12 Pink Baby Shower Ideas That Stand Out From The Rest

Here are 12 pink baby shower themes you can consider for your baby girl baby shower. The pink baby shower theme doesn’t have to look boring and predictable, as you will see with these ideas for decorations, invitations, favors, food, and games. 

We will also give ideas on the best colors to mix with the pink baby shower theme and what food to serve for a pink party. And if you want other baby shower themes besides pink for the little princess, check our list of the best baby girl baby shower ideas for inspiration. 

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12 Beautiful and Unique Pink Baby Shower Themes For Baby Girl


Floral pink baby shower theme

The floral pink baby shower theme is one of the most beautiful pink party ideas for your little girl. You can throw the baby shower in a garden or backyard and use decorations like pink flowers, balloons, and fabric draping. 

You can arrange the tables with a pink tablecloth with white and silver dinnerware at the venue. Don’t forget to showcase the theme on your baby shower favors and dessert tables. 

For example, you can give the guests pink rose cupcakes as favors and showcase decorative and delicious pink treats on the dessert tables. You should also easily get inspiration for the baby shower invitations and other stationery for this theme, as it’s common. 


Cute pink baby shower theme

Another popular pink baby shower theme for baby girls is the cute pink party. Think of using pink as the primary color for the items and decor, but you’ll also incorporate cute and familiar baby shower elements like baby animal stuffed toys or cute things inspired by baby items like baby bottles and baby socks. 

A sample color scheme idea for the cute pink theme would be pink, gray, and white. For example, you can combine cute baby elephants with pink flowers, fabrics, and balloons at the venue. 

You can also DIY some decorations like a pink onesie garland spelling out the guests of honors’ names. And finally, don’t forget to prepare a cute pink cake, like a layered fondant cake, with cute baby items as toppers, as it will be the baby shower’s focal point. 


Pink candy wonderland-themed baby shower

Pink is the perfect theme for a candy wonderland baby shower. You’ll have dessert tables that are both decorative and delicious for the guests. 

You can even prepare boxes or bags of goodies as baby shower favors for the guests. As for the color scheme, the sweet theme should work nicely with blue, green, and yellow. 

You can make many DIY crafts for creative candy decorations, which are also suitable for the baby shower. For example, your centerpieces can be cupcakes or lollipops made from rolled baby onesies, socks, or diapers to match the theme and give the expecting parents gifts as a bonus. 

And if you don’t know what decorations to showcase with your cake and desserts, here’s how to make a candy table for a baby shower, as this theme will have the sweet table as the primary focus. 


Pink princess-themed baby shower

The pink baby shower theme is a classic baby girl party theme because it’s beautiful, romantic, soft, and feminine. It’s the perfect color for the princess theme, which is also a favorite for girl parties. 

You can prepare a baby shower venue layout where the stage or focal point looks like a castle balcony. This is achievable by arranging pink curtains or painting a plain background with castle-like brick details. 

You can also prepare baby shower games where the props are crowns or the cards are decorated with the pink princess theme, like in the baby shower bingo. And for the baby shower gifts for the guests, the princess theme can inspire the containers like glass shoe-shaped candy containers or mason jars with crown lids. 


Ballerina-themed baby shower

Besides the princess-themed baby shower, another baby girl party that comes to mind for a pink baby shower is the ballerina theme. Think of having details like pink tulle, ballerina silhouette cutouts, and ballerina shoes as your decor or inspiration for the favors. 

This theme would also work well with different shades of pink if you want it to be your color scheme. But if you like variety, gold and white would also be ideal color combinations for a pink ballerina theme. 

Besides having decor of cute ballerinas, the ballerina-themed pink baby shower can be decorated like any other pink party. Therefore, you want the invitations and centerpieces to have ballerina elements, so your theme doesn’t look like any other pink baby shower. 


Mermaid baby shower theme

Whether your venue is at the beach or indoors, a cute and unique baby girl pink baby shower theme you can consider is the mermaid theme. Pink goes well with the mermaid colors like blue, green, purple, and shimmery decorations.

You can prepare a chair that looks like a seashell and incorporate cute sea creatures around your table centerpieces and other decorations. You can also prepare dessert tables with sweets in the shape of the mermaid tail or corals. 

Another idea to make this baby shower stand out is to prepare a photo booth with an underwater background and cute sea-inspired props for the guests. You can buy lights and bubbles or set up a projector for a truly eye-catching venue. 


Pink unicorn-themed baby shower

Besides the baby animal theme, unicorns and other majestic creatures would also be great ideas for the pink baby shower. You can prepare decorations like any other pink baby shower theme, then prepare unicorn centerpieces or backdrop for the tables and focal points like the stage or cake table at the baby shower venue. 

Another idea is to prepare unicorn onesies of different colors for the guests for a truly memorable baby girl baby shower. Your games can also incorporate unicorn designs on the props. 

And if you’re a DIY fan, making a unicorn cake is pretty easy. These cakes would also make fun ideas for a gender reveal since you can change the color of the cake layers inside to blue or pink.  


Pink tea party baby shower theme

Baby showers usually are celebrated in the afternoon, so what better pink baby shower theme to throw than a tea party-inspired event? Think of preparing tables with pink tea sets of gorgeous tea cups and teapots. 

You can also prepare delicious sweets and finger foods to pair with tea. And, of course, serve your guests various tea flavors to choose from. 

