What To Wear To A Church Wedding: Dos And Don’ts

If you’re curious about what to wear to a church wedding, we will discuss the expected etiquette for men and women. This article discusses the dos and don’ts for church wedding guests.

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what to wear to a church wedding

However, please still consult the dress code indicated by the hosts to ensure that you’ll blend in with the rest of the guests. 


Complete Guide On What To Wear To A Church Wedding



A female guest must wear something modest and nothing too eye-catching that it will upstage the bride. Most church weddings have a formal dress code, and you can also add a shawl or coverup if your dress reveals the shoulder too much. 

If you prefer, you can wear a pantsuit if all your dresses are somewhat fitted or revealing. It’s more comfortable for some women, but you can also pair a blouse with a skirt as long as the combination would not be casual. 

Another no-no when dressing up for a church wedding is the color white. Unless the bride stated that it’s an acceptable color, it’s common knowledge never to wear white as a wedding guest since it’s a color reserved for the bride. 

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A male guest must also follow a formal dress code when attending a church wedding. This includes a classic suit and tie with the appropriate pants. 

It would be best if you steered clear from bright colors and patterns, even with your necktie. And with formality in mind, use a pair of dress shoes and never sandals or rubber shoes. 

You might be tempted to wear denim, trainers, sweats, or t-shirts. And while they might seem comfortable or more into your style, remember that church weddings are primarily formal, and these clothing pieces can be deemed disrespectful. 


What Do You Wear To A Catholic Church Wedding?


Consider the dress code

Before deciding on your outfit, you must check the dress code on the invitation. Most Catholic weddings are semi-formal, which is easier than a formal dress code. 

Think of the balance between formal and casual with a semi-formal dress code on a Catholic church wedding. Opt for neutral tones or even dark colors if it’s an evening wedding. 

Women can wear a more comfortable cocktail dress with a pair of casual flats. Male guests on a Catholic church wedding with a semi-formal dress code can wear a dress shirt and jacket. 


Keep modesty in mind

Even if Catholic weddings are not as strict as other church weddings, remember that you must still keep modesty in mind as a guest. you shouldn’t still wear revealing outfits or look like you’ll attend a sports event. 

Female guests must be careful with wearing a very short skirt or dress, including outfits that expose too much of your upper body. Male guests should also wear an outfit that speaks smart and is never too tacky or tight. 

You can also talk with the bride or groom or even with your fellow guests to know if the outfit you have in mind would be appropriate. Or, if you’ve attended formal weddings, you can also modify the outfit style to make it look more casual. 


What Do You Wear To A 5 PM Church Wedding?

Check the wedding invitation for the dress code, regardless of whether it will occur in a church. A safe option is to consider the event as formal but select an outfit that can transition for an evening affair. 

A neutral and solid-colored dress with a coverup can be suitable because you can always remove the latter after the ceremony. On the other hand, men can wear a tuxedo and bowtie during the ceremony at 5 pm; then they can just wear the dress shirt later. 


What Colors Are You Not Supposed To Wear To A Wedding?

It is common knowledge to avoid wearing colors like white, related colors to white, all-black, all-red, metallics, bold colors, and patterns to a wedding. Also, if you’re a guest, make sure you’re not wearing the same color as the couple, mothers of the couple, bridal party, or groomsmen. 

The last thing you want is to bring attention to yourself or look like you’re included in the program. Furthermore, consider the religion or culture of the bride and groom as some colors might be offensive or regarded as bad luck for such an occasion. 

However, more and more weddings are less compliant with the traditions and customs, so it’s best to consult the couple or hosts regarding the colors you must avoid wearing. For example, did you know that there are brides who wear black? 

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Was this helpful? We just discussed what to wear to a church wedding for male and female guests. 

The main takeaway is following the dress code, consulting the bride and groom or other guests, and keeping modesty in mind since it’s a church wedding. Even if it’s semi-formal, do not wear something too fitted, revealing, or casual. 

We hope you learned a lot. Leave us a question if you have any. 


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