How To Display Wedding Photos: 5 Best DIY Ideas

We have five ideas on how to display wedding photos. Not only are these visually striking, but they also help maintain the sentimentality that these photos have. 

Do you also have other items from the wedding? Then, instead of throwing them away, feel free to browse our blog for projects to keep them. 

how to display wedding photos

For example, there are fun projects to try if you don’t know what to do with a dried wedding bouquet


How To Tastefully Display Wedding Photos


Home decor

The best thing you can do to display your wedding photos is as home decors. The simplest one is framing them and arranging them neatly on your shelf. 

However, you don’t have to frame them as is. You can also decorate the photos and arrange them uniquely inside the frames. 

You can also dedicate an area in the house where you’re displaying other mementos from the wedding. Read what to do with wedding cards to get some ideas. 


Wall art

You can hang the frames instead or have your favorite photo printed in acrylic if you have some wall space. And since you’ll have more area to decorate compared to shelves, it’s a chance to make a collage and combine your favorite wedding photos artistically. 

Another unique take on wall decors made from wedding photos is by hanging them directly. For example, you can make a garland with polaroids and combine them with lights to achieve a different vibe. 

Again, you can add other memorable items from the wedding to make the area more sentimental. For example, consider hanging dried wedding flowers along with the photos for a more Bohemian look. 


Photo albums 

While photo albums are not immediately on display, they are still a part of the living room that guests can view. You have the freedom to decorate the album to your taste, similar to making a scrapbook. 

You can even add other items in the book itself, including pressed flowers from your bouquet. Furthermore, albums can also be displayed like frames by leaving a page opened and arranging them tastefully with other home decors. 

Another option if you have digital copies of your wedding photos is to make a coffee table book. Admittedly, it’s a more expensive option than DIY albums, but it might be worth the investment, especially when sparking conversations with home guests. 



Do you display jewelry and accessories in your room? Then you can use this option to display your wedding photos as well.

You don’t need to spend a lot to find photo lockets and brooches where you can put your favorite wedding photo in. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to wear these types of jewelry, so be open-minded with their designs and styles. 



Mugs are often displayed in the kitchen, making them ideal for having your wedding photos shown. In addition, there should be various inspirations you can check out online to print your favorite wedding photos in mugs.

Talk with the printing service about how you want your photos to look on the mugs. Not only is this a cute way to see your favorite wedding snaps during coffee, but they also make easy conversation starters when friends and families come over. 


What To Do With Wedding Photos


Thank you cards

Other than displays and projects that turn your wedding photos into decors, you can also use them to make thank you cards for the wedding guests. They would also make fantastic memorabilia, especially when you include candid shots. 


Online albums

It should be easy for everyone to see the photos wherever they are in this day and age. Consider sharing your wedding album online, so it should be accessible to other friends and families that possibly couldn’t attend the wedding. 

Guests who are living far away can also appreciate seeing various pictures from the wedding. Sharing the wedding photos online would be a free and effortless option to put them on display. 


Keep safe

Finally, don’t forget to store your wedding photos safely. Put them in a photo album and store them away from acid, sunlight, moisture, humidity, and dust to ensure that they will last long. 


How Do You Show Pictures At Reception?

There are many areas where you can show pictures during the reception. For example, you can include your favorite photographs in the guest book or even at the guest tables to serve as an ice breaker among the attendees. 

Since most receptions will have entertainment and various programs, you can play a series of photos in slides that the guests can see onstage. Some reception speakers might also prefer talking about memories and stories with pictures of friends and relatives on display. 


How Long Do You Keep Wedding Pictures Up?

Wedding photos can take up to an hour, depending on the details that the photographer wants to shoot. This is why the cocktail hour is also used as an opportunity to take pictures of the wedding party and guests. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to display wedding photos in the form of wall and shelve decors, albums, or even something unique like jewelry and mugs. 

Your guests might also appreciate seeing the wedding photos online, especially when they live far away. We hope this article gave you many ideas; leave us a question if you have any. 

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