How To Clean Your Hoover Dual Power Carpet Washer? 7 Steps In Cleaning

Do you want to know how to clean your Hoover dual power carpet washer? Are you struggling to clean all the debris and the hair from your carpet? Learn how to use the Hoover dual power carpet washer with me. You will also learn additional tips to remember while using the carpet washer on ease and safely. Before, the individuals who owned a carpet had to struggle in the cleaning process.  They have to bring the carpet outside and place it on a flat surface. As the sizes of carpets at that time were more significant than today, and cleaning takes a lot of time and energy. The only process of cleaning the carpet was to stomp it with the feet and brush it manually. Later on, vacuums and blowers were invented and made especially for carpets and curtains. Most of the Westerners have a vacuum at home to aid them in cleaning.


how to clean your Hoover dual power carpet washer

Steps In Cleaning A Hoover Dual Power Carpet Cleaner

Nowadays, there are various vacuum cleaners in the market, including the Hoover dual power carpet washer. There are vacuums made to remove dry debris from the carpet, but sometimes carpets are stained. To remove the stains, you need to wash them with clean water. Thankfully, this carpet washer will save your time and energy as well. If you already have a hoover dual power carpet washer at home, or you just brought one a while ago, then cleaning and maintaining it is very important. After use, follow these steps in cleaning your carpet washer.


#1. Unplug the wire

Unplug the washer’s plug from the outlet. It is the first and the most crucial step. As your carpet washer holds water, electrical accidents may occur. Therefore, it is better to clean it off after unplugging to avoid these accidents from occurring.


#2. Remove the clean water tank

The clean water tank is where your solution is stored. Squeeze the latch of the clean water tank to pull the tank. Empty the tank from the remaining solutions. Rinse it well by using tap water and let it air dry. If it’s dry enough, put the tank back and replace the latch. 


#3. Remove the dirty water tank

The dirty water tank will fill this tank with the dirty water it had gotten from the carpet. This tank is prone to dirt build-up. Cleaning it after use will always be the better option. As time passes, the odor and the dirt stored in the tank and grosser to clean.
Separate the tank and empty all the contents. Rinse it well with water and flip the tank upside down. Clean the inlet port with pressured tap water. The pressure will break down the dirt attached to the tank and let it dry. Replace the pour cap and place it tightly to prevent poor suction. 


#4. Clean the brush roll 

Lay the carpet washer on its side and remove all the screws by using Philip’s screwdriver. The belt is attached to the wheel and the brush. By removing the screws, you will be able to remove all the parts at once. Next, draw the wheels and pull the brush roll towards you. Get the debris and hairs from the brush.


#5. Check the belt

After removing the brush, you will notice the belt. Get the belt and check if it’s torn by stretching. If there are tears in the belt, you can replace them by buying them on the website, nearby stores, or online shops.


#6. Return the brush and the belt

Wrap the belt back to the brush roll and slide it back to place. Spin the black edge at the right side of the carpet washer to enable the snap to hold down the brush and stretch it towards the motor shaft.  Return all the screws you have removed from their places. Cleaning your carpet washer will help you maintain the performance of your device. It would be best to remember that replacing and attaching the pour cap in the dirty water tank well is essential. A poorly attached pour cap will result in pour suction of water upon usage. But, if you’re in a hurry and do not have enough time to clean the carpet washer after use, you can place a towel underneath the appliance. It will absorb the dripping water from the bottom and brush roll. Just like any other device, cleaning the carpet washer is a must. However, assembling the removed parts might be tricky. So, in case you forgot where to return a part, you can look into the manual guide given upon purchase. If you lost the manual guide, you could also use the manual guides at the Hoover websites. 


It’s A Wrap!

Learning how to clean your Hoover dual power carpet washer properly is essential to maintain its good performance and check the inner parts. Compared to the devices that are not adequately taken care of and cleaned, they usually face maintenance problems, replacement parts in a shorter time, and high-cost repairs. Cleaning and taking care of your appliances will save you from paying repair fees and replacement parts. Cleaning it after use may take time but will extend your appliance life and prevent you from buying a new one. 

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  1. having to unscrew and re screw 7 times, remove the belts etc. is an insane ask of people every time they want to use your machine. If you were smart enough to think up ways to clean the tanks, could you not come up with a better way to clean the brush area without having to take it all apart.

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