15 Yummy Baby Shower Food Decorations You Can Make

Here are 15 easy and delicious baby shower food decorations you should have at your party to wow your guests and elevate your baby shower tables. Not only are these food ideas yummy, but they’re also decorative. 

We’ve also shared tips on presenting baby shower food aesthetically since appetizers, finger foods, and desserts can also be your decorations at the baby shower table. But more than knowing what recipes to serve at your event, it’s also best that you know how to decorate baby shower tables

baby shower food decorations


15 Easy And Delicious Baby Shower Food Decorations To Wow Your Guests


  • Vegetable and fruit platters and carvings

The vegetable and fruit platter is one of the easiest and most affordable baby shower food decorations you can serve at the party. You can cut up vegetables and present them in cups to match the theme of your event. 

You can also arrange fruits in a tray to look like a cute animal or organize them in colors like the rainbow. With knife skills, it’s even possible to cut vegetables like flowers, peacocks, or butterflies. 

But you can make vegetable and fruit carvings if you’re feeling crafty. For example, cut out a watermelon and arrange fruit slices inside, similar to a baby carriage.


  • Mini sandwiches with themed toothpicks or wrapped as gifts

Whether you’re following sweet or savory recipes, mini sandwiches are always a favorite among baby shower food ideas. You can create them as decorations to elevate your party table based on various baby shower themes. 

For example, arrange mini sliders with decorative toothpicks or cut finger sandwiches and have them around a tiered stand for height at your baby shower table. You can also make pressed picnic sandwiches and wrap them to look like gifts. 


  • Mini-themed pizzas

A cute baby shower theme you can do for your event is the pizza theme. You can have DIY pizza stations or create mini pizza decorations for your baby shower table. 

The way you arrange the toppings can be creative, like arranging the olives, pepperoni, and other ingredients to look like a baby stroller. You can even cut out the pizza to spell the word baby for the party. 


  • Meatballs with decorative toothpicks

Meatballs are a classic baby shower food that shouldn’t be gone at your event. As decorations and yummy snacks, you can organize them with toothpicks wrapped in different colors of cellophane. 

Another idea is to print themed cardstocks that you can tape to the toothpicks to make the meatballs more eye-catching. If interested, here’s how to make baby shower meatballs for an easy and delicious recipe you should add to your baby shower menu. 


  • Themed chicken and waffles

If you’re preparing food for your baby shower tables and the party’s theme is rustic, why not serve the guests mini chicken and waffles? They can also be table decorations with how you arrange them. 

For example, lay a checkered fabric on the table and place chicken and waffle skewers over it in different positions. You can also prepare several wooden boards to carry these hearty snacks. 


  • Flower chip cups with guacamole

The color green is often used in garden baby showers. And if you need food decorations for your baby shower table, try chips and dips as the appetizers. 

There are store-bought chips shaped like cups, so you only need to scoop guacamole inside them. Then, top with tomato slices, and you’ll have flower-shaped edible decorations for the baby shower menu. 


  • Cute and colorful skewers

If you want to try different creative food ideas, you can arrange vegetables, cheese, meat, fruits, marshmallows, or even chocolates on skewers based on the baby shower theme. For example, some skewers can look like cute garden critters, or you can reshape the ingredients as hearts, stars, or flowers. 

Just arrange these colorful and creative skewers on a tray or plater. You can also insert them into something edible, like a fruit bowl. 


  • Diaper tarts

Your baby shower food decorations wouldn’t be complete if you won’t serve foods inspired by baby items. You can try this diaper strawberry tart recipe from Hallmark, which is surprisingly easy to do. 

You only need box piecrust dough, strawberry jam, sugar, egg, ribbon decorations, and a pizza cutter to reshape the tarts into diapers. These hilarious desserts will surely put a smile on your guests’ faces, and they even pair well with tea for a tea party baby shower. 


  • Themed cookies

You can have dessert tables at your venue that contains a delicious but eye-pleasing menu. And one of the easiest baby shower desserts that would fit all baby shower themes is frosted sugar cookies.

You only need a basic sugar cookie recipe and cookie cutters in the shape of items related to your party theme. Then, prepare different colors of royal icing to decorate them or even write the names of the guests for easy baby shower favors. 


