How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding: 7 Creative Ways

There are 7 important elements to know for those who want to learn how to decorate a church for a wedding themselves. If you don’t want to hire a decorator, it’s possible to prepare the church for the wedding ceremony not just for aesthetics but to also make it more appropriate for the ceremony. 

But more than preparing the wedding church, you must also know the etiquette of the religious officiant. Please read how much to pay a priest for a wedding as well.  

how to decorate a church for a wedding

7 Church Decorating Ideas For A Wedding: How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding 


  • Step 1. Make the signs for the wedding ceremony 

Start with personalizing the church appropriately for your wedding. Wedding signs are helpful for added personalization of the wedding venue, and they also serve as guides for the guests. 

Choose a tasteful wedding sign style that complements the interior and general architecture of the church. For example, will a wooden board suit the place, or does a chalkboard complete the more modern church?

Ensure the signs are easy to read and the colors complement the wedding church. You can also read how to make acrylic wedding signs since this material type is both durable and visually appealing. 


  • Step 2. Decorate the wedding arch for the church wedding

Do you know that you can also include a wedding arch as a display and decoration at your church wedding? You can put it at the entrance or aisle for added appeal and also as a way to dress up the church for a wedding. 

A classic archway for weddings in churches is an oval arch decorated with greenery garlands and white flowers. But for a more rustic look, especially with aged churches, use a wooden arch. 

The wedding arch will be one of your backdrops for wedding photos, including the bride’s entrance and the exit of the newlyweds. Just make sure to talk to the church if adding this element is acceptable beforehand. 


  • Step 3. Know the decorations for the church aisle

If you can’t decorate the entrance or add a wedding arch, most likely, you can dress up the church aisle for your wedding. It is one of the most eye-catching parts of the venue anyway, regardless of the wedding location. 

You can have tall flower arrangements, use a different colored carpet, scatter petals on the walkway, or run lights at the bottom edge of the aisle. The emphasis is necessary on not using too many elements as the attention is on the people walking on the aisle. 

You also want to avoid decors that can trip the people walking the processional, so an alternative to consider is to decorate the church pews. 


  • Step 4. Decorate the altar for the ceremony 

Most churches only allow the ceremony church decor on the altar. You want to abide by their rules as a sign of respect, which means you can arrange the altar to get a more wedding ambiance. 

That being said, the altar always matters since most photographs will be taken here. Furthermore, like in any other wedding, the front of the ceremony will always be the main focal point. 

Consider symmetrical decorations such as two floral arrangements at the side, drape fabric on the table with floral centerpieces, or use pairs of columns with varying heights. If the altar has more stairs, you can also decorate them with covered candles. 


  • Step 5. Plan the look for the church pews

When it comes to weddings in churches, the most commonly decorated area is the church pews. You can run fabrics on them or make pew bows to highlight the aisle. 

But then again, consult the church if they allow arrangements on the pews. You also want to secure the decors accordingly and won’t damage the pews. 

Read how to make wedding pew bows for more tips.


  • Step 6. Prepare the church chairs for the wedding 

The chairs in the church can also be decorated. They include the couple’s chairs or even some of the ones on the front to distinguish the people, typically the couple’s families sitting on them. 

A simple fabric draping, floral arrangements, or signs with the guests’ names hanging on the back of the chairs should suffice. However, never go overboard, and it might also be better to leave the church chairs as is. 


  • Step 7. Add elements for wedding decorations 

You can add other elements around the church beside the aisle and altar. They can include candles, floral pieces, or even fabric drapings on the sides and other spaces on your wedding venue.  

They are accommodating to make the space look less empty and flat. But regardless, you don’t need to get very extravagant when decorating the church. 


Can You Decorate The Church For A Wedding?

Ask the church for specific restrictions regarding wedding ceremony decorations to ensure that you follow them. Then, choose the proper types of displays and their placements. 



Was this guide helpful? We just learned how to decorate a church for a wedding by focusing on seven elements!

You start with the signs, position an arch, dress up the aisle, altar, pews, chairs, and add decors around the church. However, please always ask the church regarding their decoration restrictions for weddings.  

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