How Much Does David Tutera Charge To Plan A Wedding

If you’re curious about how much does David Tutera charge to plan a wedding, references mentioned that it would cost you about $50,000. We will discuss in more detail what to expect if you hire David Tutera as your wedding planner below. 

You’ll also know what to expect with events handled by him and if getting an event planner is worth it. For reference, please read how to choose a wedding planner if you want to know what clients should know when choosing their planners. 

how much does david tutera charge to plan a wedding


How Much Does David Tutera Charge To Plan A Wedding

If you want to hire David Tutera to plan your wedding personally, it will cost you around $50,000. Some details affect the planning price, including the price for the wedding design according to the style you have in mind for the event and the flat fee. 

According to David Tutera, clients can also hire his company if the couple wants a less expensive option. He reassures that he trains the team, costing you between $15,000 and $20,000. 

And like with any other wedding planner, the pricing will depend on the event’s details, place, and size. Furthermore, remember that the flat fees will never increase or decrease.

But since every David Tutera wedding is customized for every couple, clients should expect that the prices will depend on their style and vision. For an updated quote, please contact the company directly, so you can discuss the details particular to your event. 


What Is Included In David Tutera’s Wedding Planning Services?

David Tutera and his team will handle all the logistical elements of your wedding. They are not limited to being involved in the concept for the event, but they would also be your visual designers. 

This means they’ll be responsible for everything related to the event’s decorations, style, and production. This is advantageous to the couple as you won’t need to contact and work with many vendors, so you’ll have more time to do the other wedding details. 

They also reassure an enjoyable and positive experience with the vendors, staff, and guests. But because of their deep involvement with the clients, David Tutera’s company only accepts a certain number of clients. 


How Does David Tutera Customize Wedding Packages For His Clients?

The pricing for having David Tutera or his team as your wedding planner depends on the type of wedding you envision. Therefore, it’s acceptable for clients to get curious about his style and what sets him apart from any other event planner. 

Your event is personalized as the David Tutera team curates the vendors that fit best with your wedding. But more than meeting your event vision, they’ll also help you work with your budget. 

David Tutera customizes event planning for each couple as his team oversees the vendors working for your wedding. They’ll ensure that the vendors execute everything according to their clients’ dream weddings. 


What Is The Process For Working With David Tutera To Plan A Wedding?

David Tutera’s team comprises event coordinators, event designers, floral designers, logistic specialists, and other helpful individuals to ensure clients get their dream weddings. Therefore, working with them as your wedding planner will depend on how involved you want them to be. 

Some couples work with event planners without any idea of what they want for the wedding, so they start to create the vision. On the other hand, some clients know all the details they want for the event, so the wedding planner can assist in curating the best vendors for them. 

If you’re unsure about the wedding style you want, you can read these tips to determine what kind of wedding should I have.


How Far In Advance Should I Book David Tutera’s Services?

If you’re interested in David Tutera’s services, you want to book as early as possible, like hiring any other wedding planner. More so, he’s well-known in the industry, which means you compete with other clients. 

They also noted that they only accept a select number of clients. So after securing your wedding date, contact the company directly to ensure that you can have them as your event planner. 


How Much Do The Best Wedding Planners Cost?

The average cost of hiring a wedding planner for your wedding is $1,700, but expect it to be higher if you want the best and leading industry. It can go over $12,000, with the likes of David Tutera at $50,000. 

You also want to consider other factors that can increase the cost of hiring an event planner. The location and time can affect vendor costs, so plan your wedding budget, venue, and timing accordingly. 


Are Wedding Planners Worth It?

It’s worth it to get a wedding planner, as they can help you with the details and vendors for the event. It will alleviate stress on your side as you can take a seat and let the planner coordinate with different people based on your vision and budget for your wedding. 

You can spend time doing other wedding details and needs as the planner communicates the decorations and other elements for your wedding. However, pick someone you can trust and understand what you want your wedding to become. 



And that’s it! To recap how much does David Tutera charge to plan a wedding, it’s $50,000, according to an interview. 

However, pricing depends on the type of wedding, so it’s best to contact his company directly for a quote. If you have the budget for hiring a top wedding planner, it’s worth it as they’ll ensure that you achieve your vision in a positive and enjoyable process. 

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