How To Wear A Shawl For A Wedding: 4 Classy Styles

You can learn how to wear a shawl for a wedding four ways. First, we will go through styles like draping, knotting, twisting, and looping the shawl so that you can find the perfect one for the wedding. 

It’s always helpful to know how to wear coverups like shawls, especially in conservative settings where you don’t want to show too much skin. For example, you can apply these techniques when deciding what to wear to a church wedding

how to wear a shawl for a wedding


Wedding How To Wear A Shawl With A Dress



The easiest way to wear a shawl to a wedding is by draping it. It will look elegant and classy but effortless enough to fit most dresses and blouses. 

One option is to drape the shawl over your shoulders then let its ends fall into your elbows. If your shawl has fringed ends, you can also bring them around your back then tie them to keep them in place. 

Having the shawl tied behind you makes it look more like a bolero. If these draped styles are still not your cup of tea, consider having the shawl around your shoulders but only have one end draped over the opposite shoulder and falling down your back. 



Knotting the shawl rather than just draping it will secure it in place. This way, you don’t have to adjust the material constantly, and you don’t have to worry about it looking disheveled in random photos. 

Most wedding attire can look good with the shawl hanging over your shoulders then tying the ends in front of the body. Make sure not to make a bulky knot to look classy. 

You can also do an Italian knot where you’ll fold the fringed shawl lengthways as much as you can before folding it widthways. Then, loop the shawl around the neck and pass the ends through the loop before tightening it to preference. 

This would be perfect, especially if you’re wearing a shawl as weather protection. But if the Italian knot is not fitting to the attire, try taking one corner of the shawl and folding it towards the center. 

Make a knot to secure it in place and do the same to the other side. Now you have makeshift armholes that will also be helpful for the cold weather. 



Will you be wearing a shawl to add a pop of color to your wedding attire? Consider making a French twist to style it. 

Fold the shawl lengthwise twice and then widthwise. Then, loop it around your neck and tuck one end through the loop. 

Grab the other end and bring it in front of the loop and back through it. Adjust accordingly, and you’re done with this classic style.



If your shawl is too big for a French twist, consider looping it, allowing the material to fall from your body. You can use this shawl style for semi-formal weddings to dress up basic shirts and tops. 

Make a loop with the shawl and have it around your neck. Adjust its placement, so its ends are hanging down, then take one of them across the body.

Tuck it inside the loop around your neck, then leave the shawl to cascade naturally. This is also an excellent style to cover your chest if your blouse or dress is quite deep.

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Do You Need A Shawl For A Wedding?

It’s unnecessary to bring a shawl when attending a wedding, but it’s a lightweight fashion accessory that you can easily carry anyway. Coats and jackets are bulkier than shawls, and they wouldn’t be as subtle when you wear them. 

Remember that it’s basic etiquette not to upstage the bride when attending a wedding. A shawl wouldn’t make you stand out in the crowd compared to a coat, but it will still offer some warmth in the season or during the evenings. 

Another reason one can consider a shawl is to make their wedding attire more formal and modest. For example, it might be disrespectful to the religion or culture of the bride and groom if you wear something that shows the shoulders or chest. 

Additionally, it’s only suitable to wear a coverup if the event is formal or if the wedding place begets respect, such as a church. Finally, with a shawl, you can improve your sleeveless dresses and blouses and make them more suitable for the tone of the wedding. 


Is It Okay To Wear A White Shawl To A Wedding?

It would be safer to avoid wearing a white shawl to a wedding. Depending on its style, it might look like something a bride would wear, and you risk unintentionally disrespecting the bride. 

However, not all brides and weddings are the same. You can always ask her yourself or opt for something neutral instead so that it won’t be as eye-catching. 



Was this article helpful? You just learned how to wear a shawl for a wedding four ways. 

Consider draping, knotting, twisting, or looping the shawl to style your wedding attire, add modesty, or keep you warm for winter or evening celebrations. And if you have more questions, leave us a comment if you have any. 

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