How To Alter A Too Deep V-Neck Wedding Dress

You can learn how to alter a too deep V-neck wedding dress in two steps. You will use a coordinating fabric to make up for the revealing portion from the wedding dress neckline. 

This article will also include hacks to make wedding dresses more modest if needed. Speaking of wedding dresses, feel free to browse our blog for other tutorials such as how to accessorize a wedding dress and more. 

How To Alter A Too Deep V-Neck Wedding Dress


How To Alter A Too Deep V-Neck Wedding Dress And More


Step 1. Prepare a coordinating fabric

  • Select a fabric to cover the revealing part of the deep V-neckline
  • Consider the overall design and material of the wedding dress so the fabric won’t look out of place
  • You can also use lace as a subtle way of adding modesty to the neckline
  • Cut your chosen fabric according to the shape of the wedding dress’ neckline
  • It should also have the right size for coverage but add half an inch of seam allowance
  • Test how it would cover the area so that the hem will be on top of this new neckline
  • Finish the raw edges of this piece accordingly 


Step 2. Sew the fabric piece to the dress

  • Turn the wedding dress inside out and lay it flat on a surface
  • Pin the coverage piece you made so that the seam allowance is will be over the neckline of the wedding dress
  • Set the sewing machine according to your preferred stitch type and size 
  • Test the sewing machine stitches to a scrap fabric to know how it will look like with the wedding dress
  • Sew the coverage piece to the lining of the wedding dress and tie off the thread when finished 
  • Turn the dress right side out
  • Locate the edge of the neckline and sew it to the modesty panel for added security
  • Tie off the thread
  • Press the wedding dress when done


How Do I Make My V-Neck Wedding Dress More Modest?


Secure the dress with tape

If you find your V-neck wedding dress revealing but sewing a fabric panel seems unnecessary, taping it with double-sided fashion tape might suffice. You can keep the neckline from opening or plunging too much by securing the dress to your skin. 

Place the tape to your chest on the area where you need the dress neckline to stay put. Peel off the other side of the tape once you wear the dress and press the fabric over it. 


Layer a camisole or wear a stylish bra

You don’t immediately need to sew or attach a fabric panel to a V-neck wedding dress to make it more modest. Instead, you can wear a complementing camisole underneath made from lace or silk to add coverage.

A helpful tip is to select a camisole that is also shaping to enhance your silhouette when wearing the dress. But if camisoles are not your thing, there should be bras that would give the same illusion.


Use accessories

If your V-neck wedding dress is not too plunging, consider wearing stylish but strategic accessories. For example, layered necklaces or even those with attention-grabbing designs make the dress more visually attractive while also covering the chest area. 

Most necklaces have adjustable lengths, so it should be easy to position them strategically. Or, if the V-neck dress tends to open, you can secure it close with an elegant brooch or pin that also doubles as an accessory or detail to your overall look. 


Can A Wedding Dress Be Too Revealing?

Nowadays, more and more brides are breaking wedding traditions and customs here and there. So if you feel more confident with your chosen wedding dress, you have the right to wear it. 

However, please consider the type of wedding you’re doing, including the place and culture. You don’t want to offend guests or a place such as the church. 

If you find a very modest dress too different from your style, you can always add subtle hints of sexiness with mesh, lace, or carefully placed slits. But, again, consult your designer on the details that would flatter you most without looking tacky for the occasion. 

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How Do You Change A V-Neck Dress Too Deep?

You can use a removable fabric panel or sew one to the neckline if the V-neck dress is too deep. Additionally, there are two modifications that you can make to the dress to cover your cleavage area better:


Add closures

While wearing the dress, mark the area that you need to close. Put these marks on the bottom and underside of the fabric since you’re sewing snaps. 

Sew the snaps on the marks you made and check if they will receive each other perfectly. This way, you have the option to open the dress sometimes or close it for specific occasions. 


Shorten the straps

Another way to change a V-neck dress that’s too deep is to pull the neckline higher. You can still keep the V-neck style, but you’ll reveal the cleavage less by shortening the dress straps. 

Flip the dress and cut the straps on the back to shorten it. Sew the straps back in place once you’re sure with the new length. 



Was this article helpful? You just learned how to alter a too deep V-neck wedding dress by sewing a fabric panel. 

However, you can also do other hacks like layering underneath, accessorizing, or modifying other parts of the dress. And if you have more questions, please leave them below.

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