up and breakdown of the booth
  • Props
  • Backdrops
  • Photocopies and number that each guest can have
  • Customizations
  • Props and backdrops according to your wedding theme
  • Copy of all images
  • Flipbook
  • Prints
  • Social media integration


How Long Should I Have A Photo Booth At My Wedding?

Book the photo booth for your wedding for 3 to 5 hours, depending on the guest size, reception duration, or wedding budget. Most rental companies will charge you by the hour, so consider your budget. 

You also want to ensure that all guests have tried the booth, as the photos or prints can even be your wedding favors to them. But of course, the wedding reception will still have other activities, so you can probably shorten the photo booth rental. 


Are Photo Booths Worth It At Weddings?

The competitive pricing for renting photo booths or selfie booths makes them worth it. Both self-operated and attendant-operated photo booths are enjoyable for guests and even the couple themselves because it’s a quick way to get wedding mementos. 

Furthermore, the prints themselves can be your favors for the guests. It can save you on extra expenses rather than buying from another wedding vendor. 


Can I Make My Own Photo Booth For My Wedding?

DIY photo booths are possible if you have the right equipment, materials, and time to set up one. Smaller weddings or those held in the backyard will also be more affordable if you build your own photo booth. 

To give you an idea of how to make one, here are different types of photo booths that you can consider instead of renting:

  • Open photo booth: an open area with the camera on a tripod in front; ideal for outdoor weddings
  • Traditional photo booth:  Small closed or sectioned area with the camera in front of a backdrop, some lighting equipment, props, or you can also use a polaroid camera to readily print guest pictures, especially if you’ll have a micro wedding
  • Tech-savvy photo booth: a slightly more modern version of the above, but you’ll need someone familiar with photo editing software and apps, a printer for the photos, and a green screen to edit the wedding photos rather than shooting what’s in front as is; here is how to edit wedding photos if you’re interested 


Considerations for a DIY wedding photo booth

  • Do you have a place to set up the photo booth safely?
  • Is the area conducive for a point and shoot-style booth, or do you need a backdrop, lighting equipment, and an editor for a more traditional photo booth?
  • How many wedding guests will you have, and will you each give them a copy?
  • Do you have a camera and equipment for decent pictures?
  • What props do you need to purchase?
  • Should you have an attendant in your photo booth?
  • When will the photo booth be open at the wedding?



And that’s it! To recap how much is a photo booth for a wedding, prepare $300 to $1,000. 

Otherwise, consider 3% of your total wedding budget to know how much is reasonable to spend for a photo booth. Nonetheless, rental companies offer different styles and packages of photo booths, so you can select whichever gives the best value for your money. 


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