  • Themed cupcakes

Besides cookies, cupcakes are other decorative desserts on the baby shower menu. You can use any box cake and prepare buttercream or chocolate frosting. 

If your baby shower theme is specific, you can prepare fondant cutouts to top your baby shower cupcakes. These desserts would make fantastic gifts for guests to take home as well. 


  • Cute chocolate-covered cookies

Do not worry if you don’t have a cookie recipe at hand for your baby shower menu. You can just buy cookies like Oreos and other beloved brands at the store and decorate them with melted chocolate. 

You don’t even need to use the double boiler to melt the chocolate because microwaving them will work just fine. Here’s how to make dipped Oreos for the baby shower for yummy decorations at your baby shower table. 


  • Themed cake pops

Besides cupcake arranged in tiered stands, a baby shower cake substitute that would also be a feast to the eyes are cake pops. There are many ways to arrange these easy desserts, whether by sticking them on a styrofoam decor or placing them with the cake ball first on colored cupcake liners that fit the baby shower theme. 

Then, cover any cake pop recipe with melted chocolate or candy for the recipes. It’s pretty easy to find inspiration for the cake pop decorations to make the sweets fit your party theme. 


  • Creative jelly desserts

Jelly is an easy and yummy decoration you can have at a summer baby shower. For example, a mermaid-themed baby shower can have a baby shower table with cups filled with blue jelly, whipped cream, and candy shells. 

You can also be creative with the molds you’ll use for the jelly. And, of course, you can layer different colors or arrange them in shot glasses to feature the different flavors of jelly. 


  • Colorful mousse shooters

Besides jelly dessert ideas, you can also feature colorful shot glasses with mousse. For example, pink baby showers can have a dessert table that features strawberry cheesecake mousse shooters as indulgent edible decorations. 

You can also make cute chocolate decorations with various molds to decorate your layered mousse desserts. This is the perfect dessert recipe for baby showers with a pink color scheme since you can experiment with strawberry, raspberry, or white chocolate mousse ideas.


  • Candy selection

The best baby shower food decorations list would not be complete without the iconic baby shower table featuring different candies. You can even purchase candies in bulk for the sole purpose of being table space fillers. 

Get creative with their transparent containers, like shoe-shaped glasses for a princess-themed baby shower or different sizes of cork bottles for the boho or rustic party. We covered the complete guide for arranging the candies in how to make a candy table for a baby shower


What Is Your Budget For The Baby Shower Food And Decorations?

You can allocate as big as 40% of your baby shower budget for the food. This is why it’s practical to consider using food ideas as decorations for the party to manage your baby shower budget efficiently. 

Arrange the appetizers, finger foods, desserts, snacks, and drinks with style so they also act as venue decorations. You can always make candies, chocolates, cookies, or even savory recipes like chips and dips that look like certain things to fit the baby shower theme, as seen in the list above. 


What Kind Of Table Setting For The Baby Shower Food?

Baby showers usually have food stations or buffet-style set-ups where guests serve themselves the food options. This is why using different sizes and heights of stands, jars, trays, and plates is important for visual impact and interest. 

The way you garnish or construct different recipes should also help create baby shower food decorations. But of course, less is more, and you still want the food items to look delicious. 


What Are Some Tips For Creating Beautiful And Tasty Baby Shower Food Decorations?

Here are some tips on how you can modify recipes and set up baby shower food as decorations and tasty options for the guests: 

  • Decide on the baby shower theme
  • Consider the venue and season (e.g., if the venue is hot, you want to avoid serving food items that melt quickly)
  • Prepare different tables for each food type (e.g., appetizers, savory, and sweet food items)
  • Arrange food items in small portions, like cutting up sandwiches or using small glasses or spoons for soups and mousse
  • Be creative with cutting up fruits and vegetables
  • Organize the colors and layers of the baby shower food items
  • Do not force some recipes to look decorative if it will ruin the food’s form



And that’s it! You just learned 15 ideas for baby shower food decorations, including platters, sandwiches, pizzas, meatballs, waffles, chips, skewers, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, jellies, mousse, and candies. 

These recipes can be styled as edible decorations to level up your baby shower and cut costs for the party budget. 

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