How Much Does A Backyard Wedding Cost: A Checklist

The answer to how much does a backyard wedding cost is around $10,000. But why would this type of wedding require you that amount of budget?

We will discuss the expectations for the cost of backyard weddings in more detail below. And to guide your guests, we recommend that you read about what to wear to a backyard wedding as well. 

how much does a backyard wedding cost


How Much Does A Backyard Wedding Cost: Total Expenses Breakdown

The ideal budget for a backyard wedding should be around $10,000. Even if you own the wedding ceremony venue, which is your backyard, the rentals and other expenses will still be costly, as with any other type of wedding. 

You can always modify this budget breakdown, and the costs mentioned are just estimates. However, keep in mind that fewer guests will also mean fewer expenses, which is expected with a backyard wedding typically consisting of 50 to 75 guests only. 


Backyard wedding ceremony expenses

  • Wedding rings: $300 minimum
  • Officiant and marriage license: $300 minimum
  • Rental chairs: $200 minimum


Backyard wedding reception expenses

  • Dining and buffet tables + chairs: $400 minimum
  • Decors, flowers, and lighting: $600 minimum
  • Catering, bar, and cake: $4,500 minimum (assuming for 70 guests)


Other expenses for the backyard wedding

  • Wedding DJ and MC: $500 minimum
  • Wedding photographer: $1,500 minimum
  • Wedding invitations and favors: $300 minimum
  • Wedding outfits + bouquet, corsages, and boutonnieres: $1,300

These prices are not definite because vendors vary in the packages and charges they offer. Furthermore, since backyard weddings are small, some of the elements can be DIY, which can lessen the total expenses. 

For example, you can learn how to cater to your own wedding since the wedding food and drinks make up the biggest portion of the total budget. First, however, assess your capacity or assign someone to manage it for you because catering is a huge responsibility. 


Is A Backyard Wedding Actually Cheaper?

The pricing for a backyard wedding is cheaper than weddings held in halls and other rentable venues. After all, venues may also charge by the hour, which means a more extended wedding ceremony will mean you’ll spend more. 

Since you already own the venue, you also don’t need to worry about deposits and extra charges for the preparation and clean-up. However, you’ll be responsible for the wedding vendors like the wedding decor and catering, which are usually offered as part of the package of some wedding venues. 

Another wedding element that may take a significant part of your backyard wedding budget is the tent for protection. Unfortunately, renting a wedding tent can get as high as $5,000, so learn how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget to keep you within your financial capacity. 


How Do You Budget For A Backyard Wedding?

The wedding vendors’ prices and elements make up the total average cost for a backyard wedding since the venue is already free. Here is how to plan an inexpensive backyard wedding for couples without sacrificing the quality of the ceremony and reception:

  • Set your wedding date on a non-peak season so that the vendors will be cheaper
  • Learn how to ask a friend to officiate your wedding to save on the officiant fee
  • Settle all the legalities required for the wedding and marriage beforehand
  • Consider a small wedding with few guests 
  • Find a good spot in the backyard for the wedding ceremony and reception; some areas might have a shade, so you won’t need to rent a tent; pick the place that’s close to electrical sources as well for the band 
  • Consider opening your home for the guests’ restroom needs or rent a porta potty at a reasonable price
  • Ask around relatives and friends if they can lend you chairs and tables 
  • Reuse decors from other occasions as long as they suit the wedding theme
  • Consider borrowing and then styling up your wedding outfits to save on costs
  • Make the wedding flowers yourself; read how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers, which are cheaper than fresh ones
  • Host the wedding at a time not close to dinner to save on the dinner and alcohol expenses; opt for an afternoon tea party style reception 
  • Find an upcoming wedding photographer and wedding band as they tend to charge lower than industry veterans
  • Have a friend be the wedding MC or DJ your own wedding
  • Send the wedding invites via email
  • Do the wedding favors yourself


Can You Host A Wedding At Home?

You can host a wedding at home to save on rental costs for the event. This setting is ideal for small and intimate wedding celebrations since most backyards can comfortably hold 50 to 75 guests. 


Is a backyard wedding tacky?

Contrary to what some would assume, a backyard wedding should not be tacky with proper preparation and decors. The smaller space should make it easy to dress up, and you can even have the dress code as formal to create an elegant atmosphere. 



And that’s it! We just learned how much does a backyard wedding cost, typically around $10,000.

The reason for this relatively high budget is that you still need to pay for the vendors and wedding elements. However, you can save on expenses with a DIY approach, shortening the guest list and borrowing some features for the wedding. 

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