How To Build A Wedding Altar: 5 Best Types

Those who want to know how to build a wedding altar can consider these five types that suit all kinds of weddings. They include tips for making a DIY wedding arch and wedding altars for outdoor and indoor venues, beach, boho, and night weddings. 

We’ve included tutorials for building a wedding arch because it’s a traditional altar for wedding ceremonies. And if you prefer columns, you can read how to make wedding columns with flowers

how to build a wedding altar


Easy DIY Arch Ideas: How To Build A Wedding Altar


Outdoor wedding arch ideas

You can build a wedding altar for an outdoor wedding by taking inspiration from the venue. Make your interpretation of what makes the perfect wedding backdrop based on the wedding location. 

For example, you don’t need to go overboard with the setup, especially if it’s a park or landscape. Instead, you can use a simple square structure at the front, so you’re still highlighting the scenery. 

A straightforward wedding altar you can make is a square floral arch. It matches most outdoor venues, and you can buy ready-to-assemble ones online. 

After creating the arch at the front, use floral garlands and greenery to wrap this backdrop. If you’re getting married in front of trees, you can also read how to decorate a tree for a wedding.


Indoor wedding arch ideas

What altars can you do if you have an indoor wedding? Ask the wedding venue or hall beforehand as some already include altars in their package. 

But if you want a DIY indoor wedding altar, select a spot at the venue that will give the guests an excellent focal point. If there are large windows, you can also decorate that area and get married in front of it. 

If most of the venue is empty, you can use fabric backdrops to make the altar more noticeable. And with church weddings, don’t forget to ask them if decorating and making the altar is allowed.  

Here is how to decorate a church for a wedding if you want more tips. 


DIY wedding beach arch

Some resorts offer wedding packages where they include the altar decoration. But if you need to build the altar, consider natural materials to fit the beach theme. 

For example, try creating a wooden arch with white fabrics like tulle. Then, add greenery and a few white flowers to suit the beach background. 

You don’t need elaborate elements to add to your beach wedding altar because you’re already getting married in front of the sea, and it’s best to highlight it. 

Consider creating a path to the altar to make it pop out more. You can also use lights along this walkway if you’re having an evening beach wedding.  


DIY wedding boho arch

Boho weddings are trendy nowadays, and for this theme, you are less restricted when designing a wedding arch for the altar. You can make a DIY boho altar inspired by the venue and elements found in it.

The boho wedding theme usually includes natural fabrics and materials, flowers, wood, and even lights. You can also use carpets on the altar and introduce various colors with the backdrop like a macrame or decorations in front like wooden or metal sculptures. 

A typical wedding altar in boho weddings is a wooden teepee frame. Then, put floral arrangements, lights, or fabrics around the stems to make it more bridal. 


Easy night DIY wedding arch

Will you be having an evening or nighttime wedding? If so, you should be making a wedding altar with lights and candles to highlight this spot. 

Depending on the venue, you can create a canopy of string lights or get married under a chandelier. You can even make a light-up curtain and install this fabric with lights on your wedding arch. 

Another altar idea for a nighttime wedding is to use a mini tent, especially if it’s an outdoor venue. Read how to hang string lights for an outdoor wedding if you want the technicalities with lighting systems. 


How Tall Should A Wedding Altar Be?

Most wedding altars are essentially decorated archways. The bride and groom will get married before it so the decorations can be wrapped or installed on the arch. 

The arch might also be in front of a fabric backdrop if the venue is indoors. That being said, here is how to measure a wedding arch used for altars in weddings:

  • Measure the length of the floor where you’ll put the wedding archway and consider a width of at least 15 feet; consider the decorations you’ll put on the wedding arch as well to imagine if it will be overcrowded
  • The height you want for the wedding arch should be ideal for the number of people that will be under it; for wedding altars, the officiant is usually the only one standing underneath it, and the couple will be outside, so an 8-foot tall arch is ideal



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to build a wedding altar, depending on the type of wedding you’re having. 

Usually, you’ll decorate an arch to get married underneath or in front of. However, some venues are also comfortable for fabric backdrops. 

Otherwise, why not utilize the existing elements in the place? Perhaps you can get married in front of the sea or trees, so minimal altar decorations are needed. 

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