How To Make Wedding Columns With Flowers In 2 Steps

If you want to know how to make wedding columns, this two-step DIY floral wedding columns tutorial is for you. You don’t need to be an expert handyman as you can make these wedding columns using pots and PVC pipes. 

These are perfect for all types of weddings, and we’ll also give another tutorial if you want cardboard faux wedding columns. And for those with existing wedding columns, you can check how to decorate wedding columns with chiffon

how to make wedding columns


How To Make Wedding Columns In 2 Steps

For these floral wedding columns, you’ll need two PVC pipes around 10 feet tall, two metal buckets with at least 7 inches of their opening to accommodate the pipes with a 2-inch diameter, packaged concrete, water, hand saw, floral foam, zip ties, greenery, and flowers. You will assemble the wedding columns with the PVC pipe standing in a bucket and stabilized with concrete. 


Step 1. Decorate the wedding columns with greenery

  • After you create and set the PVC pipes on the buckets, you can start making the decorations around these wedding columns 
  • Install the foam for the flowers and greenery
  • You’ll start with one type of greenery from the bottom of the column going up
  • Distribute the greenery throughout the columns to cover it, but there’s no need to overfill the greenery as you’ll add wedding flowers later on
  • Whenever you’re working the greenery on one column, do the same style on the other wedding column 
  • Add the next variety of greenery on the column, but this time, start at the top going down
  • Layer in the greenery to cover the PVC pipe and foam


Step 2. Decorate the wedding columns with flowers

  • After decorating the wedding columns with greenery, you can add the flowers used in weddings
  • Use the same flowers seen around the venue for a cohesive type
  • Remember the placements you’re making, so you can copy them onto the other column 
  • Start with the flowers you’ll use along the column before the focal or bigger blooms; snapdragons make fantastic line flowers 
  • Come from the top of the column going down, and then create a diagonal line once you reach the middle of the column 
  • Layer the focal flowers like roses into the column; use flowers with different stem lengths to add depth; the smallest blooms should be on the top, and the most number of flowers should be at the base 
  • Add more flowers such as carnations to create variety in the wedding columns 
  • Step back from the decorated wedding columns to know if you must add fillers or string lights to finish the look 


How To Make Lighted Wedding Columns Homemade

Evening weddings look better with lighted pillars. Here is the easiest way to create wedding pillars that make the perfect backdrop for the ceremony when you exchange your wedding vows:

  1. Buy ready-to-use adjustable PVC columns to save time and effort in making them
  2. Assemble the wedding columns in the venue
  3. Wrap string lights around each column or run them vertically across the length of the pillar
  4. Layer the string lights with tulle fabric that match the wedding venue theme
  5. Use garland to hide the wirings and other unsightly parts of the columns
  6. Depending on the shape and height of the wedding columns, you can place a floral arrangement on top of them
  7. If the pillars are see-through, you can also place the lights inside them, then decorate the exterior with wedding flowers

To make your lighted wedding columns stand out more, learn how to make a wedding backdrop for them. 


How Do You Make Fake Wedding Columns?

It would be more convenient and practical to buy faux wedding columns than make them. You can buy different types, such as styrofoam wedding columns and plastic pillars that you can decorate. 

Otherwise, video tutorials online on wedding columns look like traditional white pillars in weddings. Assess if making them is worth it or consider easier columns like freestanding pipes or mirrors instead.


How To Make Wedding Pillars Out Of Cardboard?

Do you know you can make wedding pillars from cardboard? This tutorial is for creating Greek columns that match most wedding themes. 

  1. Prepare white paint, corrugated cardboard, duct tape, glue, and a ruler 
  2. Create one large piece of cardboard by taping multiple pieces together to reach the pillar height you want 
  3. Draw vertical lines on the cardboard with an inch of space among them
  4. Bend the cardboard accordingly 
  5. Make sure your creases are straight; these creases will allow you to curve the cardboard into a pillar
  6. Tape the pillar in place to secure the column
  7. Cut five cardboard squares and stack them over each other
  8. Glue the square on one end of the pillar and do the same on the other hole, but seal with a bigger square piece
  9. Paint the cardboard wedding column and allow it to dry
  10. Decorate the pillar to finish



Was this tutorial easy? You just learned how to make wedding columns in two steps.

These columns were freestanding by setting PVC pipes in a metal bucket with concrete. Then, cover them with greenery and flowers, but you can also add lights if they suit your wedding theme. 

Let us know below if you have ideas for DIY wedding columns. 

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