How To Decorate A Tree For A Wedding: 3 Elegant Ways

There are three classy ways on how to decorate a tree for a wedding. This article will discuss using lights, garlands, and other items to make the wedding venue look grander for this special occasion. 

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how to decorate a tree for a wedding


How Do You Decorate A Tree For A Wedding?


Option 1. Use lights

One of the best ways to decorate a tree for a wedding is by lights. If your event is happening in the evening, their added glow can enhance the mood and general vibe of the wedding. 

One of the most accessible types of lights for trees is string lights. You can leave them hanging on the branches or wrap them on the branches and trunk of the tree. 

They also come in different colors and are relatively cheap even if you need a lot. Another illuminating option for wedding trees is lanterns that can hang on the branches, especially when the tree has low-lying branches

Consider globes, lanterns of exciting shapes, or even containers with candles inside for your wedding tree. However, the emphasis is necessary on decorating with candles and bulbs safely. 

You don’t want the tree decors to be easily accessible that guests might accidentally stumble upon them. If you’re using electric lights, ask the venue how to wire them to avoid the risk of fire safely. 


Option 2. Garlands

For outdoor weddings in the morning or afternoon, decorating the trees with lights won’t be as impressive, especially in pictures. So instead, opt for garlands that you can hang, drape, or wrap around the tree. 

Some examples include greenery, vines, and floral arrangements in baskets influenced by the existing decor in the venue. You can also use fabric draping made of flowy and lightweight materials. 

A unique take is to create a string of signs with lovely words or even photos of the bride and groom. The garlands can even have symbols that are important to the couple. 

You can also tie multiple ribbon strips on the branches and leave them hanging vertically. Remember not to overdecorate the wedding tree as you don’t want it to look tacky or disorderly.


Option 3. Sizable decors

Some trees are already perfect, so adding lights or garlands is unnecessary. However, you may still want to enhance the look of the tree’s area to keep it from looking out of place at the wedding. 

For example, in the reception, the bottom of the tree can be an additional lounge for the guest. You can add classy seats under the branches, then decorate the sides with light fixtures or sizable floral arrangements with greenery. 

You can also place the table for the wedding favors underneath this tree, so the guests can easily find them. However, if the tree is at your wedding ceremony, it might be more appropriate just to have plant arrangements at its sides to keep it from looking distracting.

The couple may opt to ditch the classic wedding arch but get married in front of a gorgeous tree instead. Depending on the venue, you can also find the spot with two trees parallel to each other so that the center can be your backdrop. 

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What Kind Of Trees Are Used In Weddings?


Trees for wedding decors

Indoor wedding receptions can have potted trees aligning the aisle or be distributed around the venue. Potted trees are easy to arrange with, and some even offer rentals. 

If you’re having the wedding reception or ceremony outdoors, consider the current season to get the most of the tree’s beauty. For example, magnolia trees look great in summer, while the colorful sweetgums make the most of the fall. 

Spring weddings should have blossoming trees like apple or cherry for a colorful backdrop. On the other hand, the winter months make perfect ethereal weddings with white trees like birch. 


Trees for wedding tree planting

Some couples plant a tree on their wedding day to symbolize their union as it grows alongside their marriage. The best trees to consider for this tradition should bear fruits as they represent a healthy marriage. 

Opt for apple, fig, or pear trees for your tree planting ceremony. You can also choose sturdy trees to represent the strength of your marriage in the form of oak, willow, or bamboo. 


Trees as wedding gifts

Trees make excellent wedding gifts to give to the couple. They represent a healthy marriage, and specific trees even have meanings that you can consider when giving a couple one. 

For example, giving a bamboo tree represents flexibility and strength, while birch trees represent new beginnings. A pomegranate tree would make a great gift to the newlyweds because it symbolizes fertility, while pear trees do not only mean abundance, but they also produce fruits for years to come.



And that’s it! We just talked about how to decorate a tree for a wedding, and you can consider lights, garlands, or even big decors. 

Wrap or hang the decors in the branches, or utilize the shade underneath the tree. The key is never going overboard and ensuring that your decors are safe, especially those that pose a fire hazard. 


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