You can decorate the venue with pink flowers and pink table covers for the tea party baby shower. And to add variety to the eyes, incorporate soft colors like light yellow or white on the other items. 


Boho pink baby shower theme

If you prefer a modern take for your pink party for the little girl, why not go with the boho theme? Dark and light shades of pink go well with neutrals and natural tones in the boho color palette. 

Imagine dried flowers, greenery, and neutral-colored fabrics and patterns around the venue. You can even set up the baby shower with no chairs for a picnic-style boho party for the girls. 

And for the baby shower activities, you can replace games with flower crown making, henna tattoos, and other crafts. We recommend that you check out non-traditional baby shower ideas as well if you want something out-of-the-box and not just a modern theme for the party. 


Rose gold and pink color palette baby shower

Your pink baby shower party for the baby girl doesn’t have to follow a specific theme. Instead, you can focus on the color palette and identify what best goes well with pink for your vision. 

And if you want a classy and sophisticated color combination that girls with love, a rose gold and pink baby shower come to mind. You can purchase rose gold mylar balloons and pink balloons for a DIY arch or wall for the baby shower’s focal point. 

You can print the baby shower invitations with glitter paper and pink fonts to showcase the beautiful theme. And as favors, the rose gold theme goes nicely with DIY pink candles on cans. 


All-pink color scheme baby shower

It’s also a beautiful baby shower theme to only use pink colors for the decorations and other items. You can combine dark and light shades for flowers, fabrics, favors, gifts, and food items. 

To make your pink party even more fun for guests, challenge them to arrive in their most creative pink outfits. You can prepare a price for the winner, which the mom-to-be chooses. 

Do not think a pink baby shower always has to be specific to gender. You can also have a gender reveal event in a unique way where instead of using pink and blue as symbols, the mom or dad can reveal XY or xx symbols, for example. 


Pastel pink color scheme baby shower

Pink goes well with pastel colors, which are understandably popular colors to use for baby shower decor. Imagine pink with mint green, baby blue, or pastel yellow for your baby shower theme. 

You can use the colors for the baby shower gifts, dessert tables, and other decorations. Because it’s not a specific theme, a pastel baby shower is easy to decorate. 

For food, there are many creative fondant desserts in these cute colors that you can do at home. You can prepare pastel-colored fondant for decorating cookies and cupcakes that you can give as baby shower favors. 


What Color Palette Goes With A Pink Baby Shower?

Looking for inspiration on how you’ll decorate with a pink baby shower theme? Here are the colors that go well with pink and sample color schemes:

  • Soft pink, purple, peach, and yellow
  • Dark pink, light pink, and mauve
  • Dark orange, pastel yellow, and pink
  • Pink, old rose, peach, and gold
  • Pink, black, and purple
  • Tan, brown, dark pink, and blush
  • Blush, mint green, and dark green
  • Blue, pink, red, and white
  • Green, yellow, dark pink, and blush
  • Gold, pink, and white
  • Gray, pink, and white
  • Pink, navy, and white


How Do You Decorate For A Pink Baby Shower?

It’s pretty easy to decorate for a pink baby shower as it’s a popular theme, especially for baby girls. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Decide on the baby shower theme or color palette
  2. Design the venue layout or where you’ll put the guests, tables, stage, and seats for the guests of honor
  3. Prepare a pink backdrop either as a fabric or painted surface
  4. Arrange pink balloons and flowers as centerpieces or other decorations around the venue
  5. Include pink in the banners, garlands, and baby shower signs
  6. Use pink table covers or runners
  7. Incorporate other colors around the venue to make the pink details stand out

We’ve also written a beginner-friendly guide on how to decorate for a baby shower if you’re interested. 


Where Can I Find Pink Baby Shower Decorations?

Popular baby shower item stores like Etsy and Amazon offer an array of pink baby shower decorations. However, it’s important to set a budget and decide on the baby shower theme or color palette before you start shopping. 

It’s also relatively easy to make decorations like banners, arches, backdrops, and centerpieces yourself. Consider buying pink materials and making some decorations yourself, as it might be cheaper than ordering them. 


What Food Do You Serve At A Pink Baby Shower?

You can serve many desserts and pastries to embody the pink baby shower theme. Your dessert tables can serve as the party decorations, and here are some cakes and various pink food ideas you can try:

  • Macarons
  • Pink buttercream cupcakes
  • Pink royal icing cookies
  • Pink jelly desserts
  • Strawberry desserts
  • Pink fondant cakes
  • Raspberry ice cream
  • Pink cake pops
  • Assorted pink candy
  • Pink-colored white chocolate
  • Pink velvet brownies
  • Strawberry cheesecake bites
  • Pink cheesecake parfaits
  • Pink-colored rice crispy treats
  • Pink wafers
  • Pink marshmallows
  • Pink dips made from melted white chocolate with food coloring
  • Pink hot chocolate
  • Pink lemonade



Was this list helpful? We’ve just discussed 12 pink baby shower themes, which are floral, cute, candy, princess, ballerina, unicorn, tea party, mermaid, boho, rose gold, all-pink, and pastel pink baby shower themes. 

The pink baby shower theme is among the most straightforward parties to plan and decorate for, as this color is available for most decorations, stationery, and food item ideas. However, you can always make your event stand out with our sample color schemes and unique themes above. 

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